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Tobacco Reviews Forum


Please Read - Rules

The rules here are subject to change, especially in these early days as we develop a culture here in the Tobacco Reviews forums. With this in mind, we reserve the right to deal with situations case by case, as we see appropriate. 


1. You must be 21+ to have an account.

2. Simply be respectful. No personal insults, racism, sexism, etc.

3. Keep icons and pictures tasteful, no lewdness or incendiary content. 

4. Write as clearly as you can—avoid excessive short hand. 

5. One account per user.

6. No political debate, outside tobacco legislation. 

7. No advertising.


Ultimately, the goal is to provide another avenue for engaging with and learning from the pipe tobacco community. There are so many places in our virtual social-scape that are rife with—often sustained by—bad faith quarreling. Our community should be a refuge from that. This is of course not to discourage disagreement and debate, which, when engaged in with good intentions and respect are fundamental to the health of any community. 


*Note - we will likely introduce a forum for buying/selling/trading in hopefully the not too distant future.