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Welcome to the first worldwide community for pipe and pipe tobacco lovers.

If you’re a pipe and pipe tobacco enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. In a little over a decade, has become the most comprehensive pipe tobacco review website, created for pipe smokers, by pipe smokers. It’s the one place where you’ll find more than 92,000 reviews of over 8,000 individual tobaccos, with new reviews added every day. provides just what the name suggests — pipe tobacco reviews generated by pipe smoking enthusiasts just like you. Whether you’re looking for one of the world’s top pipe tobaccos as rated by our users or want to contribute your own thoughts on a particular blend, our comprehensive database is a one-stop-shop for finding and sharing information.

We’ve tried to make this site as flexible and user-friendly as possible. Our database allows you to search using more than 20 factors, including highest-rated, most reviewed, or even a combination of the two. How deep a dive you want to make when researching is entirely up to you. If this is your first time visiting the site, take your time and explore. If you like what you see, please register and begin contributing your own reviews. Communities like ours grow stronger when more people contribute.

Now that you know what this site is, here are a few things that is not. We do not sell tobacco; however, many of the blends contained on this site feature links to retailers where you can buy them. We are also not a forum for political discussion or a place to make personal attacks on other users. Moderators and administrators will delete this content and potentially suspend users who create it.

Our goal is to foster a fun and informative community where pipe smokers can find and contribute insightful reviews of pipe tobacco blends. Together we can share our knowledge and continue to build the world’s most comprehensive pipe tobacco database. is owned and operated by STC Holdings LLC, a division of Mac Baren USA.

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