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Desert Island Blend...
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Desert Island Blend... GO!

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Nice to see several KBV fans. I've had several of his blends and although I like some better than others, I can't say I've ever had one that was disappointing. That Acadian Flek is excellent and after trying it, I immediately ordered more. But if can only choose one, at this moment, I would go with KBV Verge Engine Overdrive. For my tastes it was off the charts excellent!

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Original Mclleland Frog Morton for sure! Alas no long in production. So I would say Gentleman Jack (a blend from my local B&M). If I had to pick a 3rd that is more readily available to the public… Capstan original flake

Antonius Blok
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If I could only smoke one tobacco I would suffer for all those that I could not smoke. So I will answer by modifying the question a little: what is the tobacco that I enjoy the most at this moment when I am looking for maximum pleasure? The answer is Dorchester (Esoterica Tobacciana).

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