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Experiences and opinions about smoking pipes FILTERS

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Can you share your

experiences and comments about using filters, pros and cons each type?

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I don’t use filters. Until last year I had only smoked a Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipe with a filter in it, and to be fair, I didn’t realize there was a filter in it at the time until I couldn’t draw through the pipe anymore and took the stem off to figure out why. That was a long, long time ago. 

Last year I bought a Stanwell estate pipe and the seller included filters with it. I got curious and tried one out. It was interesting. I got flavors/aromas from the tobacco in a very different way than without a filter which was a little enjoyable, but I quickly found the smoke to be far less satisfying. I tried it with filters twice and decided it wasn’t for me. I was left feeling that if I used a filter with a very mild tobacco, I could probably just not bother to load and light the pipe but just draw air through it and have the same experience 🙂

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I used to use filters at the very beginning, it smoothed the strong latakia flavor. nowadays i dont see point do use anymore. the charcoal filters are the best in this case.

something people call filters but i dont agree is the savineli wood stick used to prevent humidity. this one worth to keep in hand.

the papers filters used in corn cobs are ok, i always use when the cobs arrive but as soon they get dirty i remove and i dont use a new one. they work as well as the savineli filters, helps with humidity. 

to be honest, all filters tend to soften the flavor which is not what we are looking for in the most part of time.

so for me, no filters.


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I like them...9mm charcol.  I have plenty of pipes that are non filtered but I enjoy the dry and cool smoke they produce.  There are a few blends that I think lose something but not many.  I even double up and sometimes use Meer chips in the bottom of the pipe too.  It helps air circulation.  Also I tend to like the top half of a smoke best so this way there is no bottom of the bowl muddiness.  Its worth experimenting to find what you like best.  Over time it changes too.

An FYI.  I find 9mm filters are only good for 2 smokes despite marketing that says 3 or 4.  Its best to take them out of your pipe when you are done so they and your pipe can dry.

Sir Otter
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They are okay if my tongue is bitten from the previous day, but overall I am not a fan. They take too much of the flavour out of the tobacco. I also hate how most pipes at B&Ms nowadays have the 9mm filter slot. It's a pain to clean if you aren't using the filter. 

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My Savinelli pipes don't have filters, and I do hate drawing in tobacco pieces from them. No big deal but I still hate that. My Cobs have balsa filters but as stated before they just absorb moisture. My one pipe with a 9mm charcoal seems fine to me. Sometimes I forget to put the filter in and I don't notice any real difference.




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Most of my pipes have no filters. I have 2 Savinelli that use filters. I tried carbon filters and I don´t like the way they soften the tobacco flavor. I use the Savinelli Balsa filters that do not interfere with tobacco flavor and just absorb excessive moisture. I change them every 3 smokes, if not they transfer unpleasant smell. I have used and adapter to smoke these pipes with no filter, but the adapter burns in the first or second smoke, making it unusable again. Not to mention the horrible smell of burnt plastic.

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I use filters but not all the time. 

To be honest, I can't tell much of a difference in the tobacco flavors unless I'm using a charcoal filter. Those tone everything down.

I've found I prefer smoking Virginias with a charcoal filter as the tobacco doesn't scorch my mouth.

I've used in my non-filter pipes Nordling Keystones, White Elephant meerschaum granules, and Denicool Crystals. IMO, only the Denicool Crystals actually work to filter the smoke.

I have a few filter pipes. My favorite is a Ropp Buis large Diplomat. It takes a 9mm filter and I just love the pipe. I enjoy the softer smoke that the pipe and filter provide. For me, the Savinelli balsa filters sometimes taste like wood. I use them, but prefer a charcoal filter or no filter.

All in all, I don't mind a filter at all. Took me 50 years to try filters. Now I wish I would have used them earlier.