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Great web site!

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Hi, my name is Hector F Gonzalez, I am a seaman, hotel manager and dog breeder/ pianist 52 years old.


i started smoking pipe at 32  after my son was born I could not afford any more cigars at that time.  I dont smoke too much and still learning.  
i own 13 pipes, including a meerschaum, being a savinelli 1/4 bend my favourite.  I prefer English blends and Odeesey Is my too so far. 
I learnt all by my self, I do not know any other pipe smoker in real life. i am Mexico city but live half of the year in UAE.  I am rather a lonley person. 

My pipes are my best friends in those long boring trips and nights when I am tired of all other crew on board to spend time by my self and think about things that matters.

I used to had sommelier skills, but after covid something happened in my senses, but I still keep trying my best now. 

I am very interested to know and share experiences.  Thanks for the creators of the web site and the contributors.



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Hello from Michigan! I also don’t know any other pipe smokers locally. There was a time I knew a lot of people who smoked a pipe, but that was a long time ago and they are all gone now. 

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Hello from Brazil.
Thanks for sharing your words.
We are kinda in the same page, i dont have any friend in real life who smoke pipe, it is a lonely hobby for me. I love this forum because i found here the perfect spot to learn from the more experienced guys, also helps me a lot to keep my english since im not living abroad anymore.

Welcome and share your tobacco reviews if you feel like it. The 'reviews' part of the website is also great as well as the forum.