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Just seriously took up the tobacco pipe this Summer, (2023). Previously, explored the pastime between 2012-2017 with some enjoyment on rare social occasions. Have recently set aside more intentional time for contemplative relaxation - pipe in hand - and maybe a book - or a wee dram. 🤠

I look forward sharing with and learning from my fellow pipe aficionados!

See ya 'round the community!


Vauen Auenland Doran S (large bowled churchwarden, 9mm charcoal filter) for aromatics. My current favorite. Really helps a beginner avoid burning finicky aromatics too hot, and keeps things cool and dry by the time the smoke hits your tongue. Keeps the smoke out of my eyes when I'm reading, too.

Peterson Carroll of Carrollton 2023 HE 141/247 (briar replica of 18th century clay, no filter) for English. Thin chamber walls help train me to slow down and not get the pipe too hot. No filter lets full flavor through.

Dr Grabow Duke (small bowled billiard, 6mm filter) handy knock-around pocket pipe. Mostly used to try new tobaccos, or have a shorter smoke on the go. Keep it in a tobacco/pipe pouch with the latest tobacco I'm trying out.

Vauen Basic Bent Billiard (9mm filter) My old starter set pipe. The bottom of the bowl is burnt out because I didn't know not to try and smoke the dottle when I was first starting out. 🙄

NEXT PIPE? ...not sure to ideas ...was thinking of large bowled sitter of some kind

Own and have tried a couple dozen blends. Split pretty evenly between aromatics and English. My tobacco palate is still developing. My favorites change regularly, so by the time you read this, they might have changed. But, as of this writing, my favorites are:

Kohlhase & Kopp's brand new "Caribbean Blue" series. Yes, all 6 are a hit with me. Rackham is my current daily smoke. They are such a refreshing difference from what I'm used to in so-called "American" aromatics. It's a new horizon for me.

McClelland "Frog Morton's Cellar" I still have about 3oz of this left from 2014. Smoking it sparingly.
G. L. Pease "Samarra" I just opened a 2oz tin I've been cellaring since 2014 and IT IS AMAZING!!!

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Hello from Michigan!