Mac Baren Classic Amber

A decade after Vanilla Cream Loose Cut was introduced, a new tobacco in this line was created – Vanilla Toffee Loose Cut. The composition of the tobacco is almost identical, however, the big difference is in the aroma of the Vanilla Toffee. The aroma and taste of this fine tobacco is very well balanced between the vanilla, the toffee and the different tobaccos. The blend, albeit with minor differences, is the same as Vanilla Cream where ripe yellow Virginia is mixed with burleys and a black cavendish based on Virginia tobaccos. On top of this, small pieces of flake are added for both taste and a help to keep the temperature down while smoking. All in all, the Vanilla Toffee Loose Cut is a very pleasant tobacco to smoke with a fine interplay between the sweet taste of vanilla, toffee and the natural tobacco taste.
Notes: Formerly known as Vanilla Toffee Cream, it is now known as Classic Amber due to new EU regulations.


Brand Mac Baren
Blended By Mac Baren
Manufactured By Mac Baren
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Caramel, Vanilla
Cut Mixture
Packaging 100 grams tin weight, 100 grams pouch weight
Country Denmark
Production Currently available


Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.67 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 10, 2023 Mild Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant
I received five pouches of this blend from my parents back in Israel. While the name has changed in some countries to Classic Amber, my pouch still says "Vanilla Toffee Loose Cut".

The description on the pouch doesn't mention Burley nor vanilla. I believe that this is not a vanilla AND toffee blend, but of vanilla-toffee. It's possible that the Burley is the leaf going through the Cavendish process, but I do feel like it is there in its original form as well. The description also mentions that the loose cut is mixed with cut plugs. I got a few "broken flakes", very little of them, but the main cut is definitely ribbon.

Sticking my nose in the pouch, I get a heavy scent of caramel/toffee, maybe with some vanilla more faded in the background. I've never had vanilla-toffee, at least not that I know of. But perhaps this is what it smells and tastes like.

As described, the main flavors you get from smoking this blend are of a very nice toffee. The main tobacco is cavendish, absorbing those flavors and bringing them forward. What makes me think that the Burley might exist in its natural form is that I do get just a drop of cocoa/nuts. The Virginia is further in the background, adding just a bit of sweetness and helps preventing this blend from being an all-out nutty caramel blend. Other reviewers are correct to point towards some semblance with Mac Baren's Vanilla Cream. However, that comparison is limited. This is a different blend. Vanilla Cream brings out far more of the Virginia citrus and sweetness while Vanilla Toffee is heavier on the added flavors.

The balance between the tobacco and main flavoring is very good. While the toffee takes the main lead, it's not overpowering and is well rounded up by both the natural tobaccos.

It is easy to pack and draw. Moisture level out of the pouch is already fairly good, although I think that it's easier to enjoy with a bit more of drying time. This won't take away from the flavors. It can be an all-day smoke for aromatic lovers. No tongue bite for me at all.

Throughout the smoke, the flavors actually maintain themselves pretty well, but they do change. Somewhere around the first third of the bowl they meld together. It's possible that that's just the smoker getting used to the flavors, now recognizing them as one.

Due to the help from the Burley and Virginia leaves, the blend carries a mild-medium body, rather than a hot smoke of a cheap Cavendish tobacco. The strength remains mild. Smokes at a medium pace with a possible couple of relights, although that, too, can be prevented. Smokes pretty cool if sipped correctly.

To sum this up, this is a very nice blend which doesn't get much attention. I believe that it's not sold in the U.S. for some reason, so I'm glad I was able to get it from Israel. If you like vanilla/caramel/toffee aromatics such as Cornell & Diehl's Autumn Evening, check this one out.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 16, 2021 Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Medium Pleasant
I think that this is a decent aromatic. You can taste the different tobacco components: grassy/hay virginias, nutty burleys and brownsugary black cavendish. The topping complements the tobaccos and it’s not overpowering. The smoke is creamy/nutty/caramel goodness. It really shines in my altinay meerschaum (9mm). I think that it’s slightly better than the Classic loose cut (not as good as classic roll cake). I hope they make classic amber roll cake!
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Aug 14, 2017 Mild to Medium Medium to Strong Mild to Medium Pleasant
Ribbon cut with some broken flake in it. A sweet aromatic with nice tobacco flavor underneath, casing similar to Original Choice but with more tobacco flavor Personally I added some moisture because I like my tobacco on the moist side. Nice moustache- and room note. I will buy this again sometime.
Pipe Used: Various
PurchasedFrom: R-kioski, Tammisaari/Ekenäs
Age When Smoked: Fresh from pouch but with old tax mark...
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