Davidoff Danish Mixture

Zino Davidoff's Special Blend of the finest tobaccos, very mild in taste. Made in Denmark.


Brand Davidoff
Blended By Orlik Tobacco Company
Manufactured By  
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Burley, Cavendish, Virginia
Flavoring Figs, Honey, Maple, Walnut
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 50 grams tin
Country Denmark
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.90 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 22, 2015 Mild Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant
Davidoff's Danish Mixture is not a very glamorous tobacco blend. It doesn't have a fancy name, and the description of the actual tobacco itself is rather lackluster. This is however, like most Davidoff products, very high in quality.

Danish Mixture is listed as an aromatic, but to my taste it definitely falls somewhere more in the tobacco-flavor centric or semi-aromatic category. The tin note is fairly sweet, with a light honey and fermented fruit aroma. All three components the Virginia, Burley and Cavendish, are cut into thin even ribbons and the result is a balanced smoke that has a bright citrusy taste with a touch of sweetness. Periodically a subtle spicy tang will come forth giving the smoke a wee-touch of complexity. The room note is quite pleasant and shouldn't give anyone in the general vicinity too much to complain about. This is good, well behaved tobacco.

I enjoy smoking this when I am in the mood for something mild with a slightly enhanced flavor. Unlike some of the other Danish aromatics I have tried, Davidoff's Danish Mixture burns well right out of the tin with no bite.
Pipe Used: Briar & Cob
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 17, 2013 Medium Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable
This was my first Davidoff purchase and I was very impressed from the first bowl on. The Virginia shines under what I feel is a subtle aromatic. I know the tin I am smoking is old, but I have no idea exactly how old. It is a little bitey so patience should be administered. It has both a great side stream and room note making a great public smoke.

Just finishing up my tin, I have concluded it is my favortie aromatic to date.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 01, 2013 Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant
A l'ouverture de la boite, il y a une légère odeur de noix, une odeur subtile d'érable, ainsi qu'une petite touche de miel. Les arômes sont très légers et viennent à peine vous chatouiller les narines. Cela sent le tabac de qualité très "Gentleman" Comme tous les Davidoff que j'ai précédemment gouté; Le tabac est plutôt compact dans la boite, relativement sec en surface et plus humide en vers le fond de la boite. La coupe de type " Ribbon " rend le bourrage et l'allumage faciles, et le tabac peut être fumé après quelques minutes d'aération seulement.

Au fumage, dès les premières bouffées, ce sont les mêmes impressions qu'a l'ouverture: tout en subtilités et en finesse. Rond en bouche, avec juste ce qu'il faut de moelleux. L'érable, la noix, la douceur du miel associée à une note résineuse presque aérienne s'accordent parfaitement jusqu'à la fin du bol dans un festival de douceur. Le goût général n'est pas très aromatique et cependant fort gouteux et savoureux. Quant au fumage, relativement linéaire, il vous apporte une régularité gustative sans vous piquer la langue en fin de bol. La fumée est relativement compacte et le goût ne reste bien en bouche.

A mon point de vue, c'est un tabac que je ne qualifierais pas d'aromatique, à l'instar du Peterson Hyde Park, bien qu'il ne contienne pas de Latakia. Les arômes y sont extrêmement légers, et ne viennent que renforcer subtilement le mélange des différents tabacs. Sans être un tabac d'exception, j'ai pourtant été conquis. C'est la troisième boite de la marque que j'ouvre, et après deux quasi déceptions, je retrouve enfin la réputation de Davidoff et la satisfaction que ses cigares m'ont jadis procurés. Pour vous donner, comme toujours, une image, ce tabac me fait penser a ces bancs publics que l'on trouve dans les squares et les parcs; ils vous permettent de vous détendre un instant et de laisser errer vos pensées a votre gré. Ils sont toujours là, calmes et rassurants, tantôt â l'ombre ou au soleil, prêts à vous accueillir cinq minutes ou plusieurs heures, sans qu'on leur prête le plus souvent attention ... En conclusion : le Danish Mixture ? Mon tabac de tous les jours, tout simplement.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Mar 01, 2015 Mild Mild to Medium Mild Pleasant
I'd classify this as a semi-aromatic. In the tin, this melange of very bright tobaccos smell of stewed fruit and a touch of maple. Easy to pack and effortless to burn. The taste is mild but with quite a sharp tang from the virginias. Small sips resulted in a flat taste. Deep draws, while cupping the bowl with two fingers to both cool down the smoke and increase its volume, unlocked the flavour. Fruit, maple, milk chocolate. The large clouds of smoke engage the nose, making it a satisfying olfactory experience. The room note is old-fashioned slightly sweet maple, but not heavy at all, and dissipates quickly. A well executed tobacco, just a tad flat for my personal taste.
Pipe Used: Poul Winslow
PurchasedFrom: smokingpipes
Age When Smoked: 1 year
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Sep 21, 2012 Mild Medium Very Mild Pleasant to Tolerable
Please take this review with a grain of salt as I am a true foe of aromatics. I bought this tobacco lured by the Davidoff name and because it was the favorite of a long gone but much admired and respected gent who was a keen pipe smoker. What a terrible disappointment! On opening the tin, the aroma was not as strong as some other aromatics (e.g. Stanwell's Danish Blend) but it was pleasant. The tobacco was a bit humid but smokeable. However, I rubbed some of the thin long ribbon cut (not quite a shag as someone said) and let it air for some hours. Lightly packing a disposable but well broken corncob I keep for trials, the smoke out of the charring light was thick and oily but almost totally flat. The note on my nose, instead of an enticing dessert suggested some burned out fruitcake. The true light brought a fairly decent amount of smoke but less than a dozen draws on, the pipe started to gurgle. Please note that this is a cob that is truly resistant to gurgling even with the dampest fills, having a large "sump" beneath the stem. The blend smokes fairly hot so it demands a very slow pace; even so, it bites like a mad Dobermann! I'm extremely sorry to have gotten three tins of this to ease the post charges. Besides, the price is a true rip-off, just like some fashionable branded polo shirts that at $200 are cheaper made than a $25 Costco item. I shall stay away from this. Will one of the four stars reviewers take two unopened tins in trade for a GLP Meridian one? One Star.

Edit on 03.11.2014 Two years after my original review, I went to the opened tin which was barely scratched. The contents seem to have been magically changed for something else. Now the tobacco is a mild aromatic with a greate base of fine Va's & sweet Burleys with just the right measure of Black Cavendish cased in some licquor that I cannot readily ID. Dark rum probably. The Virginias give a pleasant slightly sour aroma and taste, while the Burleys are full and sugary sweet. Gone is the pungent aroma and the burning bite. It still demands to be aired fully before smoking it, I'd say one or two weeks in a fairly dry climate. It's also quirky on the type of pipe used, going much better in a wide bowl with a light pack. From one to three stars in two years! I have opened one of the two remaining tins and rubbed it to air in an open jar. Will keep the other for a remote future. To Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Three Stars.
Pipe Used: Xl & XXl Bulldog, Rhodesian, Poker, Full Bent
PurchasedFrom: Cup O Joes
Age When Smoked: 2 years +
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Nov 25, 2007 Very Mild Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant
Although this one will not be well suited for the nicotine hounds among us (of which I am one), it is a very nice Danish aromatic with a little bit of body to it. The taste, as others have described, leans toward honey.

Easy to pack, light and keep lit, Davidoff Danish Mixture will be very pleasing to the aromatic crowd. And, as an added bonus, this blend is very sticky, so you can lick your fingers after packing and get a sweet treat!
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 28, 2018 Medium Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant
You can say it's a quality tobacco as soon you open the tin your greeted with shiny golden glowing Virginia's fine cuts you cannot resist but smile... which smells very very good. I have been through half of the tin and pleasure grows with every bowl i smoke! As tin says Fine Davidoff's Special Blend of the finest tobaccos... and it's true.
Age When Smoked: New from the tin
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Dec 22, 2013 Mild Mild Mild Pleasant
This is a perfectly acceptable Danish style aromatic. As others have noted, it is average in every sense without any particular quality of note. It is the smooth jazz of Danish style aromatics. If you are looking for something that will not challenge you in any way, and has no highs or lows, than you may love this blend. For everyone else this is probably not going to warrant a second look.

Like all Davidoff products it is of good quality tobacco with a rather unique ribbon cut that is a little chunkier and less ribbony than average. It has some cavendish, and a sweet mild topping of nondescript flavor. It takes a few tries to get it lit, but burns well enough once it gets going. It will bite a little if puffed too quickly. The flavor remains mild throughout, and the nicotine content is negligible. This is not a good or bad thing, but is worth noting for those considering how this fits their personal taste.

Overall this one is forgettable. It is possible to have both a rich and mild smoke, but Danish Mixture misses this benchmark and this simply lacks anything making it worth buying a second time.
Pipe Used: Neerup Bent Billiard
Age When Smoked: 3 yrs
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 01, 2016 Very Mild Medium Mild Very Pleasant
Davidoff - Danish Mixture.

When I'm in the mood for a tasty aromatic this is guaranteed to deliver what I want!

When the tin is cracked open the aroma is a perfect suggestion of what's on its way. It smells figgy, nutty, sweet and mouth watering! The blend is perfect to smoke straight from the can as it's neither too wet nor too dry. The ribbons are a medium/golden brown, there's one or two dash's of black in there but it's mostly medium/golden brown.

I like to gravity feed this into my bowl and try not to pack it too tightly; that causes it difficulty with the burn. As long as it's packed well getting Danish lit is a piece of cake; a quick toast, a short run on full blast and then "hey presto".. there it is: a good, even and steady burn.

The smoke from this has got to be one of my favourite aromatic's. Although it's sweet from the honey, it isn't gluey or sickly. The walnut works incredibly well with the natural nuttiness from the Burley, keeping it from seeming too sugary or sweet. It seems as though this is the complete antithesis of Sam Gawith's new Demerara Flake; that has a lot of sweetness alone with very little extra taste whereas this has quite a little amount of 'sweetness only' with a good amount of flavour to it.

There's not really much nicotine from this. It seems to be very mild unless I draw the guts out of my pipe.

A bowl of this burns relatively slow. This is great to sit and unwind with if I want something to relax me!

Very simple to rate..... highly recommended, four stars.
Pipe Used: Peterson 150th Founders Edition
PurchasedFrom: My Smoking Shop
Age When Smoked: New
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 05, 2014 Mild Mild Mild Pleasant
Overall, a disappointing blend. This had some age on it, and so I expected the cavendish to take a back seat. The tin aroma was magical--golden raisins and bread. But this blend, as others have said, smokes hot, bites, and this coming from a careful, slow smoker. Packed it in a dependable old savinelli oscar, but I should have tried it in a smaller bowl, because I did not want to smoke this to the end. There are pleasant things about it: I found that it certainly does not cause gurgling, that the burnt sugar flavor lingers pleasantly in the mouth, and it was an easy light and an even burn.
Pipe Used: Savinelli Oscar 803 K3
Age When Smoked: 3-4 years
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