Sutliff Tobacco Company Barbados Plantation

Rich Barbados rum applied to a base of burley, Virginia, and black cavendish.


Brand Sutliff Tobacco Company
Series Sutliff Private Stock
Blended By Carl McCallister
Manufactured By Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Rum
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 1.5 ounce tin
Country United States
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
Medium to Strong
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Very Pleasant
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.13 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Nov 23, 2013 Very Mild Very Strong Medium Pleasant
If we are to believe the historians, rum flavored tobaccos may be one of the earliest forms of pipe tobacco as the development of the Caribbean colonies, the planting of sugar cane brought from the Canaries, the horror of the “triangular trade,” the distillation of molasses into rum, and the mass production of clay pipes are all roughly coincidental: the late 16th to the mid-17th century. The men of the ships, so the story goes, would store their ropes of tobacco in used rum barrels and perhaps give them a little rum soaking both for flavor and to keep the bugs at bay.

I grabbed a couple tins of Barbados Plantation a few years ago at a pipe show. Sutliff, as the company often does, was offering tins of most of their blends as free samples. I opened the first of those tins a few weeks after the show and wasn't very impressed. What I found was a sopping wet mixture dominated by Black Cavendish with an intense, somewhat artificial rum aroma—far more intense than any other rum-spiked blend I'd ever had. Barbados Plantation was so wet that it sizzled at the match, even after judicious drying. Of all of the various permutations out there in the world of aromatic tobaccos, I'm most partial to the Christmas cake/Rum family. But I didn't make it through more than a few bowls of that first tin. I used up the remainder by blending it with some neutral Burley to create a light rum aromatic.

Tin #2 has dried out quite a bit, which is all for the good. The rum flavoring, however, has muted some, though it remains artificial. The strangest thing about this tobacco, is that it seems that the heavy dose of wet topping has sunk down to the bottom of the tin. The bottom of the tin is now crusted with black tar, like a simmering pot of black bean chili that someone forgot to stir. I've seen this kind of thing before, but in 40 year old tins, not 2 year old tins.

I've smoked a few bowls of this well-aged Barbados Plantation. It's marginally better than it was when it was fresh. But it is still not even close to the quality of something like C&D's After Hours Flake, a far superior rum-sauced Virginia. Tin #2 is destined for blending, too. It blends quite nicely. That's the only reason it merits 2 stars.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 07, 2016 Mild Medium to Strong Mild to Medium Very Pleasant
This tobacco was too wet when I tried it out of the tin, so much so that it took me a long time before revisiting it. I tried it after cellaring for about 8 months. I still needed for it to sit out for about ten minutes before packing.

Tin note has vanilla, caramel, rum, and maybe a little coconut.

Taste shows lots of vanilla and caramel for about the first quarter of the bowl. What starts really sweet and sugary develops into a bit deeper, creamier taste as the VA and Cav begin to show up for the middle half of the bowl. Toppings begin to take a back seat with natural tobacco flavors coming in. Burns down to a fine grey ash and finishes with an aftertaste of sweet vanilla and leather.

Overall I think the topping and tobacco combination works really well. In addition, the room note is really amazing. In fact, maybe the best I have ever smelled. I do think the tobacco was way too wet out of the tin, and I don't think the cut was the best. It is hard to keep lit without first either drying it or tearing up some of the larger chunks in the blend. Not bad at all, but there are probably better options.
Pipe Used: Armellini 3/4 bent billiard
PurchasedFrom: P&C
Age When Smoked: fresh, 8 months cellared
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Sep 10, 2018 Mild Medium to Strong Very Mild Very Pleasant
Barbados Plantation smells rich and spicy in the tin and I really wanted to enjoy it’s aroma. BP was rather goopy and wet in the tin, I tried it straight out of the tin as well as various amounts of drying time up to an hour. Each bowl was sweet at first then easing into dull and papery. I found 30 minutes of drying produced the best bowl, but even then it was forgettable. I wish it tasted half as good as it smells.
Pipe Used: Cob billiard
Age When Smoked: Fresh
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 10, 2014 Medium Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable
Rum flavor complements the decent base tobaccos. After the rum flavor fades a bit, once into the bowl, the nutty Burley makes a mild appearance. A bit of spice comes through on the retrohale. Burns clean. 2+.
Pipe Used: MM
PurchasedFrom: CI
Age When Smoked: Unknown; at least 3 months.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 23, 2019 Extremely Mild Extra Strong Very Mild Very Pleasant
I bought this on recommendation as one of the closest available substitutes for McClelland Deep Hollow, which is/was my favorite all day smoke. To me, DH had a real Virginia taste with just a light topping. Barbados Plantation is a very different tobacco. That doesn’t make it bad, just not what I was hoping for. I was so excited to have a replacement for DH, I opened the tin the day after I received it. It was very moist, and left a sticky residue on my fingers. The tin aroma was a very strong butterscotch smell with a slightly artificial note to it. I’ve consumed my share of rum over the years. One of my favorites is Lamb’s Navy Rum. To me, this tobacco doesn’t smell like any rum I’ve ever had. As moist as it is, I had little difficulty keeping it lit. Light sips and frequent gentle tamps were enough to keep it going to the bottom of the bowl. I did have to pass a pipe cleaner once when it started to gurgle a bit, but that is something I’ve had to do with other blends too. This reminds me a lot of Dan Blue Note, as both are just too sweet for me. The room note was more roasted marshmallows than tobacco. This is my initial impression of a freshly opened tin. Perhaps with time and a little drying, it will develop more of the Virginia flavor. As is, I would consider it as an occasional dessert smoke, or something to add (sparingly) to straight Virginia or Burley.
Pipe Used: Il Monaco bent apple
Age When Smoked: Fresh
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