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Younger pipe smoker (30). Been Smokin since approximately 2017. My flavor profile leans more toward Burley and Virginia. I like English and Balkan blends just fine, especially during the winter, but they're not my go-to. Perique does not sit well with me, so I have to take it sparingly. Unfortunately, this prevents me from reviewing/tasting many popular blends including a what's considered THE category of blends for some smokers with Va/Pers. I'm also not too big on overly topped blends as a general rule and love a more "natural" smoke if I can find one. I have some exceptions to this rule, but I actually like to taste the tobacco. I find Virginias can burn a bit to hot on their own, so flake Va/Burs are probably my best bet, but I've yet to try any. I'm curious about Var/Orientals and haven't had much of a chance to taste natural orientals without the addition of Latakia or Perique. There's my flavor preference if you're curious.

Burley: To me this is tobacco. Cool and dry with thick smoke and a good bit of nicotine, but not too much.

Virginia: This is just as much tobacco as burley, and it'd probably be my favorite type, but the smoke is too hot and too weak some times. I think burley compliments Virginia the most for the type of smoke I enjoy.

Cavendish: I could take or leave this type. Cav is such a nebulous term nowadays that it almost doesn't mean anything specific anymore.

Dark Fired: Love this type of blend, but on rare occasions. Not an all-day, everyday smoke for me. Kinda like taking Virginia and making it smokey and meaty.

Turkish/Oriental: A lot of variety. I haven't tried much of this on its own, but I usually enjoy it in English/Balkan blends. Looking forward to trying some more of this on its own.

Latakia: I view this as a nice condiment to have on occasion. I neither love it nor hate it.

Perique: Unfortunately I can't stomach perique. I'm highly sensitive to it and it pretty much ruins any blend I find it in, even if it's just a pinch. The only kind of tobacco I actively avoid. I've tried to develop a taste for it. I wish I liked this more since it shows up in so many highly praised and critically lauded blends.

TL;DR: I love Burley and can't stomach Perique. Virginia is rock solid but burns hot. Everything else is ornamental.


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