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Poll: Peterson Earl...
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Which do you prefer? Poll is created on Dec 22, 2023


Poll: Peterson Early Morning Pipe or Nightcap

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More information about Peterson Early Morning Pipe and where to buy can be found here.

More information about Peterson Nightcap and where to buy can be found here.

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It really depends. When I want a lighter smoke, EMP. When I want to sit down and think awhile, Nightcap. It’s like that for pretty much all the tobacco I have. Each one has a perfect time and place. It makes choosing a blend rather interesting. My wife laughs at me when I’m stood in front of my tobacco cabinet, stroking my beard pensively, trying to choose the perfect blend for that moment 😄 

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I prefer nightcap, but both blends fit perfectly for their namesake. Both provide comfort for the time of day they are intended for.

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Early Morning is my favorite non aromatic tobacco, so I could not vote differently. This is the best tobacco for as it combines Virginia taste, with light latakia and Orientals, this is the definition of tobacco for me. of course I also like aromatics and another favorite would be the club blend but not possible to find it in my country. I have smoked the night cup only once when I travelled to Ireland long time ago and I remember that I found it heavier than the usual staff I used to smoke  back then, but it was found to be  nice and complex. At that time, back in 2009 I was smoking only aromatics due to unawareness of tobaccos, so it was quite a magic moment for me to smoke such a different tobacco like nightcap. Now it is impossible to find in were I live. 

I wish a Happy smokey 2024!