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Tobacco Packaging Revision

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Remove the harmful imagery from food and substances; you, we, us, I, can consume. 

A great portion of smokers also meditate and so their ability of understanding, expression, safety, love, knowledge and action would be appreciate the reminder that their soul and avatar is consuming something not to harm - at the very least another. 

From a belief where others are onlooking at your situation it would benefit a 'valid realistic abiding authority or slave' if the reality followed the general consensus. 

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Sir Otter
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and what packaging is at question here? 

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I think you might be referring to the ridiculous plain packaging laws that have swept Canada. From what I can tell we're the only country doing this.

When they did it with cigarettes I thought it was pretty dumb but what the hell, if it stops kids from experimenting with cigarettes, then fine. When they decided cigars and pipes needed the same treatment I shook my head in disbelief. This has done absolutely nothing to stop kids from experimenting with cigars and pipes,..... because kids don't generally experiment with cigars and pipes! At least I don't see them in my neighbourhood doing those things.

A bigger threat to having a kid pick up something like that would be watching his parents or respected elders doing it. Ain't no plain packaging going to help with that.

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I live 15 minutes from Windsor, ON and I remember buying cigs there about 30 years ago and getting packs with pictures of corpses and autopsies on them. Rather than discouraging anyone when I brought them back, everyone wanted to see them. 

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Ya, like the content labels on music. From what I can tell it makes kids want to look closer.

Those packs were a hoot. We laughed and said, " Look they're trying to gross us out."