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Hello from the Continent

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Hello for Switzerland!

Not sure why I started smoking the pipe, but I started back in 2003 with the usual Aromatics available from most shops at the time (B&R etc).

I stopped and started a few times (mostly having heavier aromatics over the Christmas / New Years period each year), then went over to Cigars back in 2018. Got tired of them (the price hikes and severe drop in quality of Cubans two years ago) and came back to piping a few months ago. To be honest, I am preferring it over the cigars, so much more variety in tobacco (really enjoying my English blends these days), and the occasional aromatic is also nice.

I am greatly enjoying how helpful everyone is here. And hope to share my knowledge too.




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Hi Awfers. 

Denver, Colorado here. 


This story sounds familiar. I first started to become interested in quality tobacco via RYO back when I smoked cigarettes. I discover Mark Ryan and D&R blends and started to learn about curing and varietals and all that. That led to the pipe which obsessed me for a couple years but then I got into cigars. No Cubans for me. But I do love a good Nicaraguan in the Padron neighborhood.

But eventually I got bored and came back to pipe smoking. It is, imo, the most interesting and enjoyable.



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Hello from Michigan!

Juan José Pascual Lobo
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Welcome from Spain. Cuba not only dropped quality, they raised premium brand prices over 350%!!!!!!

When I smoke the Cuban cigars I have at home, I will not buy more. I much prefer a pipe over any cigar.

Nick R
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Welcome from Colorado!

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Hello and welcome From California.

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Cheer from Brazil and welcome here mate!

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Hello and welcome. I still smoke Cigars but not so many due to cost. Truth be told New World cigars IMO out strip cubans in complexity and value