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Tips for A Rookie Pipe Smoker


I can trace my love of tobacco back to when I was 3 years old, just starting to grow up in a quiet corner of eastern Michigan.

Pipe Tobacco Crash Course


As with fine wines, the creation of pipe blends depends on the use of many varietals. Here’s a primer on the most prominent tobaccos used in formulating pipe recipes.

FK Kirsten Pipes

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Over the next few weeks we’ll be releasing videos from cigar manufacturers talking about their new products at IPCPR 2017.

Where to Smoke: Seattle


Finding a cigar lounge in Seattle is no easy task. Unfortunately, the laws regarding smoking in public places are extremely strict.

Interview with Lasse Petersen of Scandinavian Tobacco Group

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Lasse Petersen, brand manager of pipe tobacco and RYO at Scandinavian Tobacco Group, speaks with Cigars & Leisure on the rising popularity of pipes among…