Interview with Lasse Petersen of Scandinavian Tobacco Group

Lasse Petersen, brand manager of pipe tobacco and RYO at Scandinavian Tobacco Group, speaks with Cigars & Leisure on the rising popularity of pipes among young adults and Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd.’s new website,

Cigars & Leisure: Tell us about Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane Ltd. (STG Lane).

Lasse Petersen: STG Lane has over 250 years of tobacco experience and sources tobaccos from all over the world. We have a perfect mix of knowledge from the U.S. and the rest of the world, so no matter what the pipe smoker is looking for—be it flavors, tobacco types, and even cuts—we can offer it.

Tell us about STG Lane’s new website for pipe smokers,

The site features articles, pipe tobacco education, community interaction in the site’s forum or with the built-in mosaic of pictures from pipe smokers around the globe, and a growing database of pipe clubs and events to encourage the new smoker to be an active part of the community. The main reason why we created was to highlight the community and activity to the common man. The site launched in April at the Chicago pipe show and has had a great start so far.

What’s one of STG Lane’s most popular products?

Lane 1-Q has been an everyday smoke for many pipe smokers for decades. It is our best-selling bulk and for a reason. It is a cool smoke, with no tongue bite, and has a very pleasant aroma. The blend consists of a mix of golden Cavendishes and dark Cavendishes with an aromatic hint of vanilla.

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