Campbell's Smoke Shop #7 Cherries Jubilee

A mild naturally flavored tobacco reminiscent of wild peninsula cherries. This blend is a composition of such top-grade tobaccos as mild White Kentucky Burley, North Carolina Red, Turkish long broad cut, and a dash of Perique.


Brand Campbell's Smoke Shop
Blended By Campbell's Smoke Shop
Manufactured By Campbell's Smoke Shop
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Burley, Oriental/Turkish, Perique, Virginia
Flavoring Cherry
Cut Ribbon
Packaging Bulk
Country United States
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 05, 2023 Mild Mild Mild Pleasant to Tolerable
This week’s events reflect a vital touchstone as to why I have chosen a devotional attachment to the passion of pipe smoking and let me tell you why. Life, being full of distractions, can leave one unsettled and splintered from within, mind you. Hinging upon the words of the wise Marcus Aurelius, nowhere can a man find a quieter retreat than within his own soul. What better way to attain that healthy state than through the awakened meditation of pipe smoking.

For myself, it serves to enable that vital solitary moment of retreat, allowing for the experience of a truly mindful state. Through focused attentiveness in feeling the intricacies of the pipe’s geometry, the fluidity of the ensuing drawls, the textural quality of the very smoke, and the captivating ambience of engendered flavor, (especially Plum Pudding), all these facets take me to a status of calmed re-grounding. Kind of like a re-set if you will and hopefully these thoughts make sense to you. So, do yourself a solid, grab that pipe and reinvest in you on this good Friday morning.

As you are grabbing lest I forget, seek out a deeply contoured silver spoon for entering of caring consideration is a flambeau delight of a pipe tobacco! Constructed to pleasantly entice that after-dinner smoker with a confectioned smokeable rendition of the famed dessert of yore, now being served up is the sugary dainty Cherries Jubilee from Campbell’s Smoke Shop.

This week’s offering comes as a lightly tinted and reservedly scented cherry infused aromatic comprised by a selection of mixed Virginia, White Burley, a scanting of garnishing Turkish/Oriental and discreet sprinkling of that unceremonious Acadian Perique. And I will say based upon the sampling, there is more to this recipe it seems, so let us get to the matter at hand and dig in, shall we?

In a nutshell, the outtake of the series of smoking trials disclosed Cherries Jubilee to be somewhat of a temperamental blend. Namely, it preferred a Meerschaum or my simple Nording Compass as opposed to the series of briars and cobs I tried, which only produced a flattened and uneventful presentation. With that unveiling, Campbell’s original creation proved to be an exceptionally mild tempered blend both in strength and qualified intensity on the whole.

All in all, as an aromatic mixture, the tobacco presents a reasonable coated tastiness, which is of course when it genuinely shines, that being primarily during the first third of the bowl. Yet truthfully, the impressionable force by which this branded fruity element surfaced was staked with a petition for the want of some assisting push. Of more inspiring significance was the light-hearted confluence of the comprising native leaves as I was to discover.

Principally, the characteristic taste projection of the combination of additives and natural strains, really wanted to crescendo into something more meaningful as to an interested rendering. Unfortunately, their efforts consistently failed to muster enough umph to meet that challenge. Although on occasion, I would be unfair not to mention that the blend did manage to provoke moments of more settled liveliness that seemed to slip away in the short term, however. As such, I scored the overall persona to be decidedly inconsistent and therefore a bit average leaning towards the shy side of impactful enjoyment.

So, with that development, then no worries of a goopy cherry folly on this one my friends, as the recorded fruity note tended to be meagered in bestowing a docile suggestion of the noted featuring. Initially this cherry natured flavoring was indeed perceptible, but largely the experienced notation only managed to render a humbled impression of hushed sweet tartness that played out with softening effects at best. Nice nonetheless but of lessor personality and only for a shortened interim.

In addition, there was a buried trace intimation of a liqueur-like spiking that entertained some weaker semblance of a basic spirited cordial that enfolded a pass of vanilla/orangish highlighting. And for what it is worth, I could detect evidence of the alcohol’s lower-strength sharpness along my tongue as the pained burden of proof. My bottom-line is that the applied coating exhibited lackluster performance by objective assessment. But, to some who prefer lighter flavored indulgences, Cherries Jubilee’s modestly centered calling may be perfectly fine.

As the transient top dressings quickly fell to the wayside, the profile allowed for the assertion of the native strains to migrate forward. Given the recipe, one would expect a colorized projection of nuanced flavorsomeness. Honestly, yes, I did get a sense of the various constituent varietals, but much like the top-coatings, their magnitude was characteristically reserved and of pale complexion.

Primarily the Red Virginian strain was showcased with the boldest recordable influence followed by the wavering remarks of the other associated streams. Perhaps the minimal presence of the Perique enjoyed a stronger course whereas the Burley and the Turkish/Oriental functioned primarily as fading fillers in the middle band of the registration offering a shifting decoration. With the forward Virginian component, Cherries Jubilee relied upon the Red’s herbaceous sweeter woodiness, tang, and earthly spicing as the centerline of its base character as little evidence of the Bright leaf was denoted, only a very distant and diluted grassy mentioning.

Regarding the contributing effects of the Perique, the profile was fringed with a hint of darker, mulled figgy moodiness and constrained peppery zest, serving to add a little more depth and dimensioning to the bottom registration. For the Burley, the strain afforded an element of toasty, brown-sugared walnut, accented with coffee-like nuances, which was truly delighting in the confluence. Most reserved however, was the Turkish which sporadically brought a limp chord that was floral-focused, a bit tart and exotically greenish/of sulfured pungency. Overall, the potential complexity of these tobacco’s melding felt unleveraged and reduced if I were to be completely straight on the matter.

One nice feature of this blend, nevertheless, was the delightful side-stream aroma that came about with its smoking. Much of the delectable cherry sweetness filled the immediate area, being well received with a softer fruity presence. Categorically the production of expended smoke plumes was formed by a medium-bodied cloud that emitted a room essence that brought not only the reduced cherry scent but also the best of the exotic Oriental spices and the dense natured Virginian earthiness. Furthermore, given the vapors wispy nature, I would deem the essence to be pleasantly tolerable to most individuals.

And now in reference to the standard mechanical attributes. The primary concern borne was this blend suffered from a discernable degree of roughness in its texture and a predisposition to leave a harshened residual chemical effect upon the palate. The fact of the matter was that my lips and my tongue were really distressed with Cherries Jubilee’s undertaking which was most regrettable and detracting. Short of that, the tobacco promoted solid burn traits as to pacing and temperature which worked in its favor. The blend expended well to final closure leaving a clean bowl of finished white ashes. What is more there were no negative results discovered regarding the ill effect of nicotine either.

In summarizing my subjective position on this blend, Cherries Jubilee poses a lighter rendition of a cherry aromatic alternative that is understood. Not equivocally a faulty product per say, but neither is it a memorable repeat experience for yours truly. I can foresee using the remaining sample as a mixer in possibly some home-crafted concoctions, but as to the straight smoking, I am afraid that I cannot withstand the negative implications as described. Yet, as I suggested, perhaps some of you might find the production to be to your own personal liking and may not experience the physical trauma that I did. Something within the blend’s chemistry did not agree with my being but maybe you are different. In the end if it sounds of interest, then as always, give it a go to formulate your own opinion on its worth. And just maybe, Cherries Jubilee might rejuvenate your beleaguered weary soul, one cannot dispel that welcomed bonus that is for sure. 2.3 Pipes
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