Campbell's Smoke Shop 30th Anniversary

A purebred blend of steam pressed Virginia, Golden Virginia and AAA White Burley. This blend has excellent burning qualities and a fantastic aroma.


Brand Campbell's Smoke Shop
Blended By Campbell's Smoke Shop
Manufactured By Campbell's Smoke Shop
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Other / Misc
Cut Coarse Cut
Packaging Bulk
Country United States


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Very Pleasant
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 24, 2023 Mild Medium Medium Very Pleasant
With opportune timing, neatly arriving is the commemorative blend of note, this week’s featured entry 30th Anniversary. Representing a declining market of traditional brick and mortar tobacconists, Campbell’s Smoke Shop submits this original production for objective consideration. Designed to achieve a medium tempered pleasuring, this mixture extends the promise of a memorable aromatic diversion. Being reflective of the quality of Campbell’s blending efforts, 30th Anniversary captures an enticing collection of steam-pressed and Golden Virginian strains coupled with a modest contribution of high-grade White Burley. The tobaccos themselves come generously decorated in a delectable amalgamation of imaginative and complementing sugar-based coatings.

Coarsely cut and of distinct grainy texture, 30th Anniversary evinces a shaded expression of richly darkened wealth, the resulting culmination of expertly fermented morsels slightly mottled by a strewing of golden and brown marbled fragments. A bit moist, the pouched nose arouses strong sweetened fumes of vanilla, sugary maple, traces of caramel and an accommodating chocolate. Accompanying this swelling fragrance, a bit of mild anise and the darker compliments of wholesome honey bind with augmenting effect. Still, deep in the bottoms of this characterized aroma the essence of stoved woody grassiness, a relaxed tart, and some native sugared nuttiness converge in developed unison. For what it is worth, 30th Anniversary smells every bit of scrumptious candied confectionaries’ delight.

Even though Campbell’s has demonstrated modesty regarding the open disclosure of the details incorporated into the applications of subject top coatings, between the pouch fragrance and the follow-on registered tastings, I have surmised a reasonable supposition on what most likely has been prepared within the recipe’s true construction. At face value, this is unquestionably a coatings dominant mixture, yet with skilled craftmanship, the blender has apportioned the native strains at a volume that arranges for and achieves a nicely balanced indulgence. Performance-wise the blend tends to hold its savory flavor consistently to the closure.

In particular, the forward persona configures as a colorful notation of nougaty, salted maple caramel succulence. This delightful flair is further nuanced by an encirclement of warm darker honey. Additional garnishment enters with a steadied chocolate-tainted vanilla highlighting much like one gets with that swirled ice cream of renown, specifically where the two masses solidly adjoin to form an enhanced combination. On the trailing upper accents there is a stealthy thin wink of guarded anise that helps to relish the noteworthiness of 30th Anniversary’s spiciness. And finally, the remote periphery of the profile is populated by a tinge of soft creaminess and a muted fruity-like undertone. Wow, what a celebration of moving flavor!

As this is a Virginia favored mixture, much of the native registration plays out towards these ends. Sweetened by the enhanced natural sugars wrought by the selective pressing process, the Virginian element endows a basic qualification of herbal-seasoned, fermented darker wood. It sits happily occupying the bulk of the middle band of flavor. Coming in close quarters with this commanding Red influence, a lighter degree of tangy citrus grass pops through on the ceiling accenting, bringing along some nice modest tea-like spicing for added exclamation.

Actively conspiring within the rear-lower tier of the profile, lies the supportive Burley. Periodically its influence does record more firmly, but essentially the smoking reveals that the heavily molasses tempered White leaf serves principally to facilitate the topmost registration. Essentially this strain contributes a complementing sugary cocoa walnut-like savor within the melded flavor in general. Further expansion of its base complex is serviced with just an inkling of restrained sourness and an admirable quality of toasty smokiness.

Taking in the wispy plumes of mellowing smoke, I should note, in being consistent with Campbell’s suggestive billing, the expended room presence encounters with a marveling and deliciously sugary aroma that stirs the nasal faculties to dance with tantalized excitement. Chiefly, the smooth candied fragrance evokes a feeling of idyllic gratification as the too sweet convergence of the principal flavorings intertwine in heavenly ceremony. Cajoling and accentuating the sugary charm of this standard essence is a lighter spelling of darker Virginian/Burley naturalness, which serves to bring some supplementing and offsetting depth. Overall, 30th Anniversary tends to permeate the room space with a very pleasant natured mocking of its genuine delectability.

And as a quick summation of the basic mechanicals, the tobacco burns exceptionally well producing a quality of smoke that is somewhat creamy and airy. Moreover, 30th Anniversary entertains absolutely no bite nor nicotine disturbance, thus making it a relaxing confectionary treat. On that point, I am certain all aromatic enthusiasts would affectionally agree. Furthermore, I found that the mixture tendered best in the confines of a Meerschaum or simple hardwood cob.

Campbell’s Smoke Shop 30th Anniversary, most definitely a satisfying aromatic adventure at that. So, if you’re inclined, please do take notice and support the little guy’s continuing operations, will you? Incidentally, on this blending my good fellows, the wife did extend the highly coveted but seldom seen thumbs up approval. So, with that development, here’s looking at the next thirty years of marital bliss, yeah boy! 3.3 Pipes
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