G. L. Pease Windjammer

Windjammer combines naturally sweet, ripe Virginias, nutty burleys, toasted black cavendish, and a generous measure of perique, married together with a splash of dark rum.


Brand G. L. Pease
Blended By Gregory Pease
Manufactured By Cornell & Diehl
Blend Type Virginia/Perique
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Perique, Virginia
Flavoring Rum
Cut Flake
Packaging 2 ounce tin
Country United States


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Medium to Full
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.37 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Mar 21, 2021 Mild to Medium Mild Mild to Medium Unnoticeable
This one was donated to the pipe club as the former owner apparently did not care too much for it. This has a mild Rum (Fig Newton) tin note. The only reason I am referencing Fig Newtons is that it has been mentioned more than once in other reviews. Honestly, I haven’t had a Fig Newton probably in over ten years so I will take their work for it. I brought home about 3 nice size bowls of this and it is a nice smoke and the broken flakes made loading my Claw Meerschaum with no problem at all. Mild aro taste without it being drug store-ish. Okay, nothing wrong with it but not my cup of tea.
Pipe Used: Claw Meerschaum
Age When Smoked: New
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Mar 26, 2021 Mild Medium to Strong Medium to Full Pleasant
Tobacco smells like a whisky bottle stopper. After lighting, the first part of the first to feel is a strong wine, and the wine is together with the fragrance of flowers and fruit, background board has a little light nut flavor, P grass stimulation has but is very reasonable, very comfortable nose. It was a good feeling, but it was broken by the rising sweetness. It was too high and greasy, which made people need to drink water to resist the thirst caused by sweet. Although the sweetness of the middle section decreased, it still maintained a high level, the wine quality of the nose was still in the middle, and the main flavor was the aroma of toast. A good work is unfortunately ruined by the sweetness of the past. After the extraction, there is also a clear residual sweet taste in the mouth. 劲道2.6,饱满度3.5,室韵3.2 烟草生闻的味道非常像威士忌酒瓶瓶塞的味道。点燃以后初段首先感受到的是浓郁的酒味,和酒味在一起的是花香果香,背景板上有一点淡淡的坚果味,P草的刺激感有但是非常合理,过鼻很舒服。本来是很好的体感,但这一切都被不断上升的甜味所打破,甜度过高而发腻,让人需要不断喝水来抵抗过甜带来的口渴感。中段以后甜度虽然有所降低但仍然维持在很高的水平,过鼻的酒韵仍在,主线味道是烤面包的香气。很好的一款作品可惜被过甜的甜度给毁了。抽完后口腔内也有明显的甜感余味残留。这款草更适合新手以及女性斗友。 完整视频评测:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1d5411w7v5/
Pipe Used: James Upshall
PurchasedFrom: Smoking Pipes
Age When Smoked: new
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 17, 2022 Medium Medium to Strong Medium Pleasant
The tin I opened had a production date of "September 09, 2021." Right now, Windjammer is only packaged in 2 oz. cans, but perhaps, in time, it will be packaged in larger tins as well.

The appearance of the tobacco is a half-broken flake the color of rotten pine with flecks of light Virginia and very dark perique. The tobacco felt a little moist, which makes sense given its freshness.

The aroma from the can hits with a good dose of rum. It was clearly good portion, and it was poured wholeheartedly.

The rum was very young, and along with the alcoholic smell, there was the scent of caramel from the sugar cane. Added to this was a wine note of cavendish.Behind all this "sailor's cellar" the tobacco notes from the can were barely perceptible. I poured the tobacco for the first pipe and let it air out, resting, while kneading the flake into individual fibers. A couple of hours passed, the rum weathered a little, and new notes came into the bouquet: a typical Virginia flavor - mixed grass, some citrus and fresh bread, burley nut (something like roasted peanuts - apparently, the same "black nut"), some sweet spices... But still, the rum was too obvious. The cocoa note I could distinguish from the general flavor only after a few days, and by that time half of the jar was already smoked.

What can I say about the taste? The first couple of pipes brought no admiration - a typical american blend, like from good old American cigarettes, well soaked in rum. Then the tobacco became a little more clear.

The first third of the pipe - rum, caramel, a little bit of Virginia - light but tart citrus, bread, some grass, dried dark fruits. Burley and perique are barely perceptible, but you can catch the presence of some tangy spices if you smoke very slowly and thoughtfully. Towards the middle of the pipe a nuttiness and a woody note appear. The rum wears off, giving way to molasses and subtle aromas of cocoa and cinnamon. By the end of the pipe there is no trace of rum, and the tobacco becomes a smooth American blend, not lacking in originality, but, in general, quite ordinary. Being quite even in flavor and cool in temperature, the blend, however, does not tolerate overheating at all, it immediately seeks to bite your tongue. The strength of the tobacco is medium - I judge from the fact that the large size pipe gave a slight nicotine kick towards the end. The tobacco does not burn too evenly - a couple of times it faded in the pipe, and I had to light it again - and burns into ash of a fairly large fraction, though without lumps. The blend leaves a lot of moisture in the pipe even after drying, I highly recommend bents and/or filters to inexperienced smokers. The aftertaste of the tobacco is woody and nutty.

The smoke is dense for a Virginia Peric representative, smells woody with a hint of sandalwood.

General verdict - I do not share the ecstasy of most people about this blend. It seems that this time the wind of idea got jammed somewhere in the sails of Pease.

Nevertheless, the second tin I will leave closed on the shelf for a couple of years. The amount of burley is small for me, and therefore not intimidating. We'll see what comes out of this blend after time tests.
Pipe Used: Peterson Deluxe 11FB, Peterson 9BC
PurchasedFrom: Online
Age When Smoked: Fresh
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