Dunhill My Mixture 221B Baker Street

From P&C's website: Previously only available from Dunhill stores, My Mixture 221B Baker Street makes a triumphant return after a long hiatus. This is a Virginia/Burley blend with a subtle top note in a similar vein to Royal Yacht and 3 Year Matured Virginia, but not quite as intense. Top quality leaf is cut into a fine ribbon and produces a relatively mellow flavor and aroma, but make no mistake, this is a robust blend with plenty of strength. 221B Baker Street is strong enough to delight the Great Detective himself.


Brand Dunhill
Blended By  
Manufactured By Scandinavian Tobacco Group
Blend Type Virginia/Burley
Contents Burley, Virginia
Flavoring Other / Misc
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 50 grams tin
Country Denmark
Production No longer in production


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
Very Mild
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.95 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 01, 2017 Medium Medium Medium to Full Tolerable to Strong
Dunhill - My Mixture 221B Baker Street (Re-release).

There isn't any chunks or un-rubbed pieces in the blend, it's all slight ribbons. Mainly the blend comprises medium and dark browns but there are a few flecks of lighter leaf in there. 221B doesn't need any airing from the fresh tin, it can be smoked imminently; well, mine could.

I quite enjoyed the first quarter of a bowl, but then it drifted downhil. The topping seems to me to hail from some form of liqueur. The alcoholic sharpness is easily obtained and there's an exotic fruitiness; apricot brandy maybe? The only tobacco taste I get is the Burley, I don't get any grass or hay from the Virginia. 221B burns well, gives a coolish smoke, and doesn't bite me at any point. To me, the flavour gets stronger as the bowl burns: what begins as a gentle embellishment, takes on too much of a harsh aromatic trait.... and ruins things.

I don't like the room-note, and the nicotine's medium.

My expectations for this were FAR too high. Very disappointing.

Not recommended.
Pipe Used: Peterson Founders Edition
PurchasedFrom: The Danish Pipe Shop
Age When Smoked: New
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 20, 2019 Strong Extremely Mild Very Mild Unnoticeable
One of the last tins of this blend, MM 221B is a rather dry, fast burning tobacco from Dunhill that doesn't have latakia in it.

I find this surprising as the taste and smell of this illicits latakia of some description. The description insists it latakia-free and it must the rather odd collection of orientals they have mixed in that gives this blend a mild, smokey, ruddy, rather earthy taste.

That isn't to say it is particularly flavoursome ; it isn't really. It reminds me of Robert Lewis' blends, in particular their orcilla mixtuxe. This doesn't have the same tang as that blend, yet it looks and smells very similar.

It comes exceedingly dry and burns down very quickly, leaving you with one very hot bowl. Halfway through this mixture and I haven't found any dark meaningful nuances of taste or flavour and I can't say I will miss this when it's all gone.
Pipe Used: Briars
PurchasedFrom: Cgars.com
Age When Smoked: New (but slightly aged)
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