War Horse War Horse Bar

Made of dark-fired Kentucky, dark air-cured and matured red Virginia.
Notes: From P&C's web site: War Horse Bar is a plug tobacco made in the tradition of the long-missing Irish tobacco. Made of darker, earthier leaf, War Horse Bar has a singular top note added, and the tobacco is pressed and cut into plugs. The flavor and body are astoundingly stout, and is definitely meant for the experienced pipe enthusiast. If you love robust and bold pipe tobacco, War Horse Bar will become a staple for you.


Brand War Horse
Blended By Russ Ouellette
Manufactured By Sutliff Tobacco Company
Blend Type Virginia/Burley
Contents Burley, Kentucky, Virginia
Flavoring Anisette, Floral Essences, Other / Misc, Tonquin Bean
Cut Krumble Kake
Packaging 50 grams tin
Country United States
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
Medium to Strong
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.37 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Mar 26, 2021 Medium Mild Medium to Full Pleasant
I'll just go ahead and say it - this was a love at first smoke.

I love the tin note of this blend. While everyone tries to guess what's in it I'll just say what it smells like to me: Soap/shampoo. Not a chemical note, but that smell after a shower. It first reminded me of the Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake aroma, but after smoking LTF again, I came to see that they have a similar character, but are different. What's this special smooth top note in Warhorse Bar? I'm glad to remain ignorant and just enjoy it.

Right off the bat, what I get in the smoke is a bit of spiciness, fair amount of fruit sweetness from the Virginias, and that special secret topping ingredient. The Kentucky adds a very welcome volume to the blend and just the right amount of smokiness. The Burley adds just the right amount of cocoa without overpowering other flavors. This is not a typical Burley blend by any means.

Despite the Kentucky only playing a secondary role, it does define the overall character of this blend and, together with the toping, makes it unique and hard to pin point. The topping is very mild and serves to highlight the natural sweetness as well as a perfectly balanced contrast to the Kentucky. It is absolutely not an aromatic blend. And by the way, my girlfriend is not a big fan of many of my more usual Virginia room notes, but she likes this one.

Despite its name, this isn't a plug, but rather a block of crumble cake. Crumbles very easily, packs very easy, and smokes very easy. I sometimes have to relight, but not every time. It's a very well behaved tobacco and the moisture is ready to be packed right from the tin. Whatever Russ Ouellette put to moisture this, it kept moist in my tobacco pouch for over a week.

I smoked only this blend for five days and still had enough to go for about a day or two, and I smoke several times a day. It didn't get boring, it didn't smoke too fast, it didn't get my pipes hot. All the mechanics were perfect. And while some view it as too strong, for me it was a perfect medium strength and an excellent all-day smoke.

It's one of those blends that have a complexity, but allows you not to distract you from whatever you're doing. The flavors balance perfectly, and it remains fairly similar throughout the smoke. Medium-full flavor, medium strength. Can be smoked in every shape and size, but I get the most out of it when smoked in a small bowl. In particular, my small apple-shape WDC pipe gets the best result.

I'm going to go ahead and order more of this. I think there's a serious competition to my current favorite. 5 stars out of 4.
Pipe Used: Small straight apple
PurchasedFrom: pipesandcigars.com
Age When Smoked: New
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 17, 2021 Extremely Strong Medium to Strong Full Pleasant to Tolerable
As I posted in a pipe group, while I know that my grandfather never smoked this, the aroma of the tobacco is so close to whatever he smoked, that it brought me back to when I was a kid poking around his stuff and enjoying the aroma of his pipe tobacco. I have several of his pipes and I will smoke it in them.

Beautiful hard pressed bar, more of a cross between a plug and a cake. Easily hand crumbled.

It's a rich full smoke. No bite. You get that taste on the retro. It's almost vanilla cherry like, with a tin note close to playdough, although no play dough in the smoking. I don't get the licorice that some speak of, but everyone's palate is different. I don't know what it smells like to others, but I imagine it similar to what most people may think about when they think of pipe smoke. My wife says that the tin note reminds her of stuff her grandfather smoked, but I smoke outside and I have no feedback on what it smells like to others when it's actually being smoked.

I am not a regular aromatic smoker, and I have seen this listed as a non aromatic while it is clearly flavored to a degree. The flavor fades into the distant background when smoking. Spicy on the back of the throat and on the retro. I am primarily a Va/VaPer and English/Balkan smoker, but this would be my pretty smelling choice right here. I can no longer see myself smoking a cheap drugstore cherry or vanilla, but this is a top shelf "version" of that, but it's NOT an aromatic. (the green label is said to be the aro version)

Between the dark fired Kentucky, burley, pressed Virginias... this is a WINNER. After trying it and being blown away as well as the memories of smelling my grandpa's tobacco stash which had a similar sweet tobacco smell, I was hooked and ordered 4 tins straight away, to have on hand, since it went on sale at that time.

I have been a longtime cigar smoker, so I know a bit about nic hit and even nicotine sickness (dizzies)... I never get that from any pipe tobacco, so while some others claim strong/full on the strength and flavor, I naturally would make this out more to the medium-full range in both flavor and strength, but leaning towards full. It is stronger than many a pipe tobacco, though. Great for ex or cigar smokers.

This is definitely a man's smoke with a pretty casing. It's a great change of pace from my normal and more frequent fare... It's a macho smoke. Don 't do it on an empty stomach! It's like that brothel lady who is pretty but will take you for a ride and maybe steal your wallet if you take your eyes off her.

Pipe Used: Grandfather's Dr Grabow Golden Duke briar
PurchasedFrom: smokingpipes and P&C
Age When Smoked: new
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