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Small-leaved, sun-cured Oriental tobacco grows in many parts of the Middle East, the Balkans and Russia. This tobacco has a distinctive flavor and aroma, arising from the alkaloids and aromatic waxes that the plant secretes in its growth process. Each region produces one or more varieties with characteristic flavor and burning qualities arising from the specific micro-climate and soil characteristics of the area, as well as the farming and curing practices employed. Together these many varietals represent a broad array of intriguing colors for the blender. From this array, we have selected a single rare varietal, long absent from the American market. Thin and rather unattractive in the leaf, when properly cured this tobacco comes into its own. It burns cool and sweet, has a soft mouth, and reveals layer upon layer of delicate, but distinctive flavor as it burns. The aroma compliments the flavor, and speaks of salt, pine woods, and myrrh. It needs no addition or combination, and receives none except a sprinkle of distilled water in the preparation. An excellent doorway to the intriguing world of Oriental tobaccos.

BrandStone Pine Tobacco Company
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