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UPDATE        June 17, 2014

The most common complaint we've heard since this site was rebuilt has been in regard to the voting system, with which users have voted either Yes or No to the question, "Was this review helpful to you?" Unfortunately, some users evidently voted according to whether or not they agreed with the individual assessments rather than in response to the quality of the reviews. Until recently it wasn't an egregious problem, but in the last few weeks our voting logs have indicated something more troubling: A handful of users have been mounting obvious down vote attacks on specific individuals.  There are more than 15,000 registered users on this site and it's a credit to our community that only 2 or 3 people decided to inappropriately manipulate the voting system. Still, something needed to change. 

As of today you will note that down voting has been disabled. All down votes have been purged from the system. Sorting reviews by helpfulness is still an option because up voting remains and users may still provide positive reinforcement for good reviews by voting positively. It is our hope that this alteration will improve the site and the experience for everyone.



Welcome to TobaccoReviews, the most comprehensive pipe tobacco review resource online or off. Built over many years by contributors from around the world, this database of reviews continues to expand. It’s a daunting task for pipe smokers to find new tobaccos that fit their tastes; no one can smoke all of the thousands available. TobaccoReviews helps you find what may most appeal to you and provides tools to help enhance your enjoyment of pipe smoking.

If this is your first visit, please enjoy exploring and take advantage of the many wise opinions expressed here. We hope you’ll consider registering and adding your own reviews to the community. If you’re visiting again after being away for a while, you may be surprised. We’ve done a rebuild of the site to make it easier to browse and search.

When we started, the plan was to update and repair many of the administrative functions that had become useless. But as long as we’re at it, we thought, let’s ask users if there’s anything they’d like to see changed. You may remember that email from early 2013. We received hundreds of suggestions for improvements, so we tackled a complete rebuild to accommodate those recommendations. We couldn’t do everything, but we did a lot.

You'll find a number of new functions. Images are now enabled, so you’ll be able to submit photos of the tobaccos (and of yourself if you’d like to have one attached to your profile). New search and sort capabilities will help you more easily find reviewers who have the same tastes as you. Individual reviews can be voted on for helpfulness, a field you can now sort by. You’ll be able to see the experience levels and preferences of reviewers so you can determine how much weight to give their opinions.

 Reviews can be sorted by several different fields now, so you needn’t wade through them by date alone. We now have a tobacco “type” field for submitting whether a tobacco is an aromatic or English or Virginia/Perique, etc. Searching for tobaccos or reviews is now available by many different fields or any one field.

The site’s appearance hides its functionality. An hour of exploration, though, should prove that the enhancements are real. Let your cursor hover over various elements to discover layers of new options. Click different graphs and headers to find different sort features. Wander through the site, experience what it offers and enjoy exploring one of the most instructive and entertaining resources available to pipe smokers.


Chuck Stanion

Editor, Pipes and tobaccos magazine