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BrandSamuel Gawith
Blended BySamuel Gawith
Blend TypeVirginia Based
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Very Strong
None Detected
Very Full
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable

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Mr. Bentley Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Mr. Bentley (17)
Strong Mild Very Full Pleasant to Tolerable

This is THE stuff!

I'd been dying to try Lakeland Dark for sometime, but the one mail-order place in the US where I could find it, was out of stock for the longest time. Finally got restocked, and I ordered some immediately....and WOW!

I generally prefer GH&C offerings- but in this case, Sam Gawith takes the cake! This is a strong tobacco, with a good deal of nicotine, and very well-mannered. It provides a rich, full, creamy smok; and despite it being a shag (I normally prefer ropes and flakes) it doesn't even heat up nor bite.

The best part is the flavor! It has a complex flavor which is hard to describe. I usually find SG products too subtle and lacking in flavor....but this one is the exception! There is abundant flavor- nay, many flavors.....including a hint of Lakeland essence. No one flavor jumps out at you- but rather, they weave a unique medley, wafting through each puff, to create a rich, sophisticated and complex smoke with every puff.

Sophisticated, yes- but yet, don't be fooled, this a real-man's old-world tobacco- not some sissy "boutique" clap-trap. It's really the best of both worlds. Perfection!

This has become my new favorite- and will likely stay so- as I can't envision ever finding anything better- this is what I've been looking for!

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lustra Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
lustra (170)
Very Strong None Detected Medium Strong

I hate to say this, but I really can't imagine anyone smoking this tobacco for fun. It is very strong, very harsh,and remains that way throughout the bowl. It will wear you down like Sherman's army. I have done my duty in the name of science, but I won't be smoking this stuff again.

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Pseudo Nim Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Pseudo Nim (100)
Very Strong Extremely Mild Full Pleasant to Tolerable

A broken flake, Lakeland Dark is 1792, without the added tonquin bean flavouring. I must have got one of the first tins off the production as I could still taste a hint of tonquin, however, allowing this to dry a for a while I was left with a strong robust Virginia with a nicotine kick so strong (mind you as was smoking this last thing at night after about 10 bowls of Golden Glow and warrior plug) I thought I had met my Waterloo, however, the more I smoked this, the more I liked it. A small bowl will do nicely and I sleep like a baby, love it. This tobacco is definately not for the novice or the faint hearted

Pipe Used: Parker reject

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: My smoking shop

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Sceny Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Sceny (66)
Very Strong None Detected Very Full Tolerable

For those who love Gawith tobaccos, the Lakeland series (Light and Dark) is not one to be missed. It contains most of what people seem to like (and dislike) about S.G. in general, doing what the English company has done well for so many years ? make a full-flavored, robust blend for the smoker to enjoy. The aroma in my sample 2oz bag is familiar, that perfumy/soapy scent that hangs in much greater degree about any and all S.G. plug and rope tobaccos. A dark and musty scent competes as well, totally lacking in the usual softening of Virginia sweetness. In appearance the tobacco is very dark, black and brown/black being the only discernable colors. The cut is very marrow, medium to long in length, and came to me in a collection of loosely pressed chunks that fell apart quite easily. The moisture level of my sample was low; indeed, this tobacco was nearly as dry as a C&D blend. Packing was easy, once the chunks were separated, and lighting was very quick. This blend burns very well, needing a lower than average number of relights. The initial flavor in the first third of the bowl is dark and musty, very close to the bag aroma of the tobacco. There are nutty elements, almost as if Burley was present, and there is the normal initial harshness I?ve come to expect from S.G. blends. It ?catches? at the back of my throat, and I would not dream of exhaling this through my nose at this point! Nevertheless, the smoke is very flavorful, dark, and fairly complex. I have also noticed that caution is needed with this ? the high nicotine content is obvious from the first. The second 1/3 is similar in flavor to the first, though the harshness is not as bad. There is increasing smoothness, complimented by slightly more complexity in the smoke. I have noticed no moisture at all to this point. In the final third, the annoying harshness is totally gone, leaving a smother, darker, and still complex flavor. This is by far the best part of the bowl, perhaps better than ?good?. There has been a total lack of bite throughout the smoke. The nicotine is not weak, and I?m really noticing it at this point; don?t use a large pipe for this, unless you are used to it!. Despite the kick, I am able to smoke this to the bottom of the bowl, clean and dry the whole way. Overall, I?d call this a good tobacco, very good or better if not for the harshness at the start. The finish is almost worth it, but can?t quite offset the first two thirds for myself. If you don?t mind (or even like!) this initial flavor, you should truly enjoy this high-quality dark Virginia blend. I, however, prefer Esoterica or McClelland Virginias, and will likely not order more of this when I run out.

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Big bad Jon Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Big bad Jon (232)
Very Strong None Detected Full Tolerable to Strong

Need a bit of a pick me up? Need to feel like a man for an hour? Has the flavor of Pirate Kake become just too bland for you? Is your tongue really made out of leather? These are just a few questions you can answer after having a bowl of this wonderfully flavorful but dangerously strong tobacco. If you are a fan of intensely strong and extremely flavorful VA tobaccos this blend is for you. Just be careful to smoke it slowly and be sure to sit down. The earthy and sweet flavors will be your reward. put it in a group three or smaller pipe, and enjoy!

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tomobedlam Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
tomobedlam (16)
Very Strong None Detected Very Full Pleasant

I've been smoking my way through several of the S. Gawith and G&H bulk tobaccos and was looking for a rope, which I haven't smoked in some time, but my local shop was out of it, so I landed on this blend, which has a similar fragrance to the ropes, actually its smell is somewhere between the unscented ropes and the full flakes. The cut was fairly narrow and comes in clumps that were pretty moist in mine, and could have benefitted from a little airing out, but I'm an impatient sort and I crammed it in my locally made Andre pipe and lit up. On lighting the flavor and aroma seems akin to G&H Dark Flake: a full and thick herby flavor totally unlike other dryer virginia flakes. I didn't experience any "harshness" as others have remarked upon, but I suppose it may be a matter of taste. As this is a high nicotine tobacco I saved it for my late night smoke out on the porch. I sat reading my book puffing away when it hit me. Phew! 'Scuse me while I kiss the sky! Still, it isn't at the psychedelic/bummer tent level of the ropes. About half way down my pipe was gurgling and I had to run a pipecleaner through to clear the stem. Next time I'll dry it out a bit I think after rubbing it out. This is really just an occasional blend for me, but I like it and I'll smoke it again, it might even be nice to blend in and ratchet up a lighter blander tobacco I might not smoke otherwise. This blend is not going to be for everyone, but its nice if you want something unusual and have a chair to sit in. Um, don't smoke this while operating heavy machinery.

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