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Been smoking a pipe since 1996 when I bought my first pipe: a Dr. Grabow Savoy, along with a pouch of Captain Black Regular, and have been hooked since. Had many, many pipes over the years, and have smoked many blends. My tastes have gone from aromatics to English blends, and are now set on naturally aromatic blends, though I try just about anything so long as it doesn't have too high a nicotine content. I don't have any fancy, expensive pipes in my collection anymore, but I have had a few nicer ones over the years (though nothing like a Dunhill, etc. though I've had some wonderful Petersons). Once you break an expensive pipe, you tend to shy away from them. I now smoke nicer estate pipes I've purchased off eBay and a few I've picked up locally (like a Peterson 69 fishtail, a Peterson Limerick, a couple Savinellis, etc.)

Nothing too nice anymore. The nicest I have anymore are some Petersons. I have a few very old Willards and Yello Boles and used to collect old Kaywoodies, but have sold them off to buy tobacco. I'm just not a high-end pipe smoker and never really have been. I think the nicest pipe I have is a Cassano Verona (which is too big for me). I don't like to worry about damaging the pipe I'm smoking and would rather enjoy the smoke.


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2013-02-03 Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) - Velvet 124 2 ★★☆☆ ★★★☆ 2.3