Arango Cigar Co. Unveils Three New Pipes

Arango Cigar Co., the exclusive U.S. distributor for Nording pipes, has announced release of two new pipes by Danish master pipe carver Erik Nording, as well as a line extension to the Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipe.

The new Seagull and Spiral pipes are novel and fanciful variations of the Danish school of pipe design. The pipes’ smooth black finish is lightly hand-engraved, leaving patterns in the exposed lighter-colored briar. Seagull’s is an abstract flock of the birds in flight, while Spiral has a bold spiral that wraps diagonally from top to bottom of the bowl’s sides. Both pipes have medium-to-large bowl sizes and feature bent military-style bits. Their suggested retail pricing is $105, including a Nording bag.

Nording has also added new colors to the original Eriksen Keystone Filter Pipe line. Similar to the all-black introductory model, all of these pipes share black plastic bits. Eriksen Colors come with black rusticated bowls, while the black Eriksen offers a choice of black, black grain, natural and rusticated finishes on the bowls.