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Ribbon cut Old Belt Virginia mixture with Perique added for natural flavoring. Very light in taste for those requesting a milder English tobacco suitable for smoking all day. Mild Virginia/Perique blend.

Blended ByDavid Windsor
Blend TypeUnknown
ContentsPerique, Virginia
ProductionNo longer in production
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Mild to Medium
None Detected
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Pleasant to Tolerable
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Pipestud Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Pipestud (1829)
Mild None Detected Mild Pleasant to Tolerable

A true Virginia/Perique, Canvasback Decoy was one I enjoyed on rare occasions back in the early 2000's when I still had a couple of tins. Whenever I had a hankering for quality grassy Virginia with a little Red in it for sweetness, combined with a light dose of Perique, this was the one I went to. Just a really nice tobacco that I miss.

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sasha Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
sasha (228)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant

One of the mildest VaPer blends I've ever tried, really delicate and airy. I've found a distinctive starch flavour during the smoke and a light fruity smell upon opening the bulk I've been given by a friend. It's a pleasure to smoke this kind of blend in every hour of the day, since usually VAPER blends are after dinner smokes. It may become a great blend if cellared for some time.

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Dave Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Dave (15)
Mild to Medium None Detected Mild to Medium Unnoticeable

Much milder than other VA/Perique tobaccos I have smoked, yet that doesn't take away the flavor of this blend. Upon opening the sealed tin and sticking my nose right in it, the usual burning of the nostrils that comes with Perique is right there; no question that there is Perique in this blend but not overpoweringly so. The sweetness of the Viginias is there too.

Lighting is easy, being a ribbon cut. I find the flavor is very pleasant. Very smooth is the first thing I notice. No harshness as in Peretti's Dundee, another VA/Perique that I smoke frequently. No tongue bite as in Peretti's London Flake, another rather strong VA/Perique. The lack of these characteristics allows me to discern the true flavors of this blend. The sweet "woodsy" flavor of the Virginias is very apparent and the spiciness of Perique is melded almost perfectly with the Virginia. This is probably the only tobacco that I have found where the Virginias and Perique do not overpower each other and I can detect an almost equal amount of each in almost every puff. Exceptionally nice blending.

Alas, I seem to be stuck on the strength of Peretti's London Flake and thus can't consider Canvasback Decoy as my favorite, but that doesn't detract from the quality and harmony of this blend. I can well see it as a good all day smoke and relief from the stronger overpowering blends. Nice job Dave Windsor and the Bufflehead Shop.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (29938)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant

Having just received my order from David @ Bufflehead I was anxious to try this blend because though I prefer Straight VA's, I frequently enjoy a good VA/Perique mixture. This IS a good one. Upon opening the tin you notice an appealing, lightly sweet fermented aroma that one could just sit and sniff for some time. The brown/reddish brown ribbon packs well and lights easily. Maybe just a bit moist. Usual lighting ritual works just fine. The initial flavor is lightly spicey & tangy w/a citrusy sweetness that is most flavorful and tasty. This is not an overly complex smoke but there are flavor shifts as you progress down the bowl; sometimes a little sweet, maybe a bit tart, raisiny, etc.. Becomes richer as you smoke down the bowl. Virtually no bite. I'm liking this, and I really think most anyone would enjoy this blend if you like Perique to any degree. I smoked this in a Grp. 5 Mastro 1/2bent "drip wax" Brandy, but a somewhat larger pipe would more than likely be fine, whatever pops yer cork. There was a bit of a gurgle, but this pipe does that now and then (could be my packing too), and only required a coupla cleaners. I also used a Castello Sea Rock G65 and used no cleaners till the end. Zesty & sparkling, this is a smooth, cool smoke that burns clean to a gray ash and leaves you w/a desire to smoke another bowl. What was interesting to me was as I smoked this tobak I kept saying "this reminds me of something else". This is a McC. manufactured blend, but David assures me this is not one of their blends that he put a name on. If it really is, I'm not sure which one it might be. Hmmm... but it's sorta like #5100 w/Perique, could that be it? I also thought, this is kinda like smoking one of the Pease blends. Then, I opened my tin of Haddos and smelled the two in turn. Maybe it's me, but the tin of Canvasback smells practically identical to Haddos!!! I know, sounds crazy maybe, but except for the colors (Haddos has more black in it), and the cut (Haddos has a more broad, coarse ribbon cut) and components (Haddos has unflavored black Cavendish), I think they smoke, taste and smell about the same, but, Haddos is heavier and more stout than Canvasback. I personally prefer the lighter Canvasback. Price for two oz. is pretty much the same. IMHO, I think these two could be brother & sister & I like them both. I make no insinuations, but if Greg, David and McC. have put their heads together, I didn't know it, so forgive my ignorance if this is old news. These two tobaks would work good together if you like varying degrees of Perique/VA blends (and/or mixed w/other component tobaccos), of different strengths, the lighter Canvasback ideal for AM/afternoon, and Haddos for PM time. That's my plan, and I'll keep some of both around. Works for me.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (29938)
Mild to Medium Mild Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

This was the second tin I tried of Bufflehead tobacco from the 2001 chicago pipe show. I aged this tin also 9 months. First thing I smelled when the tin was opened was the smell of lemon and lime from the Va's in the tobacco. The Perique added a bit of spice to it, but was a awsome smoke, The only thing I regret was about smoking this tin was I had only bought one and didn't have any left to age longer. This tobacco will age well and the sugars in the Va's will just mellow out the longer it ages. I plan on getting more to let them age longer. I will re-review them at a later date to compare my notes. on a scale of 1 to 10 i also rated this a 9.5 I believe this is a 10 if left to age longer than 9 months.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (29938)
Mild to Medium Mild Medium Tolerable

Canvasback is a Virginia/Perique blend exclusively manufactured by McClelland for the Bufflehead Shop. I received my first tin of this blend this afternoon and just popped the lid.

When first opening the tin, the smoker is greeted by the aged wine, rotting vegetation, fermented aroma so familiar to and loved by those appreciative of perique blends. The tin description says that this blend contains sugary Old Belt Virginia and perique. The colors in the tin are a mixture of reddish brown and black which appear to be well blended together. This is a ribbon cut tobacco, and while slightly moist when first opened, I was able to keep the pipe lit with only three matches. I smoked this in a no name bent billiard.

At first light, I was met with the spiciness of the perique, but the sweetness of the virginias emerged rather quickly. The can description says "well-aged and sugary" . This is descriptive and true. While not as round and full as Solani 633, this is a softer blend than McClelland's #2015. The Virginias are sugary. It never did get sharp on the tongue. Towards the end of the bowl the perique's familiar raisony taste could be detected. I believe this would make a better all day smoke than the #2015.

I would highly recommend this blend.

Steve Thomas

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (29938)
Mild Extremely Mild Very Mild Pleasant to Tolerable

This is a quality blend that just doesn't compare to the many VAPERS out there. The new cost structure of Bufflehead tobaccos does not even warrant your purchase.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (29938)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

Canvasback Decoy is in Bufflehead's primium flagship "decoy" line of tabaks. I received my tin gratis from Bufflehead's David Winslow along with a sweet little Danish Crown freehand which I broke in by and large with CD. I had resisted buying this tobacco largely because of its premium price and its billing as "a milder English tobacco suitable for smoking all day".

Here is what I have come up with. This certainly is a top quality and gentle-smoking product. (Most Buffleheads I have tried are first rate.) The virginias are some of the smoothest I have come across straight out of the tin, and it burns down to a great gray-white ash. I just prefer my Va/Ps with a bit more P. This is more of a reflection of my tastes rather than a weakness of CD. I have smoked several bowls of CD back-to-back with McCs. #2015, and while I prefer the latter with its flake structure and higher perique content, I must say that #2015 has a lot more bite than CD. I find CD more along the lines of Two Friends Redwood than Haddo's.

CD is certainly worth a try (despite it costing more than twice as much as Bufflehead's regular blends, which are such a good deal!), especially if you are looking for a mild to mid-strength Va/P or are looking for a good tobacco to break a new briar in with.

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