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Notes: Although marketed as a pipe tobacco, the vast majority of smokers that use this, use this as hand rolling tobacco. Made by Von Eicken and imported into the U.K by Bull Brand, a well known English maker of filter tips, rolling papers and other hand rolling accessories. Newer packs of Bayside have "new improved blend" printed in the top left hand corner of the pack.

BrandVon Eicken
Blended Byjohann wilhelm
Blend TypeUnknown
Packaging12.5 grams, 25 and 50 grams pouches, 100 grams tub
ProductionCurrently available
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Extremely Mild, Very Mild
None Detected
Very Mild, Medium
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StevieB Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
StevieB (1920)
Very Mild Strong Medium Strong

Von Eicken - Bayside Mixed.

"Why all the bad reviews? It's alright!". That was my impression of Bayside. "Good God, this is truly foul!". It took all of a minute for that to become my opinion.

O.K, a few positives to try and rescue it: the nicotine's mild, and it's well hydrated from the pouch. The inaugurate flavour whilst getting the burn going is quite good; tolerable, but after that it belongs in the bin. I can't see how this would be enjoyed in either a cigarette, or a pipe; there's little actual tobacco flavour, but a heap load of a strange chemical flavour; very bizarre. When I used to smoke cigarettes I was a Marlboro man and can't remember EVER having a ciggie where the flavour resembled paint!

I'll finish on one last good point: it burns well.


Not recommended.

P.S. maybe the chemical taste is subjective to my palate, so you might enjoy a pipe-full.

Pipe Used: Mastro Geppetto

Age When Smoked: One month

Purchased From: My Smoking Shop

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (28799)
Mild None Detected Very Mild Unnoticeable

Okay, this is rubbish.

But, there's a but.

I mixed this 60/40 with some Cyprian that I've had hanging around and it smoked fine, kinda calmed the Cyp down and added a little sweetness.

I think this stuff could supply a cost effective base for some blending experiments: on its own it's a waste of matches!

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Pseudo Nim Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Pseudo Nim (127)
Very Mild Very Mild Mild Pleasant to Tolerable

If others were reviewing the blue pouch, then I also will go agains the grain, if on the other hand, they had the yellow pouch, they were not far of the mark. That having been said, the blue, only slightly more complex than the yellow, is a simple no nonsense tobacco that can be used for the pipe or cigarette. There is slightly and I mean slightly more taste and flavour than the yellow Virginia, I may not be stocking up on this but if there is nothing else to smoke, I would be grateful for it, I can think of many a blend at much higher prices far worse than this one, smoked very slowly in a pipe, some flavour does come through, but only some. If you like the milder blend and do not have a high nicotine tolerance, this is for you and you'll love the price so I'm going to give it 3 stars for those who like the very mild inoffensive blends, as opposed to myself who likes very strong pure virginia's on steroids

Pipe Used: Clay

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: Asda

Similar Blends: Bayside Virginia.

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DrDyson Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DrDyson (135)
Extremely Mild None Detected Very Mild Tolerable

The only real virtue that this stuff has is cheapness. It's clearly intended to be a roll-your-own tobacco and is marketed as a pipe tobacco in the UK only to avoid the extra duty payable on cigarette tobacco (the same is true of a few other tobaccos that have lately come on the market). I imagine it's made from sheet tobacco and salvage of some kind. It's all right if you're hard up and it's a choice between smoking this and not smoking at all. It's not awful, but it smokes like what it is: a cheap weed chiefly intended to make RYOs with. Have a go, if only out of curiosity/impecuniousness. For what it is, it's not bad, but certainly not a tobacco that will please the discriminating palate. If you want something to smoke all day while you work, this'll do. It doesn't need (or reward) concentration. If you need a low-end smoke, however, Route 66 is much better than this.

Update, November 2018: Since I wrote this review, Route 66 - which wasn't at all bad - has gone out of production, for reasons that have never been made quite clear.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (28799)
Mild to Medium Mild Medium Pleasant

Well I have to go against the grain here. If you are seeking a cheap baccy (around £8.50 from ASDA in the UK) then we have one. Firstly it comes in a well sealed bag which both belies the cheapness and keeps the content fresh. A lovely aroma which I have found does come through when smoking. I have smoked baccy at over half the price again that tasted far worse than this one. Really its the little brother of ST Bruno, just a average, old fasioned, good burning baccy. And cheap!

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thesmoggypipester Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
thesmoggypipester (66)
Extremely Mild Mild to Medium Extremely Mild (Flat) Unnoticeable

This is my first review on here, but i feel i have to let people know what this so called tobacco blend is like. The positive side is its very cheap i paid just over eight pounds for fifty gram, and when you open the pack there is a lovely lovely Virginia and fire cured Kentucky aroma and it packs easily....unfortunately this is where the positives end.

Now i smoked this in a brand new unsmoked corn cob, but when i lit i had to check i had lit it, there was nothing apart from smoke, a few more draws and still nothing, after a while i got a faint taste of the lovely virginias and fire cured kentucky but this soon went to be replaced by a foul, sour chemical taste which then turned to creamyness, then back to sour chemical taste, and it stayed this way through out the smoke, i dont know where the gorgeous pack aroma went but its obvious to me that the makers have simply used chemical flavourings to make it seem appealing. Also when cleaning my pipe the smell off it was like when you go round to a chain smokers house and the smell of acrid stale cigarette smoke, luckily it never tainted my pipe too much.

Now dont get me wrong, i like to give tobaccos a chance i believe one persons hate is anothers like, but i really cannot see why anyone who has the cash to buy a decent tobacconist or over the counter blend would buy this "tobacco", actually if this really is tobacco i will not only eat hay with the donkey ill eat the hay, the donkey and its barn . But the sad fact is the shop were i bought it from, when i told the shop keep about my experience, he actually said its one of his best selling tobacco products, and i can see why, but the famous saying is you get what you pay for, but i have had other budget shags that have been way more tastier and enjoyable. The one good thing though is that other pipe tobacco makers dont use this crud as a bench mark, now im a not a religious man but i thank god very highly that this isnt the case.

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