Torben Dansk No.10 Nice 'n Easy

Nice 'n easy is a symphony of flavor. The mixture uses the finest quality tobaccos and then the expert blenders at Dan Tobacco infuse them with a chocolate and plum essence. A total sensory overload!
Notes: As the name suggests, pleasant freshness of sweet, mild flavor and easy to smoke. An honest tobacco that delivers what it promises. The mirror with a colorful mixture proportion bright broad cut Virginias pleasing to the eye, the fragrant flavor blends perfectly with the natural tobacco flavor and makes for a pleasant room note. Especially in pipes with larger bore this mixture slowly and smolders, the smoke is therefore cool and soft.


Brand Torben Dansk
Blended By Dan Tobacco
Manufactured By  
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Black Cavendish, Virginia
Flavoring Cocoa / Chocolate, Plum
Cut Ribbon
Packaging 50 grams tin
Country Germany


Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Very Pleasant
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Apr 16, 2020 Very Mild Mild Mild Pleasant
The tin note is caramel. Delicious. Ribbon cut. Nice looking tobacco chocolate brown with orange and black Cavendish.

The packaging is hopeless as is the tin art. But then, European laws require a boring presentation. The cardboard tin is lined with aluminium to keep it airtight. The label is simply printed with "Torben Dansk No.10" . The rest of its surface is filled with terrible health warnings. (I transferred the tobacco into a empty marmalade jar at once).

I smoked the first bowl right out of the tin and had some trouble keeping it lit.  Subsequent pipes were better although it needs a fair number of re-lights. It also wants to be tamped down often.

It has a noticeable caramel favouring, more than chocolate and plums during the first few puffs but then the chocolate develops. Perhaps some whisky. The tobacco is in the background and is smooth and sweet, woody but not smoky - Virginia and Cavendish - there's a nutty taste (Burley?). The aroma remains as the bowl progresses but the Cavendish is more pronounced towards the end of the bowl.

It produces a lot of creamy smoke.

First smoked in a Jirsa 207 (the pipe I always use for my first smoke of any tobacco) then in a Torben Dansk Modi, the biggest pipe I own, finally settled for a big lovat as the best smoker for this tobacco.

I use it to smoke before dinner, it's very light and good to pass the time without charging the palette. It doesn't leave an aftertaste.

The taste is mild to medium, favouring light, a very mild smoke.  Not harsh in the least. Does not smoke hot. Does not give tongue-burn. It would appear to me to be a good choice for the beginning pipe smoker who wants to adventure into aromatic tobaccos.

The room note is lovely.

Altogether too light for my taste, I won't buy it again
Pipe Used: Lovat
PurchasedFrom: Dan tobacco
Age When Smoked: 2 months
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Dec 05, 2002 Mild to Medium Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant
Contrary to the eccentric description provided by the blender, this is a very nice, full aromatic blend, developed from high quality leaf (I imagine that, like most Danish blends, it comprises Virginias, Burleys and Black Cavendish). I was given this as a present by a lady friend who so liked the dark-chocolaty aroma she wasn?t sure if she should eat it or allow me to smoke it. Undoubtedly rich and tasty?again, a true Danish?it is not, however, syrupy, goopy nor sticky. It is the exact opposite of the Petersen & Sorensen blends. In fact the tobacco has an adequate degree of moisture, and it comes in rough chunks, or wild cut. Very easy to pack and start, it does take more than one light to keep it going.

On opening the tin, one is greeted not by a blast but by a very delicate whiff of sweet, dark chocolate and, IMO, more vanilla than plums. Mild to medium strength, the first puffs reveal a tasty and mellow flavour, not at all cloying or overpowering, but silky and melodious. There is a tobacco taste underneath, quite noticeable. Not exactly cool, but definitely not hot, the ensuing savour reminded me a bit of Pease?s Barbary Coast, probably due to a certain Burley predominance. The flavour remains constant throughout the bowl, producing an exquisite room aroma.

If anything, this is an excellent choice for Christmas eve (smoke it, instead of eating the pudding!), without the risk of offending someone (e.g., your in-laws). As far as aromatics are concerned, this one is of a very superior quality to that of drugstore blends or other Danish blends. It smokes fairly well, it is quite tasty and it has enough tobacco flavour to make it a good once-in-a-while smoke. NB. After I smoked this in a Stanwell, I cleaned the pipe and left it to rest for a couple of days. When I used the pipe again to smoke a different blend, there was no trace of Nice ?n Easy!
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