Dan Tobacco Bulldog Chili & Chocolate

A classic, carefully matured golden ready rubbed flake made of naturally sweet Virginia. For refinement, a flavour of precious bitter chocolate was added, craftily honed with the aroma of ripe red chilies. The gentle, rounded and sweet taste, without pungency, is accompanied by a hint of a "fresh breeze." Very delicious!
Notes: Description translated from Dan Pipe's website.


Brand Dan Tobacco
Blended By Dan Tobacco
Manufactured By Dan Tobacco
Blend Type Aromatic
Contents Virginia
Flavoring Cocoa / Chocolate, Other / Misc
Cut Broken Flake
Packaging 100 grams tin, 250 grams bulk
Country Germany
Production No longer in production


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Very Pleasant
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Aug 27, 2015 Mild Mild Mild Very Pleasant
When i opened the tin i could not make out any of the chili but alot of the chocolate smell. Also i was greeted by some nice sugar crystals. Moisture was perfect right out of the tin.

Packing was easy and it takes on the flame willingly. The burning properties were most excellent. Very smooth and slow burning and absolutely hassle free but definitely on the wet side being a ready rubbed cut.

At the beginning of the tin, taste was the opposite of the tin aroma: lots of chili but almost no chocolate. The more i worked my way down the tin the less the chili was and the stronger the chocolate became. After about half the tin the chili was gone entirely and only the chocolate remained with some very faint sweetness.

The funny thing was that at no time i was able to taste any of the high quality tobaccos used in this blend. And i have no clue why. The aromatisation is very, very gentle, it is by no means a heavy aromatic but always subtle in the background. The tobaccos used are of impeccable quality yet i was unable to make out any of it. In the end leaving me with a bland and boring experience. I do not know if i had a bad tin or my taste was ruined that week or if it indeed was meant to be like this (which i doubt).

Since this tobacco is not produced any longer and it had a mad amount of tobacco crumbs and outright dust in the tin i expect i just got the end of a batch. That also would explain why the chili flavour didn't last through to the end of the tin.

Tongue bite will not occur, even if you try. Room note is very nice and the cleaned pipe will smell nicely like caramel.

Do i recommend this blend? Not from my experience, no. Again, due to the lack of any tobacco taste the taste experience offered was incomplete, boring and bland. *IF* other tins do offer tobacco taste then yes, i do recommend this blend for its interesting flavouring.

Does this blend really taste hot and spicy? Yes, it does but in a really nice way and it does not do bad things to your tongue, should you be afraid of that ;o)

Pro tip: although out of production there are two ways to still get this blend. - You are in Austria, where you still can get it in the local tobacco stores, for how long i do not know. - You order it at Peter Heinrich's in Germany where it is sold as one of his house blends under the name: Peter Heinrichs Night & Day No.2
Pipe Used: It went trough rotation.
Age When Smoked: They don't print production dates on it.
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