Wessex Burley Broadcut

Wessex Burley Broadcut is an old fashioned classic recipe combining plug cut burley with mild black aromatic cavendish processed Virginias.


Brand Wessex
Blended By  
Manufactured By  
Blend Type Virginia/Burley
Contents Black Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
Cut Broken Flake
Packaging 50 grams pouch, 7 ounce tin
Country Germany
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

2.86 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 31, 2023 Mild None Detected Mild Strong
I hate to be that person, but it looks like I'm the first person here to really dislike this blend.

Starting with the tin note, I get a nice chocolate aroma, but then there's some foul chemical scent, as well as something that I should not put in words on this fine website, but let's just say that my dog likes to drop it once or twice a day. Yes, sorry.

After preparing the tobacco to the right moisture and cut (fairly dry, pretty crumbled), the tobacco is ready to be smoked.

Unfortunately, the smoking notes aren't much better than the tin notes. The natural chocolate coming from the burley unfortunately disappears, giving way to a generalized chemical and slight cocoa. Really not getting anything else, including my dog's dropping, so thank god for that. Burley Broadcut is ok, not disgusting, just.. Nothing really there aside from this hospital chemical flavor and a bit of that cocoa. Reminds me a little of Lane Ready Rubbed, formerly Edgeworth. In other words, if you take Prince Albert and add some weird metallic chemical flavor to it - this is what you might get. Definitely burley-forward. Not getting anything from the Virginia Cavendish.

The best thing about this blend is that I got it to a moisture level and cut that makes it smoking fairly fast, therefore helping me to finish it quickly, although it smokes cool and the bowl doesn't get hot. Minimal relights, if any at all. No tongue bite.

Mild in body and strength. I can't detect room note, but my wife said, and I quote, that it's "really really really stinky".

Well, this was already too many words spent on a blend that I don't like. Again, I don't find it disgusting. I just don't find it enjoyable either. And for the general style of blend, I'd go with one of the drugstore blends that I already like, are easier to get, and are far more affordable.
Age When Smoked: 1 year
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Sep 08, 2014 Mild to Medium Medium Medium Pleasant
This was my first burley and also one of my first pipe tobaccos. I had no inclination about rubbing or airing out tobaccos. So the first time I dumped this blend in my pipe and the backy wouldn't take a light, thought it would be easier to light a campfire in the rain. After a quick online search and rubbing and airing out the Wessex BB it smoked fine and tastes wonderful. This is a satisfying smoke, don't really crave another smoke after a bowl of this. It's sweet, has mouthfeel, something substantial and filling like desert after dinner. It's the burley, it's the Cavendish, it's the molasses or brown sugar casing, it's sweet satisfaction, and it's a blend that definitely stays on hand and in the "rotation" even though my rotation by no means can be remotely considered a smoking regimen that follows the moon's cycles or weekly routines.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Dec 03, 2012 Mild Mild Medium Pleasant
Wessex Burly Broadcut… Came in a coffee-can type tin.. and at only about fifteen bucks for 7 ounces of a Wessex tobacco, I could not resist at least giving this stuff a try. As it turned out, this blend is mfg. here in the U.S. after all. By the way this is not a complaint, but it did surprise me some.

The tin aroma is of sweet tobacco, which has been coarsely chopped from thicker flakes into random shapes. For my taste I found further rubbing-out of these pieces unnecessary, not to mention these larger pieces did give a nice cool and long lasting burn.

Your basic mild American style, faintly aromatic mixture, that I found provides adequate nicotine, no bite or goop and only a very slight VA tongue tingle. For my taste, I would have preferred the use of a unflavored VA. Cavendish in this blend, but that is only me knit-picking, because overall I have been enjoying it, especially when a low demand yet satisfying smoke is called for. This profile is not what I expected from Wessex, more like a Lane product, but like I said, IMHO a decent smoke.

PS.. I did allow some airing time, as I do with most freshly opened tins.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Nov 11, 2007 Medium Extremely Mild Mild Pleasant
I have noted that several reviewers here are comparing this blend to Edgeworth, particularly the Ready Rubbed version. Well, I will never agree that Edgeworth Ready Rubbed was anything other than a cube cut and certainly provided a much different smoking presentation & flavor than Edgeworth Sliced - which does contain a bit of Virginia leaf while the Ready Rubbed version does not. Having said that, Wessex Burley Broadcut is nowhere close to being as tasty (IMO, of course) as either Edgeworth version.

Burley does not vary much in flavor over the course of a smoke, except the cheaper stuff does get bitter near the bottom. This one did not, and provided a pleasant enough experience but not one that warrants another purchase. Perhaps all the additional cavendish & Virginia dummied down the natural Burley nuttiness.

If an unobtrusive mild smoke is your preference, then Wessex Burley Broadcut may be worth a try.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Apr 20, 2020 Mild to Medium Very Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant
Wessex - Burley Broadcut.

When a blend's marked Burley I often have a presupposition the smoke will be rough, crude, and rugged tasting. But, that concept couldn't be any more off the mark!

The tin-note sets the paradigm of a sweet, Burley-forward, smoke. It's cut coarsely, including all manner of shapes and sizes; from ribbons to chunks. The moisture's perfect.

As suspected, although the Burley gives a headstrong flavour, from the Virginia Cavendish comes a sweetness which softens and smooths the smoke. I find this sweetness has more alacrity and volume for the initial quarter, after this point it diminishes, somewhat. The low points with this, for me, are bite and temperature; if it isn't approached gently the smoke can become warm and a little bitey. Nothing 'major', but still a bit disquieting!

Nicotine: below medium. Room-note: nice.

Burley Broadcut? After half a tin, although it can 'nip' me, I'll happily recommend it for taste:

Three stars.
Pipe Used: Altinok Meerschaum
PurchasedFrom: Tobaccopipes.com
Age When Smoked: 1 Month
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Sep 25, 2014 Mild to Medium Very Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant
An odd name for a blend considering there's more than the nutty, earthy, woody, molasses sweet, burley here. The Virginia is grassy with a few earth, wood and tart and tangy citrus notes in the background. The black cavendish is sugary sweet in a support role. A light vanilla topping very mildly sublimates the tobaccos. The strength is in the center of mild to medium, while the taste is just short of medium.The nic-hit is a couple of steps past the mild level. Burns a little warm, and fast puffing can potentially cause a little bite. Has a few small rough edges. Burns a little slow and wet, and the thickness of broken flake forces a fair number of relights. Leaves a bit of moisture in the bowl. Has a very consistent flavor as well as a lightly lingering, pleasant after taste and room note. Can be an all day smoke.

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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jun 14, 2010 Mild Medium Medium to Full Pleasant to Tolerable
I had this one recommended to me by my local tobacconist after a couple months straight of spicy, smokey English blends, and bold flakes, such as Irish flake. I wanted a change of pace, so he recommended this one and I was pleasantly surprised.

The flavor of this tobacco, to me, is a very earthy, organic nutty flavor, with a sweet undertone. While being both tasty and full it manages to smoke smooth and cool as well with no harshness. The lovely scent you get when you first pop open the can seems familiar and sweet, and that sensation is very much translated into the smoke. It tends to taste like it smells, and I like that in a tobacco.

I think this tobacco is a little less readily available, as made obvious by the very few number of reviews it has received, but if you're online making a purchase, I know pipesandcigars.com carries it, so I highly recommend giving it a try.


It may need a little drying, it's rather moist out of the can. I pull the big broad cut pieces apart and let it dry for an hour or so. It burns cool and slow, so prepare for a long pleasant smoke!
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 19, 2009 Medium Medium Medium Very Pleasant
Feb 19 2009 - I am going to give this another try, especially since Edgeworth Ready Rub is now gone. I have sought an alternative, and this one comes close (IMHO). I know nothing will make a perfect match, especially given the different cutting styles, addition of Virginia leaf, and casing in this blend (I'm guessing molasses). I happen to like Wessex's presentation better than Ready Rub (there is less dust size particles of tobacco).

Since my first review, I pulled this baccy out again and have found the combination of time and drying improved it. In a sentance, the bite was gone and it seemed scaled up on nutty/ sweetness. I plan on buying more of this and laying it down. Lord knows how long it too will last given the soft tyranny of government taxes. I am up grading this to four stars.

Old Review:

The taste and flavor of this blend remind me of Edgeworth.

At the beginning, this blend gives a little bite down the sides of the tongue, but settles down to a nice nutty taste. Even given its rough texture there was a tendency to burn hot, at least in the Barling pot I was smoking it in - one has to draw thoughtfully to advoid this. This tobacco stayed lit and all-in-all was a good favorful (nutty) smoke. I've downgraded it a little because of the heat and initial bite, all products of the sugar which has been added to the Burley I am sure. To be fair I should try this tobacco in some other size pipes, especially a Canadian, and rub it out even more. This tobacco reminds me of fall, hunting and the crisp temperatures before winter. A great fireside friend and one I will buy more of.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Dec 12, 2005 Medium Mild Mild to Medium Tolerable
I haven't yet had the Wessex Burley Flake, that's coming up. By all accounts it recreates the Edgeworth Slices of old. This piqued my curiosity: is Burley Broadcut an attempt at simulating Edgeworth Ready Rubbed?

Upon opening the pouch I would have described the aroma as sweetly boozy, not at all like "E.R.R." But, then again, I can't recall ever opening a fresh pouch of Edgeworth! The cut is different for the Wessex, as well. Some bits of leaf, some ribbon, and some huge chunks of pressed tobacco that looked for all the world like pet kibble.

Lighting brought forth a moderately familiar taste: House of Windsor burley. You may think I'm reaching too far but the label on the pouch indicates that this product is made in the U.S....I'll leave it to others to confirm or deny. As well as the straight burley flavour there came in waves the delectable taste of, yes, Edgeworth. I found the added flavour would come and go, and over all, the smoke didn't seem to possess quite the earthy quality of our old friend.

If you like Edgeworth, you'll like this. If you don't like Edgeworth, this won't appeal. I recommend it as a good smoking, good quality blend for burley lovers, or those looking to try a burley tobacco.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 06, 2016 Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant
Here is a perfectly pleasant, old fashioned, mild aromatic. Wessex Burley Broadcut in very much in the Three Star Blue or Heine's Blend tradition of a light colored, plug and ribbon cut, predominately burley aromatic.

Mild is the word for it, so far as I am concerned. Not gutless or insipid, though; just cool, very lightly sweet, easy going smoking pleasure. I usually will go for something with a few more teeth, if you will, but, if you desire an aromatic with actual tobacco complexity and not just a liberal dousing of goopy, synthetic flavor sauce, Wessex Burley Broadcut will fit the bill.

People will love the aroma, too. I received continuous comments and compliments on account of smoking this. It's a nice, old fashioned aromatic composition of anise and vanilla and various other light, almost powdery components. When it came in the mail, the wife couldn't help but say how delightful the smell was even before I opened the package.

The Virginias and different kinds of burley used did add just a bit more complexity than what's common. Sometimes you will get a note of bracing bitterness. Not really all that off-putting, as nothing about Wessex Burley Broadcut could really be off-putting. Just another interesting note.
Pipe Used: Various briars, meerschaums, and cobs.
Age When Smoked: New
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 12, 2008 Medium Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable
Its amazing how many burly blends there are out there. What is even more amazing is how they all can have the same basic composition, but all taste so very different. This one has a very basic composition of burly/black Cavendish/Virgina, with in my opinion a disproportionate amount of Cavendish. The burly really gets to little attention. I can taste the burly, but only faintly, it has a fairly cool taste but none of the nuttiness that I crave when I want a good burly mixture. I also think that the Virgina tobaccos could be toned down a bit. With that being said this is a very tasty blend, it has fair deal of vanilla and sweetness that play well to the slight earthiness of the burly. It has a fairly tolerable room note and does not gum up your pipe. I will say that my pouch came a bit wetter that I like, but dried out nicely. The tin note was of sweet vanilla, and also had some other typical burly sells too.

So why not 4 stars, I feel that there are a few better burly blends out there, some are better like Boswells burly, and many are worse.
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