Pfeifen Huber Virginia Old Belt



Brand Pfeifen Huber
Blended By Hans Wiedemann
Manufactured By Kopp
Blend Type Straight Virginia
Contents Virginia
Flavoring Fruit / Citrus, Honey
Cut Ready Rubbed
Packaging 100 tin weight
Country Germany
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
Very Mild
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Feb 22, 2024 Medium Very Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant
Appearance: the 100 gram tin, strikingly similar to the old W.O. Larsen tins, was sealed on July 10, 2023. The blend is a ready-rubbed tobacco consisting of a single variety of Virginia. The moisture content of the tobacco is perfect, the presence of propylene glycol and glycerin is low - the tobacco is fluffy and not greasy to the touch.

Flavor: quite dense pleasant bouquet of wheat dough, with notes of honey and citrus - in my opinion, attached. Woody notes and herbals are also present, but are weakly expressed and only felt after airing.

Taste: as one would expect, a moderately dense Virginia bouquet, initially a bit sweeter and with a slight citrus note. However, this citrus note, which provides an almost imperceptible sourness, fades quickly. The taste is a bit harsh at the beginning, but this can be because of the tobacco freshness. The taste is dominated by woody notes, there is also a faint note of dried fruit with moderate sweetness, a small amount of tannin, slightly astringent on the tongue, and a very slight salten-bitter taste of licorice. Unlike its namesake, released under the brand W.O. Larsen, the blend does not bite and is quite tolerant to overheating, although it also starts to become bitter and loses the taste notes if you overheat the pipe. The strength is medium, in a very large pipe a slight nicotine hit is possible. Tobacco burns slowly and cool enough into light gray ash without lumps, leaves almost no moisture in the pipe. A 19x38 Canadian was enough for me for over two hours. There is virtually no aftertaste.

The smoke from the tobacco is almost invisible in the room, giving a light and pleasant woody aroma.

The bottom line. A decent everyday tobacco with a pleasant smell and taste - and good aging potential. It would be interesting to let a tin of this tobacco sit for a couple of years and test my hypothesis, but the best it can do is to be stored until summer, when I'll be happy to smoke the rest of it as my daily morning pipe.
Pipe Used: Peterson 69, 106, 264
PurchasedFrom: Smuggled over the borders
Age When Smoked: Fresh
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