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It is a cool-smoking, all-day blend with Cavendishes, straight Virginia and burley tobacco flavored with Coffee and Vanilla. It will never tire your palate.

BrandPaul's Pipe Shop
Blended ByDan Spaniola
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBurley, Cavendish, Virginia
FlavoringCoffee, Other / Misc, Vanilla
CutCoarse Cut
ProductionCurrently available
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Mild to Medium
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Pleasant to Tolerable
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JimPM (131)
Mild to Medium Medium Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

Arriving from Paul’s Pipe Shop is an original mixture of diversified Burley, Bright Virginia, and a crewed parceling of Cavendish tobaccos. Gruffly rolled in a rich spray of coffee and vanilla flavoring, with typically others as I soon deduced, this lively Columbus Day exploration has finally come into piping port despite.

A gravelly course mound of seeded tobaccos showing a warm speckled cast of pale taupe/fawn, burnished coppered reds, and developed brown-black fragments threw a healthy aroma of sweetened spice as it guarded over a lower presence of stately tarty, sour nut. What is more, circulating evenly was a sugary note of inviting vanilla enfolding a dark braised air of secretive seasoning and residual native zest. Based upon the embolden aroma, like other Paul’s concoctions, I knew indisputably that Columbus Day would prove to be egregiously stellar!

Before re-visiting the subject recipe to confirm the contents as I typically do, with the first sample bowl I instead proceeded to light my pipe to begin the follow-on adventure. Instantly I was stricken by a powerful registration of medium-roasted coffee. This tasteful note tendered an expert robustness that chambered as mellow yet mildly acidic. Further encouraging this forward starkness, a creamy glossing of developed vanilla pitched equally with tandem delight.

Superbly culturing literally beneath, around, and above this forward note, entered the flowing traces of bright sugar, cinnamon/all spice, rich molasses and a refreshening crisp minty subtleness. And as with all Paul’s blendings, there was that distinctive cryptic element that smacked of a spicy floral raisin-like sweetness, as once again in attempt to decipher its constitution, I postulated a hard seasoned dry rum. As it stood, the mentioned top-coatings rode dominantly over the initial profile but eased off about a third’s way as the blend moved onward incorporating the influence of the natural tobaccos in a smoother, balanced experience.

With that, a sweetish nutty Burley glided to the immediate forefront as the key native celebrity bringing with it a lovely light sourness typical of this wonderful varietal. Additionally, the projection of darker herbaceous accents and placid wood afforded the Burley with a charming, grandstanded posture of meaningfully solemn character. On the periphery of this featuring, a tag-team of Virginia and Cavendish stayed in close step with a supportive generalized tangy earthiness. Effectively functioning as primed contributors within the mid-bottom sphere of flavor as they do, the mentioned strains brought noteworthy importance to rounding out the complexity of Columbus Day’s standard accolades.

More precisely, patently sugared zestful earth tones bestowing markedly smokey char, projected from the mixed Cavendish adding an essential darkening contribution. The Bright leaf with its sweet citrusy tang, orange like in demeanor, bundled a flair of succulent floral sweetgrass, a shiny accent of lemony tart, and some basic caramel overtones. Together, these components expanded the experience with an abiding flavorsomeness, arranging stouter depth and complementing colorization to the base feel and texture.

With the flaming, Columbus Day Blend manifested a reasonably cool burn and evened coning. A bit racy at first, the tobacco did eventually comply with a controlled level of roughness as the mentioned mystery coating’s amplified zing lost some of its concentrated intensity and therefore its empowered impression upon the palate. In the exchange, the blend proceeded to assume a generally smooth easeful quality for the remaining session.

Producing voluminous clouds of spicy-sweet smoke, the encounter divulged a spent essence embellished with a handsomely nuanced fragrance that styled standing evidence of the elements mirrored in the stated taste profile, a bit bold although credibly pleasant. Feasibly a regular companion, the low nicotine combination aptly romanced me the more I indulged it, and with that aroma, only supplicated the trueness of that contented feeling.

Justly stated, amidst the collection of Paul’s blends trialed, this one, with its complex moving character, splendidly falls to the “keeper” classification, thereby adding heightened chaos to my already distressed cellar. My recommendation is to try it within a briar or cob, a solid mixture from a solid blender, Paul’s Pipe Shop.

3.5 Pipes

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