Paul's Pipe Shop IAPSC Tobacco

A cube cut Burley delightfully flavored with vanilla and chocolate aromas.


Brand Paul's Pipe Shop
Blended By Dan Spaniola
Manufactured By Paul's Pipe Shop
Blend Type Burley Based
Contents Burley
Flavoring Cocoa / Chocolate, Other / Misc, Vanilla
Cut Cube
Packaging Bulk
Country United States
Production Currently available


Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Aug 27, 2022 Mild to Medium Medium Medium Tolerable
From Paul’s Pipe Shop located in Flint, MI comes a course jumble of geometric delight. IAPSC Tobacco sports a mixed variety of White and Dark Burly, pressed, sliced, and the squared-off into randomly compressed micro-cubes. This densely browned and dark fermented mild to medium blend presents the true grit of hardened aromatic granola. IAPSC drops the gauntlet for the challenging slow smoking extravaganza!

Bone dry, officially the tobacco lists with a coating of sugary vanilla and insatiable chocolate flavoring. This original Paul’s entry has been purposefully designed as the prototypical IAPSC competition slow smoker. Based upon the pouch note and taste, however, I have concluded that there more going on here.

If you have experienced Stokkebye’s Cube Cut, then IASPC will seem generally familiar. This one is definitely B&M home-grown by comparison. Mainly, it is less cleanly concentric in structure than the uniform Stokkebye product that is yielded by a well-engineered production process. To a certain degree IAPSC tends to favor the tougher appearance of Watch City’s Deluxe Crumb Cut as a similar reference blend.

The pouched nose respires an energizing breath of sweet vanilla & chocolate savor. Floating with equal brilliance is that noted Paul’s secret foo-foo. It circulates in condiment with a cloaked demeanor. Specifically, a spicy astringent fruitiness embellishes the forward registration as it rides atop the slightly sour-sweet nutwood commenting produced by the native influence.

Here’s the thing with cube-cut tobaccos, generally I find them hard to get going. Nevertheless, once ignited they tend to charter along quite nicely. In real competition you are only allotted two individual matches, so the deck is effectively stacked in your neighbor’s favor; at least mine would be.

Personally, I read this blend to be more Burley-based than aromatic, as the creamy vanilla and milky chocolate are not overly aggressive within the taste profile. They carry an even balance in strength and tend co-merge into a lighter nougat flair like the center of a Three Musketeers bar. Just enough sweetened to provide a comforting aromatic relishing to the forward Burley note.

As you smoke this variety, there are colorizing characterizations that seem to move in and out with distinguishable footnoting, very enjoyable. After much head-scratching concentration on what I was tasting, it is my speculation that Paul’s may have hit the tobaccos with spicy rum, raisin, and possibly with the flavoring they call Brandywine as I did occasionally register a sharp white grape like accenting.

As to the Burley, it is really toasty good, essentially “nutalicous”. It tenders features of brown sugar, buttery molasses, and a warm sourness. Hiding in the middle was some baking spice remarking favoring diluted cinnamon. When combined the overall flavor reminds me of those little spiraled Pecan Twirls Sweet Rolls that I like to uncoil and devour unashamedly.

Additionally, there is a bit of distant zest and tarty wood that forms the trailing finish denoting the earthy Dark Burley, such a wonderful treat. With that influence, IASPC Tobacco emits some complementing darker herbaceous highlights that pull in a passive notation of floral greenery-like seasoning and bittersweet licorice.

Producing a handsome plume of thick gray smoke, IASPC Tobacco fills the room with somewhat of an aptly seasoned baked cake like aroma. There is that projection of the classic Burley “pipey” splendor that aids and abets an undisputable pleasant aroma as well. This emission’s hang-time is moderate in terms of magnitude, but the passive residual odor is nicely abiding and obliging especially if you like Burley.

IASPC can get a little stogey, rough, and hot if you Humphry the pipe like some panic-stricken contestable fiend; event judge please throw the “loser” card. By doing so a smidgeon of middle tongue Burley bite will get you if you’re not careful, did that don’t like it. This, from my experience is typical of cube cut tobacco hence the slowing smoking advisement. When cone is ablaze, the blend tends to speak with a bit of steady crackling from the compressed moisture as it releases from its cubic censorship. Medium impact on the nicotine factor given the extended Burley content.

A fairly simple slow-burning recipe that is potentially enjoyable all day. It would be a good one for aromatic smokers who are looking to venture into the world of tasty Burley, For you Burley nuts like me, IASPC Tobacco obliges that occasional aromatic diversion.

So, in the future if you find yourself in a moment of apparent defeat don’t be so self-critical. Rather step back to a more holistic vantage point. Be proud of your effort and determination even though you may not clock a two hour and seven-minute smoke time. True failure is not to try at all. Understanding that very point is a significant victory in this odd little challenge called life. 3.4 Pipes
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