Peter Heinrichs Reserve Crue No. 6

A mixture from red mottled Virginia and Carolina leaf, to which is added a bit of Turkish Havana and a medium strength Kentucky to achieve balance. Everything is mixed and stored for some days to marry the components. The the mixture is cut into 10 pound pieces, and then cold-pressed for several weeks. In that time, a natural harmony is achieved and a slow burning flake is produced.
Notes: This is an UNCUT version of the old "Scottish Flake" recipe by McConnell. Both produced by K&K, but now Scottish Flake is a Va/Per/Ky with Rum.


Brand Peter Heinrichs
Blended By Peter Heinrichs
Manufactured By Kohlhase & Kopp
Blend Type Virginia Based
Contents Kentucky, Oriental/Turkish, Virginia
Cut Plug
Packaging 100 grams pouch
Country Germany
Production Currently available


Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

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4.00 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 14, 2017 Medium None Detected Full Pleasant
As this is the EXACT same tobacco as the old recipe of McConnells "Scottish Flake" I don't have to write too much about it's taste. I reviewed the "Red Mottled Virginias, Carolina, Turkish Havana, Kentucky"-version of Scottish Flake already on here if you're interested in reading.

After contacting K&K two times and asking if the recipe for Scottish Flake changed (it's Va/Per/Ky with Rum now) and not getting any clear answer - furthermore the 2nd time I asked they completly denied it ever was a Va/Carolina/Turkish Havana/Kentucky blend - I simply asked the guy from Peter Heinrichs.

Why would they do so? Somebody must be lying obviously as Crue No. 6 and my tin of Scottish Flake (of which Peter Heinrichs has plenty left) ain't got any Perique in it, nor a Rum-flavouring, that's a sure thing. 100% there's Oriental in it. K&K is a giant in the branch, still I prefer the transparancy, personal contact and honesty from smaller producers like Motzek, HU or other smaller comapnies, who involve their customers, rather than being un-transparent and not even being clear about ingridents in their blend. A real disappointment to me from K&K.

Peter Heinrichs get's their tobaccos from Kohlhase & Kopp, who also produces McConnells tobaccos. He assured me this they changed the blend and Reserve Crue No. 6 is exactly this old incarnation of Scottish Flake. Just look at the description: Every single word is the same!

I compared Reserve Crue No. 6 with Scottish Flake several times now smoking them in a row and feel confident to say: It IS 100% the same tobacco as the Scottish Flake with the description of "Va/NC/Turkish/KY".

It has the EXACT same flavour. The only difference is that it is a plug. The price of 17,10€ for 100g has a slight advantage of 9,40€ for a 50g tin of Scottish Flake. The fact that it's a plug is also advantage to me, as I enjoy the preparation a lot.

I'll be sticking to Reserve Crue No. 6 as it's a tad cheaper than Scottish Flake, just as I find the plug-cut to be superior and a whiff more intense in flavour than the flake-cut version. Also the stock of old-recipe tins at Peter Heinrichs will run out soon and not many other shops offer the old-recipe. If I were to choose 5 tobaccos for living on a lonley Island Reserve Crue No. 6 would be one of them without thinking twice. This herb is divine.
Pipe Used: Clay Pipes / Various Briars
Age When Smoked:
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