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Though increasingly understanding I know less and less, and being more of a noob to this obsession, I would be glad to help anyone where possible in the hobby, and contribute to many good thoughts and conversations in the years to come!

First pipe circa 1992 along with several, "on and off," ignorant, aromatic explorations through roughly 2005 by means of a basket full bent and small Czech churchwarden. Devotion became almost solely to cigars, which had been growing since 1994. This continued over the course of many boxes and daily cigars through 2017. Revitalized love of the pipe with voracious exploration during Thanksgiving of 2017. Now the wonderment as to how intimacy with the pipe ever faded or never grew is a curiosity - smoking cigars is still a tasty time, though those times continue to be increasingly infrequent having found true love, enjoyment, and appreciation in most pipe blends.

Though there is strong gravitation to Virginias along with Englishes ever revolving, when the moment is right, there is plenty of indulgence in a desert style enjoyment of various Lat Bombs or nightcaps too. Yet there is delectation in limited aromatic musings, where most enjoyment comes from the incineration of Newminster Blackberry Brandy, Lane 1-Q & BCA, Sutliff 1M & Vanilla Custard, and Captain Black's very occasionally or as odd moments compel. Additionally, having sifted through regimens of 40+ aromatic blend ventures, those escapades seem to have run their course for the most part. No more hunks of flavor evaporated goop tweaking another pipe.

With "variety being the spice of life," several instruments have been inducted into the
Incineratory Collection:
Clays: (~8)
Cobs: (~31); Buescher's, Missouri Meerschaums
Briars: Barlings, BBB, Dunhills, Karl Eriks, Mr. Groum, Chris Morgans, Mark Tinsky, Nowakowski, Ropps, Sasienis, Savenelli, Tom Spanus, Wally-Frank; Churchwardens: Cobs, Clays, Czech, Luna, MacQueen;
Meerschaums: Barling, Calabash, Govem, H, Pykoc, S.Yanik, H.Yavuz
Metals: Aristocob, Baxter-Zephyr, Brial, Bryson, Chabot, Curtis, C.Y.Benz, Denicotea, Dr.Grabow, Dr. Plumb, Drysmoke, Duncan Delta, Falcons, Greenwich-House, H.Wiebe, ImperialSmokeKooler, Jet Air, Jima, Kirsten, KLE<>NER, KoolSmoke, LuminumKraft, Mello-Pure, NoName, Nylon, Peak, Ronsons, Spiral-Kool, Turboflo, TwinFlow, WebKool, Yello-Bole, etc.

Combustion Aids:
Xikar preferred (~18? Jets and Soft, cutters, and tools), a few Vectors along with butane inserts for Zippo, and handful of Czech tools stashed in cars, toolboxes, and perched on fence posts too.

Most often reached for in Daily Rotating:
Yorktown, P. Stokkebye LNF, LBF, Toasted Burley, Comoy's Cask #4, Presbyterian, Presbyterian Match, Chatham Manor, Pirate Kake, Arango Balkan Supreme, 5 Brothers, Edward G. Robinson's, Cigar leaf in the straight or dabbled into Yorktown at times.

S̶̜̞̬̻̯̯̟̹͈̺͕̟̳͔͂̿̿̅͐̄̂̅̌̇̐̚̚͘ͅC̴̳̉̒̓̒̀̆̿͗̈́̇̏̑͛̃Ų̵̢͚̰̻̎̊R̷̨̢̡̛̹͓̹̻̱̜͎̥̙͙͚̺̄̕V̴̛̺̥̠̘̻̰̮͈͑̑̏̉͑̏́͑̓̐̂̕͜͝Y̵̝̆͗́͐̒̐̀̂͝ ̴̨͖̥̞̰̹̘̜̲̳̭̈́̑̓͒Ḏ̸̝̼͕́͆͒̓̽͌Õ̷͍̺͙͖̟̞̗̒̐̍͐̋̇̆͘͜G̴̨̳̜̺̝̩͔̻͈͚̯͈̫̈͆͐̌͘


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Date Blend Reviews Helpful Rating Avg Rating
2018-07-16 Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) - Velvet 126 3 ★☆☆☆ ★★★☆ 2.3
2018-07-04 Peter Stokkebye - Balkan Supreme 130 1 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.3
2018-07-04 Arango - Balkan Supreme 53 4 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.8