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Born in the 80's, got into pipes in 2014.
Has never touched cigarettes.
December 2019 I'm Still Alive (yearly edit to keep the account listed as active).

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Captain Earle's Private Stock
G.L. Pease Charing Cross
G.L. Pease Meridian
G.L. Pease Westminster
Sutliff Blend No.5
Sutliff Luxury Balkan Blend
Sutliff Cherry Blend
Rattray's Red Rapparee
McClelland Yenidje Supreme
McClelland Classic Samsun
Sutliff Rum & Maple

The descriptions are hopefully objective when read without consideration of the score. I prefer flavour with punch rather than subtlety. Sweet, Salty and Sour flavours are positive, and Earthy, Bitter and Spicy flavours will usually knock a blend down.
Hopefully I provide enough information about the preparation to be useful.

A "loose" pack feels no different from an empty pipe, "light" is a little restriction on the draw, a "hard" or "heavy" pack requires some effort to draw air through, and "too hard" is nearly blocked but still smokable with a lot of effort.
Lately my packing technique has involved pinching a bundle with four fingers and stuffing it in the top of my pipe and sometimes applying a bit of spin. Like the frank method, but without packing anything in the bottom and throwing caution to the wind. Maybe you could call it the "Messy Frank Method."

Blends are listed in order of preference. I only number the top few because after that they change order too frequently.
Natural Blends
(Not strictly unflavoured but I didn't notice a lot of casing on these)
1. Sutliff Elizabethan Match
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 9) Medium pack in my Ferndown Bulldog. Burns nicely.
The charring light is sweet, it gets a little bitter after halfway, but the finish still has some Virginia flavour. It's hard to say for sure but the sweetness upfront is probably part of a casing and not all natural.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 19) Medium pack in a Nording Churchwarden bored to 1.1". Burns well. In the extra wide bowl I would almost describe the flavour as cloying.

-Five Brothers
Special Note: I put this here because I need to blend down all my flakes to get them to burn well enough. I'm a bit of a special snowflake in this regard but not everyone likes a VaPer flake straight.
(sixth bowl 14, Aug 28) I was breaking in some cobs and figured this would be a good candidate, it was packed light.
Burns beautifully, the lack of care needed in maintaining the cherry is very nice. Given that it's sold dry, you don't have to worry much about storage either. Stuff it, light it, enjoy.
With a slow cadence it is not harsh. A little spicy and it's got that light nutty taste. The flavour is not strong, but it does not change throughout the bowl.
Not much aftertaste to speak of, which is not bad.

(third bowl, 2014 Summer) Lights well enough when dried properly.
The first half tastes like candy, with the flavour diminishing though never disappearing.
I would give it a tie for first but given that you can buy St. James Flake in 250g boxes I have to give the nod to Samuel Gawith.

-Samuel Gawith St. James Flake
(second bowl, 2014 Spring) It has a primarily sweet taste, burns nicely and has a wonderful aftertaste that lasts for hours.
(third bowl, 2015 Mar 31) Fresh from the bulk jar, rubbed out, hard pack. Burns slow. Flavour was moderately sweet and creamy, getting toasty at the end.
(fourth bowl, 2016 Jan 28) Fresh from the tin, a little moist, fold and stuff in my Ferndown Bulldog Churchwarden, didn't burn at all. Then rubbed out thoroughly, somewhat dry from the previous lighting attempts, medium pack, burns ok. Lightly sweet, flavour holds well through the bowl, gets starchy with fast puffing.
(fifth bowl, 2016 Feb 20, IPSD) Pulverized in a small blender a week ago, and now nearing crsipy dry. Light pack in my Brebbia Jumbo, burns ok. Flavour is lightly sweet, goes bitter with fast puffing.
(sixth bowl, 2016 Mar 22) Dry as a bone, cube cut and gravity fill in a James Barber B Line Poker. Burns Slow. Flavour is a bit toasty and a tiny bit sweet, it still has a bit of the signature "VaPer" aroma and aftertaste.

-Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake
(Fourth Bowl, aged seven months, 2014 Oct 9) For the first few months this tasted more like a dark flake, no sweetness, after time it gets the characteristic sweet Virginia flavour.
Burning hot it takes on an acrid taste and smell, but the slower you go the sweeter it gets. It does seem to help a bit to establish a good cherry before setting a slower pace though.

-Wessex Brigade Campaign Dark Flake
(first bowl, 2015 Jan 27) Smoked in my Ashton billiard, fold and stuff, light pack.
Sweet from start to finish, starting strong and diminishing to a light flavour near the end. Not harsh, good smell.
(second bowl, 2015 Dec 12) Slightly damp, light pack in a Fernown Bulldog, burns ok. Sweet and plumy, holds well through the bowl.

-Orlik Golden Sliced
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) It was kind of dry in the tin already, which means it's good value for money. As expected it burned well, but not too fast. It had some sweetness.

-Cornell & Diehl Orion's Arrow
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) It doesn't quite burn like a wildfire but it does burn completely and thoroughly. This bowl played out in a few stages. First I had it packed fairly hard, so the draw was restricted, at this stage the first few minutes were almost sweet, I could taste a tiny bit of spice, and it had no harshness. After it burned down some I loosened the pack a bit (expanding the tobacco to fill the bowl again) and it still didn't have any harshness, but no sweetness either, and just a tiny bit of starchiness. After another few minutes I loosened the pack one more time and now had a free draw, and the ability to smoke too fast. Thankfully, with a controlled pace the harshness went away again, right down to the dottle. The aftertaste is very nice as well.

-Seattle Pipe Club Deception Pass
(first bowl, 2015 July 16) Medium pack in my 1" Nording. Fresh from the tin, starts a little slow but burns nicely once you get it going.
Moderately sweet throughout the bowl, tapering off a little after the halfway point.

-Solani 633 Virginia Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Took 3/4 of a flake fairly fresh from the tin and used the fold and stuff method. It was a little loose for the .87" wide bowl, I would have been better off with a whole flake.
It was hard lighting, as would be expected, and tasted a tiny bit off but was still largely just sweet. I'll have to remember to set a flake out for an hour or so next time.
Fairly consistent flavour throughout the bowl.
Aftertaste is pleasant.

-Peter Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Sept 17) It arrived a little on the dry side already, so I just left it sitting in a jar for the day before smoking it.
Fold and stuff, medium light pack. There was a tiny bit of Virginia sweetness, not much to speak of, but that's not the point, six months from now it should taste much better.

-Peter Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) With an afternoon of drying it burns well but not too fast. The sweetness didn't seem overly artificial, but you can tell it's not entirely natural. This has a bit of harshness to it, though I may not have been practising the best puffing control (too fast).
(Second Bowl, 2014 Spring) While filling a fresh jar I tossed aside a flake to use about an hour later, at which point I also used some extra loose bits for a proper pack.
It burned a little slow, going out three or four times, which can be nice because you can puff without paying as much attention. The smoke was sweet and creamy, though a little harsh. It isn't all roses but the flavour stayed pretty well through a full hour without significantly changing characteristics.
(Third Bowl 2014, Sept 2) I roasted this one a bit before smoking to get it dry, and that pretty much killed the flavour. Not harsh.

-Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bulls Eye Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) Fresh from the bulk bag. Burns well, the coins are easy to pack, but the flavour doesn't have much sweetness to it. The aftertaste I got with St. James is still there but to a lesser extent.

-Brigham Klondike Gold
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) The flakes aren't as neatly organized as I'd like, but that's just nitpicking.
Fresh from the tin it burns ok, a few re-lights but also a little hot sometimes.
Mild sweetness, and some harshness with fast puffing, but overall the flavour was both good and consistent.

-G.L. Pease Cairo
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) Fresh out of a 2oz tin. The tobacco comes more on the dry side than wet, so it burns pretty well. Flavourful and smelled and tasted like fruit.
(second bowl, 2014 Summer) out of an 8oz tin, was much less flavourful. The citrus notes were still there, but not nearly as strong and the starch taste came through almost as much. It was a little on the harsh side as well. That was in a relatively fresh hardwood (not briar) pipe though, so we'll have to see how the bulk sample behaves in my regular pipe.
(third bowl, 2014 Summer) fresh out of the 2oz tin and in a briar again (though not the Churchwarden I used first). The flavour wasn't quite what I remembered from my first bowl, but definitely a step above the bulk. Still a little harsh.
(Fourth bowl, 2014 Summer) I used the bulk jar in my favourite pipe this time, the initial flavour was much more reminiscent of the first, but still not quite there. Puffing cadence is very important to flavour, it turns harsh easily. The last quarter turned a bit bitter. Though the flavour is still quite nice, when at a medium intensity it loses much of the appeal.

-G.L. Pease Fillmore
(first bowl 2014, Aug 8) Moist, almost straight out of a fresh tin (I briefly opened it a day before), and I just grabbed small bundle of strands and folded and stuffed it like it was a flake. It still lit and burned pretty well, with only the occasional relight.
Some sweet flavour, a little tang, and either spice or bite once you get about half way in (I still can't tell which it is). Burning hot diminishes flavour. Still a little harsh (especially when hot).

-McClelland 2000
(first bowl 2015, Mar 9) Medium pack in a Cob. Burns ok. Slightly sweet, not starchy or bitter. Fairly consistent from start to finish.

-Macbaren Modern Virginia
(first bowl 2015, Mar 10) Fresh, hard pack in a MacArthur Five Star Cob. Burns ok.
Somewhat sweet, a little tangy, mostly consistent though sipping cadence is extremely important.
I did note some bite, I guess I haven't smoked MacBaren for a long time.

-MacBaren Acadian Perique
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Almost dry from the tin it burned quite well. The flavour had some starch, a little cream, and maybe a hint of sweetness. It's still hard for me to separate "spice" from "tongue bite", so I can't say for sure how much of the tingle on my tongue to attribute to what. The first half was better than the second half, but not significantly so. The smoke was a little harsh but never blatantly so.

-Cornell & Diehl Briar Fox
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) My first crumble cake, I just cut off a few slices and rubbed them out. Doesn't seem to significantly complicate the situation.
It was on the dry side, but still had some moisture straight from the bag. Burns reasonably well (no relights).
The flavour was slightly sweet, just a little starch, but not overly earthy or smoky either, seems well balanced. Not harsh.

-Solani Aged Burly Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Slightly moist out of the tin, burned ok with no drying. The flavour had maybe a tiny hint of sweetness, it was mostly a starchy buttery kind of taste. Not harsh except if I puffed too fast after the halfway point.

-Nording Beagle
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) Slightly moist from the jar and rubbed out a bit, it took half a dozen matches to really get it lit, but it did ok once I got a good burn going. It would have been fine with a torch. Only a hint of sweetness, which diminished as time went on. Not too harsh, but not overly flavourful. Yes, it smells like McClelland Ketchup.

-Erinmore Flake
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Fresh from the tin it took a bit of doing to get lit, but wasn't terrible. It wasn't the best at staying lit, but certainly didn't want to run away with you. The initial flavour was ok, not spectacular but you could taste a bit of flavouring. That died down over the first third to a relatively bland second third, and it started getting harsh around the last third.

-MacBaren Virginia No.1
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Fresh from the jar, burns a bit slow. The flavour was, not particularly exciting, very neutral, just a tiny bit starchy at the start and fades out about half way, after which it becomes a tiny bit harsh, but still overall a neutral flavour.

-Samuel Gawith Sam's Flake
(first bow, 2014 Summerl) With the "fold and stuff" method (fresh from the tin) it doesn't burn well, but after smoking that halfway and expanding it, it burned well enough. The initial flavour is a little sweet and creamy, but the sweetness goes away fairly quick. The creamyness seemed to stick around a little longer, and I got a hint of starch flavour. Not too harsh.

-Cornell & Diehl Oriental Silk
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Burns good. The charring light tasted like it sounds. Not much flavour to speak of, but not nothing. Not harsh.

-MacBaren Scottish Mixture
(second bowl, 2014 Spring) Kept in a jar for a while it lit very well. Fresh from the tin it needed drying. A hint of sweetness and creamyness that stays well past the halfway point. It picks up harshness pretty quick if you don't keep it cool. The aftertaste is nice at first but tastes a little ashy the next day.

-Cornell & Diehl Ismir Turkish
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Lights and burns well. The flavour didn't taste like anything in particular, but it wasn't a bad smoke. Nice but ordinary.

-MacBaren Old Dark Fired
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Kept in a jar for a few days beforehand, it burned ok but that was using a torch. The initial flavour was mostly the starchy savoury kind, and maybe a hint of cream. After half way it didn't seem as appealing.
I'm not sure if it's me or the tobacco but the first half of this wasn't as bad as I anticipated.

Latakia blends
-Cornell & Diehl Star of the East
(first bowl 2015, Mar 10) Dry from the bulk bag, medium pack in a Vauen Churchwarden. Burns well, easy to pack. The flavour is Savoury and salty from start to finish, with a moderately strong campfire smell.
(second bowl, Mar 18 2015) Loose pack in my Ferndown Bulldog Churcharden, burns well. Flavour was savoury and salty, fairly consistent with some bitterness at the end.
(third bowl, 2015 July 19) freshly dampened, medium pack in my 1.1" Nording, slow starting but reasonably paced once lit. The flavour was mostly earthy with moderate puffing and only got savoury with a very slow cadence.
(fourth bowl, 2015 Sept 14) Light pack in my Ferndown Churchwarden. Fresh from the jar, not moist but not quite dry. Slow starting and it didn't really develop a cherry until halfway. Salty and savoury for the first third, dropping most of the flavour in the middle and end, but still getting the odd hint.
(fifth bowl, 2016 Mar 5) Mostly dry, Light pack in a 1" bore Wizard Cobwarden. Burns ok. Savory, smokey, very consistent, lessening slightly after the first third, dumped about 30 minutes in.

-Hermit Tobacco Stimulus Package
(second bowl 2014 Oct 22) Shaved off a fresh block and rubbed out a bit, medium light pack, it burns pretty well. flavour is consistently savoury and smell is a little smoky, and it may become alkaline if you puff too fast. I used DGT on this bowl and lighting up the day after it was every bit as good as the first.

-G.L. Pease Quiet Nights
(first bowl, 2015 Apr 13) Mostly dry fresh from the tin, slow starter but burns well once it gets going. Smoked in a large Savinelli 320. Intensely flavoured charring light. Savoury and salty, a litte sweet. Loses flavour with fast puffing but it doesn't go terribly harsh and the flavour always comes back when you slow down. Good almost to the last puff. Good smell. Unfortunately not available in bulk (costs twice as much as SotE)

-G.L Pease Gaslight
(second bowl 2014, Aug 29) Fresh, medium light pack, burns a little slow.
Salty savoury flavour throughout the bowl, getting a little bit alkaline with fast puffing. Pretty consistent from beginning to end.
Some campfire smell, though I wish it were stronger. Savoury aftertaste.

-Ten Russians
(first bowl 14, July 30) Fresh, medium hard pack. Initial flavour was a blast, savoury, salty and spicy. Unfortunately it smells a bit funny. I only smoked a little so I didn't get too much Nic.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 19) Hard pack in an Ashton full bent, burns slow. Flavour was moderately savoury with a bit of earthyness, fairly consistent.
(third bowl, 2016 May 9) Medium pack in an Ashton Billiard. Vary thinly sliced and rubbed a little, mostly dry, burns ok. Smokey and savory with a bit of earthy flavour, fairly consistent.
(Bonus bowl 2017 March, there was some St. James Flake in there as well) Medium pack in a Briarworks Classic black sandblast Apple. Lightly moist, burns a bit slow. Flavor is sweet and savory right through.

-Seattle Pipe Club Plum Pudding
(first bowl 2014 Sept 19) Fresh from the bag, burns slow. It tasted a little bit savoury, and had a good amount of campfire smell. I got some alkaline flavour when puffing fast, and it smells a little bit like tobacco.
(second bowl) Medium pack (rubbed out) in my Ferndown Bulldog Churchwarden. Burns slow. This has been kept in a bag in a jar since the first bowl. Moderately smokey and savoury, flavour diminishing somewhat as the bowl progresses.

-G. L. Pease Sextant
(first bowl 2014 Sept 26) A broken flake, still moist from the tin, I tried a small amount just rubbed out but it wasn't enough tobacco to produce more than a cherry, which was hard to light since it was fresh and so only tasted like ash. I re-loaded with a proper amount of chopped and rubbed tobacco, gravity filled (no packing), and it was good enough. The flavour was savoury and salty, with a bit of tobacco smell but no soapy alkaline flavour.

-Samuel Gawith Skiff Mixture
(First bowl, 2015 April 12) Fresh. Loose pack in my Ferndown Churchwarden. Burns well. Smokey, savory and spicy.

-Dunhill 965
(first bowl, 2015 April 12) Fresh. Loose pack in my Ferndown Churchwarden. Burns well. Smokey and savory, with a bit of "tobacco" smell.

-McClelland Balkan Blue
(First Bowl, 2017 April 13) Fresh, light pack in the Brebbia Jumbo, burns a bit slow. Tin note is very campfirey. Flavor is mostly earthy, moderately savory, flavor diminishes after the halfway point.
(Second Bowl, 2021 Summer) Light pack in a Ferndown Spigot Bulldog. Burns ok. The charring light is very sweet but not cloying, not like candy, more like fresh berry sweetness if that makes any sense. It seems the McClelland Virginias have aged to perfection. The blend is seemingly balanced between sweet and savory, I'd say it's not a Lat Bomb. Flavor diminishes after the first third and then stays steady to the end of the bowl. Not harsh with fast puffing.
(Third Bowl, 2021 Summer) Air Pocket Pack in a 22mm Bore Nording Churchwarden, fresh from the aged tin, using a single flame Torch lighter, burns well.
Lightly sweet and savory and earthy, flavor was consistent for the hour I puffed on it until I had to dump the pipe and go.
(Fourth Bowl, 2021 Summer) Light pack in a S. Klein Lovat. Almost crispy dry but not crumbly. Burns ok. Smokey, lightly savory, fairly consistent.

-Cornell & Diehl Red Odessa.
(First bowl, straight Red Odessa, 2015 May 16) Fresh from the bulk bag, fairly dry, light pack, hard to start but burns fine after that. A little smokey and savoury, not much sweetness. Knowing how much I like SotE I gave up on straight Red Odessa due to burning characteristics.
-Red Odessa mixed 50/50 with Star of the East.

-Hearth & Home - WhiteKnight
(first bowl, 2015 Aug 4) Fresh from the tin, mostly dry, medium pack in my Ashton Billiard. Burns well. Flavour was a little savoury, a little of that "oriental" flavour, and a bit earthy, steadily decreasing to a mostly earthy end. Room note is a mix of campfire and tobacco. Hour later aftertaste is good.

-Charles Fairmorn - Lancer's Slices
(second bowl 2014, July 31) Fresh, burned a little slow. Flavour was primarily savoury and salty but without any bursts, fairly steady, losing a little strength toward the end. The smell had a hint of "tobacco" and was moderately smokey, but not an authentic campfire. The immediate aftertaste is savoury.
(Third bowl, 2015 Mar 13) This bowl was mostly crumbs from bulk after about six months in a jar, light pack, very dry, burns well. Flavour is savoury, a little earthy, fairly consistent. Smell is moderately campfire-ish, a bit earthy and a bit harsh.

-MacBaren HH Latakia Flake
(first bowl 2014, Aug 25.) Fold and stuff. With a little bit of drying it was still a bit moist, and burned slow. Mildly savoury with not much saltiness, not really a campfire either, but not particularly harsh or smelly.

-Cornell & Diehl Bulk Latakia
(First bowl, 2015 Apr 20) Very dry, almost crumbly from the bulk bag. Loose pack in my Sav 320, burns well. Savoury, a tiny hint of earthyness, and very one-dimensional, but the smell is good.

-Cornell & Diehl Pirate Cake
(first bowl 2014 Sept 14) Cut some straight off the cake and rubbed it out a bit. I did a medium light pack. Burned ok. Initial flavour was very savoury with flavour diminishing steadily over the entire bowl, unfortunately a soapy/alkaline taste accompanied it fairly shortly into the bowl. The smell is like a dying animal. (I kid... or do I?)
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 18) Mostly rubbed out medium pack in my Vauen Churchwarden. Burns slow. The flavour was moderately savoury and the smell was fairly campfirey, it also had some earthy notes.

-Dan Tobacco Old Ironsides
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 13) Six months in a jar, fold and stuff, light pack, lightly rubbed, no drying. Burns very slowly, but with enough flame (Bic) I got it going eventually. Initial flavour was savoury and earthy, and turned more earthy toward the latter half, becoming bitter at points (probably fast puffing). The smell is moderately campfirey with a bit of earthyness as well.

-Dunhill Nightcap
(third bowl 15, Jan 21) Medium pack in my favorite MacArthur Cob. The charring light was a little spicy, and after the first minute or so the flavour diminishes to being very slightly sweet and slightly savoury.
(Fourth Bowl 2015, Feb 12) Medium Air Pocket Pack. Started out smokey and a tiny bit sweet, diminishing through the bowl. It has a strong and consistent "tobacco" smell, and the Vitimin N to go with it. The aftertaste is moderately savoury.
(fifth bowl 2015 Mar 12) Medium pack in my Vauen Churchwarden. Burns well. Reasonably consistent flavour, somewhat savoury and a bit earthy. The smell is not quite a pure campfire (cigarette-ish).
(sixth bowl, 2015 Mar 16) medium pack in a Cob. Burns well. A little savoury, the smell is a mix of earthy and campfire.
(seventh bowl, 2016 Mar 19) Mostly dry (fresh from the year old tin), light pack in my 1.2" bore Nording, burns well. Earthy, lightly sweet and savory, smells moderately smokey but not a pure campfire. Aftertaste is similar to the flavour out of the pipe.

-Cornell & Diehl Mountain Camp
(First bowl, 2015 May 18) Fresh from the bulk jar, light pack, burns well. Bitter harsh and smokey. Maybe a tiny hint of sweetness at one point.

-Cornell & Diehl Atlast Balkan
(First bowl, 2015 May 16) Fresh from the bulk jar, dry, light pack, burns ok. Bitter and a little smokey.

-Low Country Black
(first bowl, 2015 Apr 5) Bone dry straight from the tin, loose pack in my Nording 1.1"bore. Tasted a little smokey but mostly bland. I'm pretty sure this tin was a victim of sample variation or just an aromatic with too much age, because this stuff was supposed to be almost a crossover blend and it came off as a harsh medium English.

Somewhere between Virginia and a Lat Bomb. It's the English blends!
1. McClelland Frog Morton's Cellar
(Second bowl 2014 Oct 27) Fresh, medium light pack, burns mostly ok. Sweet flavour and some campfire smell, both seem present in adequate portions. Of course I would take both in even greater portions, but I'm not sure if that's possible. Flavour is consistent throughout.
(Third Bowl 2014 Nov 17) Packs easy and burns well. After sitting a while longer, the flavour seems a little weaker than I remember.
(fourth bowl, Aug 30 2015) Medium pack in my 1" bore Cob. Burns ok. Sweet, smokey, a little savoury. Goes bitter with fast puffing. Flavour 3/4 of the way through was subdued but still present.
(fifth bowl, 2016 Mar 20) Somewhat moist, medium pack in my Brebbia Jumbo. Slow to light, fast burning. More sweet at the beginning of the bowl, more savory mid bowl, a little smokey, in general it has a unique smell.

1. Hearth & Home - BlackHouse
(first bowl, 2015 Aug 7) Fresh from the tin, fairly dry, medium pack in my Ashton Billiard. Burns well. Flavour is very "medium" all around, but holds well through the bowl. Sweet, earthy, savoury, a little spicy. Smells mostly like tobacco with some campfire.
(second bowl, 2015 Oct 18) Dry but not crumbly, medium pack in my Brebbia Jumbo. Burns ok. Starts with a strong savory flavor, moving toward being more earthy as the bowl progresses. Decent campfire smell.
(third bowl, 2015 Dec 6) Fresh from the jar, mostly dry. Medium pack in a wide bore Cobwarden, burns well. Mostly savory, mildly earthy and a little sweet. Flavor holds well getting more earthy and less sweet toward the end. Somehow this doesn't get terribly bitter when hot.

1. Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River
(first bowl 2014 Sept 27) It sat in a bag in a jar for a few weeks, so it was a little on the dry side, perfect for smoking. Medium light pack.
Sweet and a little smoky, fairly consistent throughout. Particularly flavourful when taking the lightest sips and letting it float out your mouth.
(second bowl, 2015 July 28) Fresh from the jar (reasonably moist), loose pack in my Ferndown Bulldog. Slows starting, but burns reasonably well. Tastes sweet and smells like cinnamon. consistent flavour, but gets a little bitter after halfway and increasing toward the finish.
(third bowl, 2015 Aug 1) Light pack in my Missouri Meerschaum Hardwood Diplomat bored out to .875". This required a lot of relighting, I think the pack was too loose, and flavour deminished more significantly after halfway, which may have been due to using a new non-briar wood pipe.
(fourth bowl, 2015 Aug 11) Fresh, medium pack in my Missouri Meerschaum MacArthur Classic. Burns a little slow. Tastes sweet, consistent through the bowl, a little bitter with fast puffing.
(fifth bowl, 2015 Sept 2) Loose pack in my open draw Canadian (20mm bowl). Fresh from the jar, burns slow. Sweet and tangy on lighting, flavour holding steady for the first third, and reduced but still consistent on the middle, and then I dumped it. Good aftertaste.
(sixth bowl, 2015 Sept 5) Fresh form the jar, half bowl, medium pack, in my Ashton Bent Billiard. First half was sweet and flavourful, getting harsh with fast puffing. The second half was less sweet, generally a bit harsh and took on a toasty flavour.
(seventh bowl, 2015 Sept 16) Fresh from the jar, medium-light pack in my Ferndown Churchwarden, burns slow. Good flavour in the first half and later. Dumped around 40 minutes in.
(eighth bowl, 2015 Sept 20) About 20 min drying, medium pack in my new Brebbia Calabash, burns ok. Flavour is sweet and gets starchy with fast puffing and goes bitter when hot. Mostly consistent flavour through the bowl, getting more starchy toward the end. Dumped after 40 minutes. The flavour was a little more toasty compared to a bowl without drying, but good burning is worth a bit of flavour.

2. Presbyterian Presbyterian
(second bowl 2014 Oct 23) Fresh, medium pack in my Ferndown, burns great. A little Sweet, a little smokey, fairly consistent. Someone on the forums mentioned a "sour" note from this tobacco, and I can't get it out of my mind. I can smell it now, it reminds me of sourdough bread, and I love sourdough bread.
(third bowl, 2015 Sept 30) Fresh from the year-old tin, mostly dry, medium light pack in my Ferndown, burns decently well. Mostly buttery and a hint of sour flavour. Fairly consistent.
(fourth bowl, 2015 Oct 4) Fresh from the tin, mostly dry, loose pack in my Ropp Canadian. Burns ok. This was a short smoke (30min), moderately savory, a bit of campfire smell.
(fifth bowl, 2016 Mar 30) Light pack in a 1" bore Carbon Cob. Burns well. Lightly savoury, strong musty flavour on lighting (smells kind of like rotting wood), with medium and then mild flavour for the rest of the bowl. Mostly dull and a bit toasty when burning hot.

-Peter Stokkebye English Oriental Supreme
(third bowl 2014, Summer) Fresh, burns well. It starts out moderately sweet and a little spicy. The sweetness dies down a bit after the start but holds up reasonably well through the bowl. I didn't notice distinct "middle" and "end" portions like an aromatic. It's all "middle". The aftertaste reminds me of cinnamon cake.
(Fourth bowl 2015, Jan 23) Packed light in my Ashton Billiard. This tobacco has been sitting in a bag for a few months. Mildly buttery and sweet, not harsh.
(fifth bowl 2015, March) Unfortunately the passage of time has finally caught up to this tobacco being kept in a bag. It is dry and flavourless. Burns nice, a little buttery, but no longer the EOS I love.

-McClelland Frog Morton on the Town
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 21) Medium pack in my Nording1.1"bore. Starts off lightly smokey and sweet, with the sweetness fading quickly but holding out in small amounts to the end. Got bitter at the last quarter.
(second bowl, 2015 Apr 3) Very light pack in my Vauen Billiard. Burns nicely. Tastes sweet and a little savoury, smells campfirey. Mostly consistent.
(third bowl, 2015 July 22) Medium pack in my Nording 1.1" It took a little longer to get going than usual but burns consistently thereafter. Flavour was mildly savoury and sweet, consistent with a moderate cadence.
(Third Bowl, 2015 Nov 16) Mostly dry, medium pack in a 1" bore Cob. Really slow to start but burns ok once lit. This bowl was following another blend with Latakia so I didn't taste that so much, this was mostly just lightly sweet. Flavor held fairly well through the half hour before I dumped it.
(Fourth Bowl, 2015 Nov 28) Somewhat moist, medium pack in my Brebbia Calabash. Burns slow. Flavour was just mildly sweet and savoury, holding reasonably well through the bowl, goes bitter with fast puffing.
(fifth bowl, 2015 Dec 15) Moist, Medium pack in a 1" bore Wizard Cobwarden. Burns slow. Tastes and smells mildly sweet, flavour holds well.
(sixth bowl, 2016 Feb 26) Moist, medium pack in my 1" bore Wizard, cat knocked my pipe on the ground. Pipesmoking Fail.
(Seventh Bowl, 2016 Mar 5) Mildly moist, medium pack in a 1" bore Cob, burns well. Sweet and creamy, feint smokiness, good consistency until my Cob started combusting.
(Eighth Bowl, Summer 2021) Fresh from the now fairly old tin, surprisingly still somewhat moist. Light pack in a 21mm bore Peder Jeppesen Stack (first smoke of that pipe). At first I tried and failed to light the tobacco with an electronic lighter, it might have taken but the thing quit working after a few minutes of trying. Lights fine with a torch, as you would expect (do not torch and draw at the same time, hold the pipe sideways and look into the bowl while lighting) For the first half the smoke is lightly sweet, with not much else for flavor present. After halfway the sweetness begins to dissipate, and the last quarter is somewhat flavorless, at which point I dumped the dottle.

-Samuel Gawith Balkan Flake
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 28) Fresh but not sopping wet, fold and stuff in my Nording1"bore. On lighting it was sweet and savoury, with flavour holding for the first quarter, moving to a subdued middle, and relatively flavourless final quarter.

-Samuel Gawith Navy Flake
(first bowl 2014 Oct 1) Light pack in a small bowl, this was just enough crumbs after jarring to see what it's like. Mostly savoury, a little sweet. The smell was mostly sweet. Fast puffing made it taste harsh, very slow cadence needed to extract maximum flavour.

-Captain Earle's Reflections
(first bowl, 2015 Sept 21) 30min drying, lightly rubbed, medium/hard pack in my Ashton Billiard, burns ok. The flavour was starchy with fast puffing, and more musty and savoury with a slow cadence, not much sweetness. Fairly consistent. This blend is probably on the stinky side.
(second bowl, 2015 Sept 29) Fresh off the block, rubbed out, medium pack in a 1" bore Cob. Burns slow. Flavour is not intense but there, savoury and starchy, diminishing steadily through the bowl, but didn't go bitter at the end. Goes bitter with fast puffing. Smells like a barnfire. Aftertaste reminds me of dried corn.
(third bowl, 2015 Nov 9) Fresh, medium pack in my Brebbia Calabash, burns slow. Savory and smokey, flavor is strong for the first quarter and holds at a mild level throughout the rest of the bowl. Goes bitter with fast puffing.
(fourth bowl, 2015 Dec 10) Medium pack in a MacArthur Cob, left to dry overnight, burns of. Flavor was mostly starchy, and it only smelled a little smokey.

-McClelland A.M. Pipe
(First Bowl, 2014 Dec 24) Stuff&Puff, sat in the sample bag for a month, burned well. Spicy, a bit smoky, slightly sweet. Not much aftertaste.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 17) Medium-hard pack in my Nording Billiard, burns ok. The flavour is a little sweet, mostly consistent with some bitterness at the end. I found the smoke to be somewhat biting though.

-Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
(Second Bowl 2014 Dec 18) I rolled a bit into a ball and stuffed it in my pipe, burns from the tin decently well. Spicy and a bit smoky.

-Early Morning Pipe (Home Blend 3:2:1.5:1 Kendall Gold:English Oriental Supreme:515 RC-1:Star of the East)
(First Bowl, 2021 Summer) Medium pack in a Radice Collect. Burns decently well once you get the right cadence. Tastes lightly bready and not much else. While it is not harsh, it does feel biting. Needs age.

-Tom Eltang English
(first bowl 2015 January 2nd) I let it sit in the bowl for a few days, unfortunately, but it still burned and smelled ok. A bit smoky and spicy, not particularly flavorful.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 16) Crispy dry, loose pack in a Savinelli full bent 420. The smoke was still decent. Some sweetness came through.

-Samuel Gawith Squadron Leader
(first bowl 2014 Oct 20) I smoked a bit of this in the end of my MacArthur Cob. Fresh it burns mostly ok but a little slow sometimes. It's smoky, not much sweetness, and pretty spicy as the bowl progresses.

-G.L. Pease Chelsea Morning and Blackpoint.
(first bowl 14, Aug 10) I smoked them one after another and other than the tin-note couldn't really tell them apart. Fresh, burns well. Medium pack on Blackpoint and a lighter pack on Chelsea Morning. A bit of sweetness throughout the bowl. Not harsh or biting. A hint of Latakia in the smell. The aftertaste is still a little sweet, but a bit ashy at the same time.
(Blackpoint second bowl. 2015 April 16) light pack in a large Cob. Burns OK. A little smokey, some earthiness, not sweet or savory except for a few moments mid bowl. Smells harsh.

-Cornell & Diehl Captain Bob's Blend
(first bowl, 2014 Oct 18) Medium light pack, fresh from the bag but not terribly moist, it burned a little slow. It has a little savoury flavour, and some smoky smell. I still get a hint of grape Coolaid smell on my breath afterward.
1. Gawith Hoggarth Ennerdale
WARNING! Ennerdale is a strong Lakeland tobacco that has convinced some to throw out their pipe due to irreversible ghosting.
(first bowl, 2014 Fall) Thinking back, the smell on the first bowl, fresh from the tin, was very strong, barely tolerable, but it almost tasted like gummy bears after the mid-way point. This is the only tobacco I know of that gets sweeter after the half-way point.
(second bowl 2014 Oct 22) I took a bit of broken flake and rubbed it out pretty good. It burned ok. The experience was more of a smell than a taste, though I did get an odd fruit flavoured build up in my mouth over the course of the bowl, which is not something I've seen with any other tobacco. It's hard to say exactly how much I enjoyed the smell but it should grow on me.
(Third bowl 2014 Oct 28) I tried the "fold&stuff" method this time. Not rubbing out the tobacco, it burned really slow. Having sat in a jar for a while now the aroma wasn't nearly as strong. Aside from re-lighting more than I'd like, burning slow wasn't a bad thing, that flake was one of the sweetest things I've ever stuck in my pipe. Only the last quarter of the bowl started to taste a bit ashy, but oddly enough it still didn't lose much sweetness.
(Fourth Bowl 2014 Oct 30) I actually smoked the first portion yesterday, and DGT'd it. Yesterday, fresh from the bulk bag, it wasn't as flavourful as what I got from the tin. Finishing the bowl today I think it did taste a tiny bit sweeter than yesterday, but still a far cry from a fresh tin. Still goes a bit ashy in the last quarter.
(fifth bowl, 2015 Mar 31) Dry, light pack in my Nording 1.1" bore. Burns ok, smells a little flowery but most of the Lakeland punch is gone. Flavour is sweet, tapering off mid bowl but gaining flavour again near the end.
(sixth bowl, 2016 Apr 23) Dry (old, kept in a tub), loose pack in a Missouri Meerschaum General. Burns slow. Tastes mostly starchy, not much else, and only has a little bit of the flowery smell compared to smoking it fresh out of a tin.

2. Sutliff Mountain Pass
(first bowl, 2015 Apr 7) Fresh, light pack in the Nording 1" bore, burns well. Sweet and tastes like pudding through almost the whole bowl. Smells nice.

-Carter Hall
Special Note: This is another good blender to make your pure VaPer flakes behave better, but it's also great on its own.
(first bowl 2015, Mar 9) Fresh, light pack in a MacArthur Cob. Burns Nicely. Mostly burly taste, not very sweet but not bitter, just a light flavour profile altogether I suppose.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 16) Light pack in a Cobwarden. Burns well. Mildly sweet and buttery, some bitterness at the end, more of a natural "tobacco" smell from the Burley.
(third bowl, 2015 Apr 8) Gravity fill in a Rossi Canadian. Burns well, a little sweet, turns bitter at the 3/4 mark. Without packing the tobacco it was only a five minute bowl.
(fourth bowl, 2015 Aug 20) Medium Pack in my Brebbia Jumbo. Fresh, burns well, tastes buttery/nutty and a little sweet. Fairly consistent.
(fifth bowl, 2016 Mar 17) Mostly dry, light pack in a 1" bore Brebbia Aero. Burns well. Mildly sweet, holding fairly well.

-Sutliff Top Shelf
(second bowl 2014 Sept 8) This stuff burns so fast it smokes itself. This is a very flavourful aromatic, though it was a unique kind of sweetness (I have no experience with alcohol either so I can't say exactly what it tasted like). Puffing too fast (which means puffing at all without smothering it) does bring some harshness, but the entire time I had this bowl running the flavour was still there. The aftertaste is nice.

-Toasted Marshmallow (Home Blend: -4:2:1- -Sutliff CremeBrulee:Gawith Hoggarth Dark Bird's Eye:Star of the East-)
(First Bowl, 2021 Summer) Medium pack in a Brebbia Calabash, lights ok but keeps burning straight through 7/8ths of the bowl. Flavor is sweet and earthy, very consistent. As a second bowl after some bright VA this Cavendish based blend is almost soothing.

-Cornell&Diehl Crooner
(Bit of a note, this is the opposite of a "goopy" or "wet" aromatic, but uses flavouring directly from the addition of a leaf called "Deertonge" to give a strong scent and flavour.)
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 23) My sample bag was as dry as the desert, you could have mistaken the cube cut for sand (I kid, but you get the idea). I'll need to try rehydrating the rest but for now I can't say anything positive.
(second bowl, 2015 Oct 7) Fresh from the slightly-moist rehydrated sample bag, gravity fill in my 1" bore Vauen Bent Billiard, burns a little slow. Flavour is mildly buttery with a bit of vanilla. It quickly gets harsh with fast puffing. Some of the Vanilla flavor comes through in the smell. Aftertaste is nutty.
(third bowl, 2015 Nov 14) Mostly dry, light pack in a Brebbia Calabash. Burns ok. Slightly sweet and a little buttery, with the sweetness fading about halfway, and going bitter at the end.

-Sutliff Frosty Mint
(seventh bowl 2014 Sept 30) Burns well, maybe a little fast. Sweet, minty, delightful (at least once you get over the initial shock and make it a regular in the rotation). It takes a fast puffing cadence to turn bad. It does still turn bitter sometime after the halfway point, but your mouth may be too numbed to notice. Aftertaste and room note are pleasant.
(eighth bowl 2015 Feb 23) After six months in the jar this stuff is still good, it didn't dry out and the flavour is still strongly reminiscent of the fresh stuff.
Hopefully it's still good ten years from now as well.
(ninth bowl, 2015 July 26) Fresh from the jar, medium light pack in my full bent Vauen (enlarged bowl but tight draw). Burns well, starts off strong and tapers off to a medium flavour, turning ashy near the end.
(tenth bowl, 2015 Sept 6) Light pack in my 1" bore MacArthur. It lit a little slow, but burned well once the cherry was established. Initial flavour is minty and sweet, moving to just a light sweetness halfway, and it goes bitter extremely quickly with fast puffing.
(eleventh bowl, 2016 Mar 23) Fresh from the bulk jar, Medium pack in a 1" bore Vauen, burns well. Starts off with a fairly strong "cooling" effect on the first light and through the first third, tapering off to the mid point where it's more of a buttery Burley flavour, but with a bit of an odd smell, and I dumped the last third.

-Scotty's Butternut Burly (from 4noggins)
(fourth bowl, 2014 Summer) After sitting in a re-purposed tin for a while it was still reasonably moist, and burned quite well with no drying. The butter flavour was fairly well pronounced, and held reasonably well for the half bowl I smoked. I didn't bother going all the way since aromatics almost universally go bitter sometime after the half way point. The smoke is not harsh at all and the aftertaste is nice.

-Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening
(second bowl, 2014 Summer) Easy to pack and burns fantastically. This bowl could basically be divided into three segments. The first segment starts off with a burst of flavour and settles down to a reasonable sweetness, the second segment loses the sweetness but isn't harsh, and the last third loses any desirable characteristics for me.

-Gawith Hoggarth Glengarry
(first bowl 2015, Feb 26) Rubbed out in a Vauen Billiard Churchwarden Sweet at the start, steadily diminishing until it goes solidly bitter at the end. The smell is not overwhelming, not a strong "floral" smell.

-Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Flake
(first bowl 2015, Feb 9) Fold and stuff fresh out of the pouch, loose pack. Lightly sweet with a light amount of "floral" scent.

-Gawith Hoggarth Grasmere
(first bowl 2015, Feb 11) Light pack in my Ashton Billiard, fresh from the pouch burns slow. A bit sweet, moderate amount of floral smell. Keeps up the flavour well into the bowl.

-Nording Labrador
(fourth bowl, 2014 Summer) Fresh, burns well, sometimes a little hot. Initial flavour is good, sweet, nutty, which starts out strong and settles down after a few minutes. This could be divided into thirds, with the first being reasonably flavourful, the second being toned down, and the final third still having a hint of flavour but also some bitterness. The post smoke aftertaste is very nice.

-Rattray's Bagpiper's Dream
(first bowl 2014 Sept 10) Fresh from the tin, burned ok. Flavour is sweet with some distinct topping. About half way it got a bit bitter. Flavour after the halfway point was still ok, but I did have to heat up the cherry more often to keep it lit. It still has a bit of "tobacco" smell. Aftertaste is allright.

-Lane Limited 1-Q
(second bowl, 2014 Spring) Burns a little too well and needed some occasional smothering. The first half of the bowl was fantastic, almost tasted like marshmallow, unfortunately it goes bitter about halfway.

-McClelland Deep Hollow
(first bowl 15, Jan 26) Medium light pack in my wide bowled Nording. Sat in a jar for a few months, still seem to have some sweetness to it and it's not an intensely starchy like most Mclelland Virginia blends.
(second bowl 2015, Feb 25) Medium pack in my Nording (wide bowl) Moderately sweet, diminishing as the bowl progresses. The last half still had some sweetness. Smells ok.

-Sutliff Mixture No. 79
(first bowl 2015 Feb 4) Medium pack in my favorite aromatic pipe. It burned well fresh out of the tub. The flavor was mildly sweet, and had a good amount of floral smell, but definitely not overwhelming. The tin note definitely smells like Dr. Pepper, though I didn't get very much of that in the smoke.
(second bowl, 2016 Apr 1) Light pack in a James Barber B-Line Poker. Burns ok. Lightly sweet and creamy, with what feels like a hint of cinnamon, and a bit of flower essence. Flavour holds to the mid ploint and then takes on more Burley taste.

-Sutliff Molto Dolce
(third bowl 2014, Sept 3) Burns very well. I filled my Missouri Meerschaum General to the brim. Initial burst was a sweet, mostly plain sugary flavour, that reduced in strength steadily throughout the bowl. The best thing about this stuff remains that it's incredibly gentle.

-Wessex Brigade Sovereign Curly Cut
(first bowl 2014 Oct 7) Fresh from the tin, medium pack. Burned well. Sweet, not harsh, smells ok. Flavour only turns bad late in the bowl. Immediate aftertaste is mostly sweet, a bit ashy.

-MacBaren Seven Seas Royal
(first bowl 2014, Aug 25) Fresh from the package, medium pack, it burned ok, maybe a little slow. It tasted moderately sweet, not harsh, but still goes bitter halfway.

-Gawith Hoggarth Bob's Chocolate Flake
(first bowl, 2015 Mar 23) Fresh from the tin but still quite dry, medium pack. You could probably use this to put out a fire, I was tempted to make some kindling because it took at least five minutes of constant flame before a cherry formed and it would burn on its own. The flavour was initially sweet and somewhat chocolatey, with a moderate lakeland floral presence, but after the half way point most of the flavour was gone.

-Sutliff Chocolate Truffle
(fifth bowl 14, July 27) Burns well, not much fuss. I think this may be best in a large bowl. Not the strongest flavour, but you get some decent creamy-chocolaty bursts in the first third. You have to be more careful about smoking cadence at the mid way point.

-MacBaren Vanilla Cream Flake
(first bowl 14, Aug 7) Left to dry for a few hours, fold and stuff, probably packed on the lighter side, lit well enough but still did have a tendency to go out. The flavour stayed fairly consistent throughout, a little sweet with a bit of Vanilla, but as with most MacBaren tobacco it still smells like tobacco, you'll not getting any pure sweet smoke out of it. I was just eating Cheetos with my tea and chocolate so unfortunately I can't comment on the aftertaste.

-MacBaren Plumcake
(first bowl Oct 2 2014) A light pack, probably too light, and it was cold so I'm sure that had something to do with it too, but this stuff didn't want to stay lit.
The flavour was mostly your regular "tobacco" type taste, with a little bit of sweetness.

-Lane Limited RLP-6
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Burns well, a little hot sometimes. The flavour was noticeable but not in your face. It stayed pleasant throughout the bowl.

-MacBaren 7 Seas Regular
(third bowl 14, Aug 13) Burns great with no drying. The flavour was good, sweet with a decent amount of chocolate. Not as intense as the strongest aros and with some harshness. Around halfway it either lost all its flavour or got really harsh.

-Samuel Gawith Grousemoor
(first bowl, 2014 Nov) Fresh from the tin the first puff made me recoil from the pipe. Feels like you're being smothered in baby powder.
(second bowl 2014 Nov 18) I bundled up a ball straight out of the jar, it burned ok. The taste was somewhat bitter, with maybe a tiny bit of sweetness, along with the strong perfume smell.
(third bowl 2015 Feb 20) Medium pack in my Ashton Billiard. After being kept in a jar for a few months the smell has gone down a lot, it is no longer overwhelming. The flavour is a little sweet.

-MacBaren Seven Seas Red
(first bowl 14, July 25) Fresh from the bag, medium hard pack, burns mostly ok. The initial flavour was good but not great, this is my first "cherry" blend so I can't compare, but as far as bursts of flavour go this was middle of the road (maybe a lighter pack would make a difference there). I would say the flavour declined fairly steadily throughout the bowl from about half strength at 15 minutes in to 10% around the hour mark, and only became bitter near the very end. The aftertaste is not strong but still pleasant.

-MacBaren Norwood
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) A little dry in the tin, burns well. It keeps a hint of sweetness throughout the bowl, and only gets a tiny bit harsh. Next day aftertaste is pretty creamy, but a little odd.

-G.L. Pease Haddo's Delight
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Unfortunately my tin was all dried out. I tried a bit off the top and got no flavour whatsoever, just harsh. So I dug some out of the bottom and got a tiny bit of what seemed like a berry flavour, but still nothing to write home about. Should be a good base for some flavouring experiments.
The Dark Side
(Rather than try to fit these into another category I'll make them their own)
-Samuel Gawith Brown No. 4
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) With some heavy drying and dicing it burned ok. The tin note is just like Beef Jerky, which makes preparing it very pleasant, but the flavour is just strong tobacco as you would expect. I'm giving it extra points for the smell in the tin. I'm pretty sure this stuff actually lives up to the Nicotine content warnings. This and Brown Bogie are now sitting in the same jar just so that I can look at it and remember what strong tobacco is like.

-Samuel Gawith 1792
(frist bowl 2014 Sept 12) Ugh. I've heard eating sugar helps.

-Condor Plug
(first bowl, 2014 Aug 16) Fresh, rubbed out in my Ferndown Bulldog. Burns slow, almost flavourless, just some bitterness and starch, it stung in my nostrils. Smells like a strong dark tobacco. I'm going to try drying out the next bowl a bit to get it to burn better.

-Peterson Irish Flake
(second bowl, 2014 Spring) Burns ok with some drying. Strong, spicy tobacco flavour, with maybe a buttery hint just at the start. After my second bowl (well, actually two half smoked bowls in a row since I was trying to get rid of it), I've blended my remaining Irish Flake into Odds & Ends.

-Gawith Hoggarth Brown Bogie
(more than one try, 2014 Spring) I had more trouble getting this to light than anything else. The flavour is quite spicy. This and SG Brown No. 4 are now sitting in the same jar just so that I can look at it and remember what strong tobacco is like.

-Cornell & Diehl Old Joe Krantz
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) Slightly moist from the bulk bag, and it burns about right. Though the butane torch certainly makes keeping things lit easy. The taste was somewhere between unpleasant and revolting, with some spice.

-Cornell & Diehl Billy Budd
(first bowl, 2014 Spring) Fairly dry from the bulk sample so it burns ok. A bit unfortunate though, is that two days before I tried this I had gotten an overdose of Nicotine from a cigar, so the smell reminds me of nothing but nausea. I'll have to try it again in a year or so to give it a fair shot. The flavour definitely has no sweetness to it though, so I can't say I find a lot redeeming about it right off the bat.
McClelland Virginias
I put my three original samples in a single jar now since they all tasted nearly identical (ok 5100 was significantly more starchy, but the other's didn't have anything do define them beyond that either), and then I have a second jar of pure McClelland 2015. I had to buy four different samples of McClelland Virginia to get something really tangy.

-McClelland St. James Woods
(first bow, 2014 Summer) Burns well. Maybe a hint of sweetness, otherwise nothing much to speak of. Not harsh.
-McClelland 5100 Red Cake
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) This sat in a pipe for an afternoon before smoking, fast burning.
The best description I can think of for the taste is "dried corn", almost a starchy flavour. It got a little spicy toward the end and the smell was a bit harsh, but for the most part was pretty easy going.
-McClelland 2015
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) Burns mostly ok. It has a light initial sweetness that seems to fade, a little spice here and there, and for the most part tastes starchy like 5100.
(second bowl, 2015 Mar 18) Ok I got a second batch for aging and gave a bowl of fresh stuff from a larger sample size a try. The smell was very pungent, the smoke wafting up stung in my nostrils (I'm at the point now that I sometimes like to smell the Latakia blends, this was very different). Unfortunately that was almost all I could tell was happening since I was using my new fully bent Ashton. It burned very slowly, so there was still more than half the bowl left when I dumped it 15 minutes in, I just wanted the stinging to stop.
(third bowl, 2015 Mar 22) Medium pack in my Nording 1"bore. Fresh, hard to light but goes ok after that. Flavour is mildly sweet, bitter with fast puffing, mildly tangy with the slowest puffing. The tang seems to be in the smell as much as the flavour. The smoke is more irritating than most (eyes, nose, mouth), there's a bit of tang in the aftertaste, with just the slightest hint of ketchup smell.

(First bowl, aged three months) Burns pretty well. Tastes like fire cured.
The primary sensation in my mouth when I smoked this was spicy. Besides that it was a little starchy and savoury, with a barely detectable hint of sweetness at one point.
(Second Bowl. Aged Five Months 2014, Sept 1) I dried it out on a pan before smoking, almost crispy but not quite. It lit and burned great.
The flavour was a little sweet, maybe a little starchy, not harsh, fairly consistent throughout. The aftertaste is like I ate a bowl of slightly charred ketchup potato chips.
Odds & Ends
I decided to make another section for stuff that's mostly just a jumbled together mess of different blends.

-1/4 Carter Hall, 1/4 Butternut Burly, 1/4 Five Brothers, 1/4 Latakia, and a bit of Escudo scraps, and a pinch of blending Perique.
(second bowl, 2015 Nov 16) Slightly moist, medium pack in a 1" bore Cob. Burns well. Sweet and buttery, slightly savory on occasion, goes bitter when hot, flavor diminishes after halfway.
(third bowl, 2016 Mar 11) Slightly moist, Light pack in my 1.2" bore Nording. Burns well. Moderately sweet, a little toasty, a bit smokey, flavor holds well. Could use more Va.
-1/8 Carter Hall, 1/8 Butternut Burly, 1/8 Five Brothers, 1/8 Latakia, and now 1/2 Samuel Gawith St. James Flake.
(first bowl, 2016 Apr 14) Somewhat moist, medium pack in my Ferndown Bulldog. Burns slow. Mildly seet and mildly savory, flavour holds well. Something still seems slightly unsettling about the feint hint of Carter Hall mixed with Latakia.
(second bowl, 2016 Apr 16) Slightly moist, Light pack in a small 18mm bore Churchwarden. Burns ok. Mostly sweet, flavour holds well.

-G.L Pease Cairo with Cornell&Diehl Bulk Latakia
(first bowl, 2014 Summer) At 50% Latakia I couldn't taste much else, but it was still really good. At 25% I had a decent mix of both the smell and flavour of the Orientals and the Latakia.
(second bowl, 2015 Nov 24) Very dry but not quite crumbly, light pack in my Brebbia Calabash, burns ok. Moderately savory, smells smokey and musty. Flavor holds up past mid bowl.

-Peterson Irish Flake
I've blended my remaining Irish Flake with 37g (diced) with however much MacBaren VA No1 I can fit in a 500ml jar (and a pinch of Perique). Mixed lightly with a base of sweet virginia it should add a distinct accent and not just blow up my taste buds. After trying that I added a bunch of Latakia.
Reminder Sample this in 2016

-50% Latakia 50% Carter Hall
(first bowl, 2015 Oct 12) Moist, Medium pack in my Vauen Churchwarden, burns ok. Mostly savoury with an occasional hint of sweetness. Smells like a campfire, turns bitter easily.
(second bowl, 2015 Oct 13) slightly moist, medium pack in a Savinelli 320, burns ok. Needs a very slow cadence. Mostly savory with a tiny hint of sweetness mid bowl. Aftertaste is kind of bitter.

Jan 5 2021.
Since I'm starting a small collection of Cigars now, I may as well start cataloging it.
About six years ago I did smoke a few Cigars, mostly Nic-Bombs, the Camacho Triple Maduro, Tatuaje Fausto, Joya De Nicaragua: Antano 1970 Gran Consul.
I remember them being "Enjoyable" for whatever a Cigar might mean to someone who is normally not a Cigar guy.
Developing some sort of a palette for Cigars is one of my goals this time around.

#1 Half of a "Punch: London House" Cigar. Burns decently well, mostly just smells like "Cigar", I got a bit of cream and salt in the first third, after which I let the cigar go out because for whatever reason it was raining at Midnight in the middle of January when the average temperature would be closer to -20C.


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Date Blend Reviews Avg Rating
2015-07-24 Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East 103 ★★★☆ 3.2
2015-01-03 Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - Ennerdale Flake 219 ★★★★ 3.1
2015-09-03 Hermit Tobacco Works Co. - Captain Earle's - Stimulus Package 24 ★★★★ 3.4
2014-09-13 McClelland - Frog Morton's Cellar (Craftsbury Series) 201 ★★★★ 3.5
2014-05-24 Samuel Gawith - St. James Flake (Kendal Mayor's Collection) 200 ★★★★ 3.4
2014-05-24 Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) - Escudo Navy De Luxe 443 ★★★★ 3.5
2014-07-22 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Frosty Mint 2008 (Sutliff Private Stock) 27 ★★★☆ 2.8
2015-04-08 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Mountain Pass (Sutliff Private Stock) 9 ★★★★ 3.3


Date Blend Reviews Avg Rating
2015-08-31 Ashton - Artisan's Blend 208 ★★★★ 3.5
2015-10-06 Cornell & Diehl - Black Frigate 55 ★★★☆ 3.1
2015-10-06 Cornell & Diehl - Sunset Harbor Flake 35 ★★★★ 3.2
2015-10-06 Cornell & Diehl - Tuskegee Airman 26 ★★★★ 3.4
2016-03-07 D & R Tobacco - English Hoopla 7 ★★★☆ 3.1
2016-03-07 D & R Tobacco - Rimboché A.B. (Rimboché) 10 ★★★☆ 3.6
2016-03-07 D & R Tobacco - TAPS VIP 14 ★★★★ 3.5
2015-10-18 G. L. Pease - Triple Play (New World Collection) 71 ★★★★ 3.4
2016-03-07 Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - Ennerdale Plug 2 ★★★★ 3.0
2016-03-07 Gawith, Hoggarth & Co. - Balkan Mixture 115 ★★★★ 3.1
2016-03-07 Hermit Tobacco Works Co. - Captain Earle's - Honor Blend 28 ★★★★ 3.2
2015-08-12 Lane Limited - Crown Achievement 86 ★★★☆ 2.8
2015-10-06 Lane Limited - Medal of Valor 24 ★★★☆ 3.0
2015-10-06 McClelland - Bombay Extra (Personal Reserve) 45 ★★★☆ 3.1
2015-10-06 McClelland - 3 Oaks Original (Craftsbury Series) 24 ★★★★ 3.3
2015-10-06 McClelland - Old Dog (Ashton Revival) 27 ★★★★ 3.6
2015-10-06 McClelland - Blue Mountain/Balkan Blue 101 ★★★★ 3.4
2015-10-06 McClelland - Syrian Super Balkan (Syrian Latakia) 31 ★★☆☆ 2.5
2015-10-06 McClelland - Wilderness (Collector Series) 61 ★★★★ 3.6
2015-09-16 Samuel Gawith - Celtic Talisman 90 ★★★☆ 2.8
2016-03-07 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Match 20 43 ★★★★ 3.1
2015-10-06 Sutliff Tobacco Company - R Blend (Sutliff Private Stock) 9 ★★★☆ 3.1
2015-10-06 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Lord of the Manor (Sutliff Private Stock) 10 ★★★★ 3.2
2015-10-06 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Court of St. James (Sutliff Private Stock) 17 ★★★★ 3.2
2015-10-06 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Kasimir (Sutliff Private Stock) 9 ★★★★ 3.6
2015-10-06 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Sunrise Smoke (Sutliff Private Stock) 22 ★★★☆ 2.7


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2021-06-09 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Creme Brulee #701 61 0 ★★★☆ ★★★★ 3.1
2021-06-06 Cornell & Diehl - Sunset Harbor Flake 35 1 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.2
2015-09-21 Seattle Pipe Club - Mississippi River 119 3 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.2
2015-02-23 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Frosty Mint 2008 (Sutliff Private Stock) 27 2 ★★★★ ★★★☆ 2.8
2014-04-13 Samuel Gawith - St. James Flake (Kendal Mayor's Collection) 200 31 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.4
2014-04-10 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Chocolate Truffle J12 13 7 ★★★☆ ★★★☆ 3.1