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Real NameBill Kreiling
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LocationWadsworth, Ohio USA

Founding member of NEOFOPS. Northeast Ohio Fellowship of Pipe Smokers. Support my local brick and mortar store The Pipe Rack, 2200 Manchester Rd. Akron, Ohio 44314

Pipe smoker for over 40 years. I smoke mostly aromatics but I do enjoy an occassional English style blend. Enjoy several Cornell & Diehl, Hearth & Home and Sutliff tobacco blends. Prefer smooth, mild, no bite light aromatics with mimnimal casing. Really enjoying a recent purchase from Pipes & a Hearth & Home blend called Trout Stream.

I welcome any tobacco suggestions from fellow briar friars based on my tobacco preferences. I am still searching for that PERFECT pipe tobacco blend! But then, aren't we all?

I love Fischer pipes and purchase vintage Fischer's when I can find them in good condition. They are generally a quality pipe that sold for less than a 14oz. bag of pipe tobacco sells for today. The House of Fischer was located in Ordhard Park, NY, near Buffalo.

The Fischer family apparently made pipes for four generations, starting in Germany and continuing in the United States until the 1970s. The store closed in 1978.

Anyone that has any vintage Fischer pipes please contact me if you are interested in selling them. I am searching for a few shapes I do not yet own, especially a nice poker bowl shape.

I also have a few GBD's, Savinelli, Peterson, Comoy, Chacom, E. A. Carey, Duncan Hill, Kaywoodie, Dr. Graybow, and many other lesser known pipe store brands and of course a few Missouri Mershaums (corn cob).


Date Blend Reviews Avg Rating
2012-12-15 - Scotty's Trout Stream 104 ★★★★ 3.4
2013-11-25 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Molto Dolce (Sutliff Private Stock) 173 ★★★★ 3.2
2021-07-05 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Tobacco Galleria - Fox & Hound 70 ★★☆☆ 2.0


Date Blend Reviews Avg Rating
2021-07-05 Ashton - Smooth Sailing 51 ★★★☆ 2.6
2021-07-05 Cornell & Diehl - Star of the East 103 ★★★☆ 3.2
2021-07-05 Sutliff Tobacco Company - Tobacco Galleria - Fox & Hound 70 ★★☆☆ 2.0


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Date Blend Reviews Helpful Rating Avg Rating
2012-12-15 - Scotty's Trout Stream 104 5 ★★★★ ★★★★ 3.4