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Frog Morton Clone
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Frog Morton Clone

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I am interested in hearing your thoughts and maybe find a very close match to Frog Morton- so with that being said what currently available blend is your Frog replacement blend? I have been told that Boswell's Northwoods is about as close you can get. I love Northwoods but with only having tried a couple bowls of FM it's hard for me to make the call.

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Hello Gary, my name is John. I’m a new member but I’ve been smoking a pipe for seven years now consistently and a few years on and off when I was younger, I would have to agree with you with Boswells. They are the closest Tobacco‘s to McClelands that I’ve smoked, although the Virginia’s lack the vinegar, they’re still as close as it gets 

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There just is not something close. I do not bother looking for something like it. I just find other tobaccos that I like for other reasons.