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Sutliff Pipe Force Episode VI

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A woody, tangy mixture of select Virginia leaf is elevated with Stoved Katerini, adding dark berry and spice. Dark-Fired Kentucky and St. James Perique enrich the base with earthy notes, pepper, and a light smokiness. Episode VI is a savory, vinous evolution from the natural sweetness and dark flavor of the Virginia/Perique genre. Richness with nuance all the way down.

This one releases tonight at 6pm EST. I wrote a bit about it on the Tobacco Pipes blog.

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Yet another one I’m looking forward to. I really enjoy how the Birds of a Feather and now Pipe Force series have had some unique tobacco flavors that are generally balanced and individually supported well. Every time I grab one to smoke, I know that it will keep my interest alive through the whole bowl. It’s as though smoking them is an event. This newest one seems to hold that promise too. 

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Looks delish

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Sounds interesting. I had to look up stoved Katerini. Lol