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A real Turkish delight! Brown Irish, the thicker version of Brown Bogie is a true old fashioned stout smoke. Perfect with good strength suited to the more experienced pipe smoker. Flavoured with Chocolate and Rose.

BrandGawith, Hoggarth & Co.
Blended ByGawith Hoggarth
Manufactured ByGawith Hoggarth
Blend TypeAromatic
FlavoringCocoa / Chocolate, Floral Essences
ProductionCurrently available
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Medium to Strong
Mild, Mild to Medium, Medium, Very Strong
Medium to Full
Room Note
Unnoticeable, Pleasant, Tolerable, Overwhelming
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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (2919)
Medium to Strong Medium Medium to Full Pleasant

The Virginia is boldly earthy with a dark fruit taste. I believe some Kentucky burley is also present because I continually sense a nutty earthiness that I associate with it. I get a little cocoa, not as much as I expected, but it's smooth and creamy in a rather minor role. The floral rose essence is very noticeable, more at the front than the finish, but even at the end, its presence is obvious. While the toppings do mute the tobacco flavor, you'll definitely get the latter in every puff to various degrees. Has a decent nic-hit. Needs some dry and prep time as G&H ropes normally will. Burns slow and requires relights. The moisture level in the bowl depends on how you dry it. I leave a little moisture in the tobacco, but can smoke it to ash. Will ghost a briar. Not so strong that you couldn't repeat it during your smoking day, but it's not an all day smoke. Has a very pleasant after taste and the room note doesn't scare away your women or your cats. Three and a half stars.


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DrT999 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DrT999 (316)
Strong Mild Medium to Full Tolerable

This seems to only come in small bagged samples. From the description, I was looking forward to this. I was a bit disappointed with the two samples I've tried. It was certainly Brown Irish; based on memories of Brown Irish and similar ropes, most recently of Brown Bogie, it was smoother than I expected but it wasn't sweet and the chocolate was fairly faint and the rose even less so. They were there, barely, for me. Perhaps I smoke too much Grasmere to appreciate a lighter touch with the florals. Recommended for fans of Brown Irish and similar ropes who might enjoy some light Lakeland flavors as well. Others stay far away.

Pipe Used: various briars and meers

Age When Smoked: straight from the shop

Purchased From: my smoking shop/UK

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StevieB Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
StevieB (2051)
Very Strong Very Strong Full Overwhelming

Gawith Hoggarth - Brown Twist Sweet Chocolate Rose.

The smell from the pouch is mainly roses, I can't really pick out any cocoa. I find this easy to prepare, although it's thick once sliced into coins they rub out easily. If I draw through the filled pipe whilst un-lit it gives a very floral taste, almost like a warning of the smoke that's about to follow! When it's lit I struggle to identify any chocolate, the rose taste is too much to allow anything other to come through. At the beginning the flavour is quite straight forward, granted I don't like it but it gives a simple rose taste but sadly after the first ten minutes it develops a bitterness which is most unpleasant. Again, due to the strong floral note I can't comment on the tobacco flavours as they too are masked. An area that I find easy to notify is nicotine. Oh my, it has a kick to it! The room note has the same quality I have found the whole way through, all roses and nothing else! Do no smoke this in a favoured pipe as the ghost is sure to taint it for a while.

The easiest thing to do with this blend (apart from binning it) is score it.... one star.

Pipe Used: Mr Brog

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: My Smoking Shop

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Dode Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Dode (14)
Medium to Strong Mild to Medium Medium Unnoticeable

Worst tobacco I've ever purchased. A pure nightmare to get going and requires constant relighting. Dreadful taste and room note. I can only taste nicotine. I've tried it through a briar, pearwood and corncob. Burns best in corncob. Tried blending with other tobaccos but just ruined them. Someone had written that it taste like a stripped down cigar. They are obviously not cigar smokers. Do I regret purchasing it? No. You cannot comment on something you haven't tried. I wanted so much to like this.

Pipe Used: Briar, corncob and pear wood .

Age When Smoked: New and after a couple of months drying

Purchased From: cgars

Similar Blends: Cigarette, soggy roll up.

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