HU Tobacco Fayyum Kake

The Fayyum Kake: Following the success of FbM’s Fayyum Blend, HU Tobacco decided to provide this remarkable mixture of dark fired Virginia, Kentucky, black cavendish and its generous measure of latakia in “Kake” form. The tobacco is pressed in cakes for one week and then cut into plugs. This process enhances the already exquisitely balanced choice of leaf for an ethereally smoky, deeply rich and incredibly complex smoking pleasure.
Notes: Contains 65% Cyprian latakia. Syrian was originally used until the stock ran out. (They changed the name of the series from "Foundation by Musicó" to "African Line")


Brand HU Tobacco
Blended By Hans Wiedemann
Manufactured By Kohlhase & Kopp
Blend Type English
Contents Black Cavendish, Kentucky, Latakia, Virginia
Cut Krumble Kake
Packaging 100 grams tin
Country Germany
Production Currently available


Medium to Strong
Extremely Mild -> Overwhelming
None Detected
None Detected -> Extra Strong
Room Note
Unnoticeable -> Overwhelming
Extremely Mild (Flat) -> Overwhelming

Average Rating

3.38 / 4





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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Aug 06, 2014 Medium to Strong None Detected Full Strong
My review for the Fayyum Kake is virtually the same as it is for the regular version, as the same ingredients are used. The Kake is just a mite stronger and richer, and has very mild fermentation note that the regular Fayyum doesn’t have. The Cyprian Latakia is smokey, woody, earthy, musty, incense-like sweet, and boldly takes the lead without turning this blend into a latakia-bomb. The sugary black cavendish adds a mellow sweetness as a condiment. The woody, earthy, floral, herbal, dry Kentucky is slightly spicy, and plays back up with a hint of cocoa and nuts. The Virginia is tart and tangy citrus sweet, grassy, lightly woody and earthy as it sets the stage for the other ingredients. The cake itself is a little moist and breaks apart with ease. The strength is a couple of steps past the center of medium to strong. The taste is filling. The nic-hit is just past the medium mark. Won't bite, and has fewer rough edges than expected. Not a harsh note to be found. Well balanced, it burns cool, clean and a little slow with a very consistent, deeply rich, mildly creamy smooth, sweet and more savory campfire flavor that translates the long lingering, pleasant after taste. It does leave a slight bit of moisture in the bowl if you don't dry it just a little. Requires some relights. Has a strong room note. Not an all day smoke, but if it hooks you, you'll repeat it.

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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 23, 2014 Medium to Strong None Detected Full Pleasant to Tolerable
I could go the easy way, take my review about Fayyum Mixture and multiply everything by two, and ready is the Fayyum Kake review ! Sort of... 😉

Wow, since Fayyum Mixture was already overwhelming, I didn't think there is any headroom left to enhance this marvelous blend - smoking this new Fayyum Kake told me different ! Everything pleasant that I was so far confident with is now pronounced, complexity enhanced, without anything being overdone or drifting away into wrong directions. Just smoking Fayyum Mixture with a magnifying glass.

Latakia Blends as "Kake" are well known to the "New World" e.g. Pirate Kake or various "Hermits/Captain Earle's" made by C&D as well. Fayyum Kake is, at least to my knowledge, the first "Kake" obtainable from the "Old World". Congratulation to HU Tobacco for this effort ! The extra penny for pressing is well spend money - go for it ! As per above math, 2x4=8 stars for this treat !
Pipe Used: Paolo Becker
PurchasedFrom: HU Tobacco
Age When Smoked: New release
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
May 24, 2014 Medium to Strong None Detected Very Full Pleasant to Tolerable
This tobacco was released at the Lohmar pipe show in May 2014 and due to its reviews it was directly sold out- but is available again.

The Fayyum Kake is a Krumble Kake which is, contrary to the very popular flakes, a pressed mixture, in this case a pressed Fayyum Blend.

Two major differences between Krumble Kake and plug is, that the Krumble Kake can fill a bowl more easily as a result of the slightly pressed tobacco is showing a slight texture, meaning the tobacco can easily be rubbed into the pipe which should have a wide diameter to give the tobacco enough room to develop.

In addition the Krumble Kake - as a result of the composition of the mixture - displays a larger taste variation and will not - unlike a Latakia Flake - feature the basic direction of the tobacco into the foreground.

While the Fayyum Blend is a very rich and complex miixture, the Krumble Kake variant presents itself significantly different, it enhances the richness in taste considerably by means of a stronger, albeit always balanced natural sweetness, in such a perfection that one is tempted to see it as a "taste bomb". Not an entirely new Fayyum as the composition of Kentucky, fire-cured Virginia, Black Cavendish and a good measure of Latakia (it is - in fact - almost the same mixture), yet more intense. The very good lighting and smoking behaviour has to be highlighted in particular, it is by far better than with Plugs and Flakes. The current price is 21,40€/100 grams which is 29$ for 3.6 oz.
Pipe Used: Frank Axmacher
Age When Smoked: just after release
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Sep 27, 2017 Medium to Strong None Detected Full Very Strong
Fayyum Kake is a very special and complex latakia crumble cake. The flavor is rich, with different tones of leather, oak wood, ethereal notes and of course smoky tones. It`s medium bodied in nicotine and has a rich flavor which is always interesting. Fayyum Kake is totally uncomplicated and easy to smoke. The smoke is smooth, without any tongue bite and harshness. I think it`s no blend for beginners, but it`s highly recommended for smokers who love stronger latakia blends. The problem is that the Fayyum Kake is not always available. The production is handmade and very low. But if you have the possibility to get that cake, try it.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jan 23, 2018 Medium to Strong None Detected Full Tolerable to Strong
Lovely Krumble Kake Cut with genuine tin-note and excellent and refined aroma! Pitch-black colors, intense tin-note of smoky bacon and wood with some sweetness in the back.

As any Krumble Kake it can make use of some drying and I recommend doing that, as I find it to enhance and define the flavours more! Once in the pipe the aroma is richly smoky and Latakia-forward without being a monochromatic Lat-Bomb. Smoky, creamy and buttery, earthy and woodsy. The smoky bacon aroma is also there along with a pleasant sweetness to balance the intense spice and smoke excecllently!

Spicy, smoky & sweet, could this blend be any more refined? I doubt it.... Dark fired Virginia and Latakia create a genuine smoky aroma, whilst the Cavendish rounds and harmonizes the blend with mellow, delicately sugary notes. Lots of smoke, wood and earth... just excellent from the first puff till the last crumbles.. I find the blend to be remarkably smooth due to the synergetic interplay of the spicy & smoky tobaccos with the caramel-y Cavendish!

I got a sample of the Fayyum Mixture along with my tin of the Kake.. curious to how it'll compare, but as a lover of Cakes, Flakes, Plugs & Twists I doubt that it'll outrun this unique Krumble Kake.. favorited!
Pipe Used: Clays, Cobs, Briars
Age When Smoked:
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jul 10, 2017 Medium None Detected Full Tolerable
This one immediately jumped up as one of my favorite Latakia Blends. This one reminds me a little of Mac Baren's HH Latakia Flake and its components are similar as well. I think this one has even a deeper smokier taste than HHLF.

It is very creamy and has a nice sweetness about it without any sour orientals interfering. It smokes smooth and cool and I can't imagine anyone being bit by this one. This is a very full Latakia blend, so I doubt this could be someone's all day smoke, but it will definitely satisfy for that contemplative smoke perhaps with a glass of whiskey. The fact that it has a good bit of DFK added to the blend also gives this one a little more nicotine backbone than the typical Lat blend.

This is an easy four star blend. And lets face it, Krumble Kakes are fun.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Dec 05, 2018 Medium None Detected Medium to Full Strong
Very nice black tobacco cake with some hints of dark brown. It´s easy to crumble and I let it dry out a few minutes cause I like the heavy latakia blends on the dryer side. The taste reminds me much of the Maltese Falcon but creamier and sweeter. The main taste notes are smoke,woody,creamy and I detect a light nuttiness while exhaling the smoke. Very well balanced and even smoke, Doesn´t change much during your smoke. Once in while a little bit of spiciness shows up but makes it more interesting. Not an allday smoke but a nice one to smoke in the mancave with a nice rum or whiyskey.
Pipe Used: Corncob
PurchasedFrom: Estervals Pipe House
Age When Smoked: 1 year
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Oct 15, 2019 Medium to Strong None Detected Full Very Strong
The cakes in the tin look like brownies, but they do not smell alike. It reminds me of a campfire and smoked ham. In addition to that, there is a nice sweetness in the background. The first puffs of this tobacco reminds me of a campfire as well. This tobacco is strong, smokey and woody. But after a few puffs it changes to a pleasant creamy sweetness. I can taste some notes of earth and citrus too. Occasionally, I get flavors of nuts and very dark chocolate. This tobacco gets brilliant because of the constant changes between the heavy, smokey to the soft, creamy, sweet smoking experience.
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Oct 06, 2016 Medium to Strong Medium to Strong Full Very Pleasant
The Krumble Kake is my favorite format. I love what it does for the taste and it is just so easy to prepare. It's in the title! It just so gently crumbles apart. I asked Hans if he produced a Kake as I was new to his shop. He said he made this Fayyum Kake, but it was out of stock and sells out rapidly when he does get it. Apparently Kake requires more work than the rest. I received an email a couple of weeks ago letting me know he was about to have it. Based on the reviews and his thoughts, I happily ordered some. My order arrived today, roughly a week from Germany to Alabama. That's quick. The aroma upon opening the tin... If I owned a smoke shop, I'd want it to smell like this. It comes in a paint can with two "brownies" in a sealed ziplock bag. The texture, moisture content, and cut really is a brownie. I was tempted to take a bite. It's beautiful! I used a razor blade to cut a bit off and crumbled it straight into the bowl. It lights with no effort and required no relights. This is fine tobacco with nothing to get in the way. It's ingredients tell you what you need to know about taste. It's just a beautifully constructed blend. I love Hans' work and fear it might vanish.
Pipe Used: Dunhill Squat Bulldog
PurchasedFrom: HU Tobacco
Age When Smoked: Fresh
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Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note
Jun 07, 2022 Extremely Mild None Detected Medium Unnoticeable
it is ridiculous to rate a tobacco within 65% latakia as medium or strong. One time more: Strength means nicotine. Otherwise the rubric taste were redundant . Believe or not,latakia has almost zero nicotine and that is the fact I sadly have to accept. I like the taste of heavy latakia blends, on the other hand they do not saturate and let me down when it comes to satisfaction. Fayum Kake does not bite ,delivers lots of campfire and wood and that's all. I stay with blends with less latakia and more virginia or burley to bring some strength in the pipe. Make the test and inhale a big draw of it and compare it to any cigarette, camel filter yellow per example. Or compare it to any VA/PER . Both have more then double of strength
Pipe Used: Parker 109
PurchasedFrom: Gerd Jansen
Age When Smoked: fresh
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