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Virginia and burley from the USA, Mexico and Malawi in a mixture with a mellow black cavendish. Refined with flavours of wild-berries, vanilla and caramel. A fruity pleasure with a mildly sweet and discreet room note.

Notes: Formerly known as "Wild Berries" and re-named to "Burgundy" due to EU regulations.

BrandDanske Club
Blended ByScandinavian Tobacco Group
Manufactured ByScandinavian Tobacco Group
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Burley
FlavoringBlackberry, Caramel, Fruit / Citrus, Vanilla
Packaging50 grams pouch, 100 grams tin
ProductionCurrently available
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Medium to Full
Room Note
Very Pleasant
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DoomDealer Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DoomDealer (9)
Medium Medium to Strong Medium to Full Very Pleasant

I used to be in love with this aro, smoking nothing else and happily putting up with hot bowls and very bad TB. I was mad about the fruity tin aroma and fruity smoke, endlessly sniffing the tin and feverishly looking forward to lighting my pipe.

In recent times, however, I've gone off it quite a bit; largely because I've discovered the Oriental/ English tobaccos and because I've discovered that there are much better aro's out there.

Like Stanwell's Danish Truffles, it's good stuff. Decent enough quality tobacco and tasty, but pungent. Extremely fruity. This is quite a strong aro, in the tin and when smoked. You really need to take your time with this one or it'll bite you, and I mean quite badly. It can also leave a soggy mess in your bowl. You'll need good technique or it'll misbehave, so perhaps not really ideal for beginners. You might also want to dedicate a pipe to this because it'll leave a pretty heavy ghost ...

It's certainly not a waste of money, but there are much better aro's out there and certainly better quality tobaccos.

Pipe Used: Aldo Morelli, Ermanno Elite, Peterson Churchwarden

Age When Smoked: New and aged

Purchased From: Germany

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GrowingMyOwnFood Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
GrowingMyOwnFood (14)
Mild Medium Medium to Full Tolerable

At the moment, I consider this tobacco my first choice when it comes to aromatics. In the pouch, the berries flavour is natural and extremely pleasant, so much that friends wanted to make tea with it. The tobacco is slightly wet, it burns well but may need occasional relighting. The taste is pleasurable and soft, like a good cup of mild tea, with no tongue bite, but with an occasional and very rare sour aftertaste at the end. The room note will linger for a couple of hours, and will be almost certainly loved by anyone around. It is a nice aromatic for beginners.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (30116)
Mild to Medium Medium Full Very Pleasant

Smell after opening the pouch 50g: After opening the package passes the same one a very fruity aroma and fresh wild berries in the nose, accompanied by subtle sweet vanilla. The smell is very pleasant and balanced.

Consistency of tobacco: The tobacco picture is medium brown and black Cavendish therefore stands out clearly, which serves also as a flavor carrier. The tobacco itself is not too wet or too dry. It can be easily stuffed into the pipe. A very nice quality tobacco, which is typical for Danske Club. Price and performance right.

Smoke properties: The Glutkissen could be ignited very easily. The tobacco itself is burning evenly and quietly. The quality of tobacco is Top For beginners it is easily suitable because it requires little attention. But careful, do not smoke too hot. When I recommend a pipe with an average fill volume. Can be quiet walled. Of course, this should be smoked with tobacco filter, so that the smoke gets cool in the mouth and the flavors to stress better.

Taste: Great, who here thinks chemistry, more wrong. It is a very tasty, natural tobacco that was fine-tuned with fresh fruit and wild berries. Very tasty in my opinion. The hint of vanilla, maybe even minimal traces of cinnamon, provides for a truly harmonious. Sharp flavor that tastes outdoors and indoors. I love this tobacco.

Conclusion: A real recommendation I think. For those on the moderate half-aromatics with fruit flavor, are really a buy recommendation. This tobacco is a day you can smoke the tobacco forever. He won a permanent place in my pipe and an extra bar tobacco reserved. Top!

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the_german Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
the_german (309)
Extremely Mild Extra Strong Overwhelming Strong

When I first saw the pouch a friend of mine got to test-drive, I had some premonitions, having had a few run-ins with Danske Club fruit-flavoured blends before.

The pouch aroma was indeed full of wild berries, with maybe a little mustiness in there which I attribute to the Burley. Originally, the leaf was a little soggy, but it was possible to light it.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to keep it lit and keep one's lunch at the same time. The taste turned sour after only a few sips, the berry aroma vanished in the first cloud of smoke, and if you are ever in need of some tar, try this blend. It'll deliver.

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (30116)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

So this is my first review and Wild Berries was my first pipe tobacco. Like so many first timers, perhaps, I went for an Aromatic partly because I wanted to recapture fond memories of my Father's pipe smoke, partly because I wanted to bring something pleasant to the smoking room at work instead of the usual rancid cigarette smoke. I'll be turning 40 this year and I really want to be done with cigarettes once and for all.

Wild Berries is a delight to smoke. Lovely rich fruity aroma to the tobacco. Looks like potpourri in the pack which worried me initially - thought it might be sickly sweet and overpowering. It is, however, a very pleasant smoke, takes the usual (for a first timer anyway) three or four lights and tamps but once it gets going its a steady burning, low maintenance smoke with a room note that'll have your friends and colleagues smiling every time you light up in the smoking room.

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