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A naturally sweet crumb cut burley with a little stoved cavendish is cased lightly with cocoa and licorice and then given mild "coumarin" type flavoring. Delicious, easy burning and not too sweet!

Notes: Note from Watch City: Due to the difficulty in obtaining deer tongue, we have opted to use a coumarin type top note instead.

BrandWatch City Cigar
Blended ByErnie Q
Blend TypeBurley Based
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Burley, Latakia
FlavoringCocoa / Chocolate, Licorice, Vanilla
CutCoarse Cut
ProductionCurrently available
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Room Note
Very Pleasant

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DK Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DK (882)
Medium Mild Medium Very Pleasant

Various browns in a cube cut with tiny ribbons, the "Grape Nuts" cereal analogy is pretty apt here. Rich burley with vanilla-type bag aroma. Watch City no longer uses deer tongue but instead uses a tonka bean substitute, a la SG's 1792. The flavoring is cocoa.

Once again, Ernie Q has created a blend that just won't share bowl time with other blends. I smoked 6 bowls of this over two days, and that constituted my entire consumption for the weekend. This is a blend that could satisfy almost all straight burley AND aromatic cravings. One of my complaints about American-style aromatics is that they are too heavily flavored, they use less than stellar base tobaccos, and as a result they smoke too wet and the flavoring dissipates as the chemicals and sauces combust. This blend exhibits none of those flaws. It smokes like a fine burley, with a nutty and sweet character, and with strong hints of rich oats and grains. It smokes like one of the finest aromatics I've ever enjoyed, with cocoa notes that are not oversugared or oversaturated. The room note is a cross between your dad or grandad's old burley OTC and a light, refreshing aromatic that is not your basic goopy atrocity. If you enjoy a sweet flavor and a nice room note with your burley, this is the one. If you enjoy straight burley but want a little extra sizzle with your steak, this is the one. This is the burley that could satisfy every burley and aromatic lovers tobacco craving... it's that simple. Ernie Q is really showing his blending genius and this blend has hit my rotation with a sledge hammer. I'm a smoker that likes to have blends on hand that cover all the various bases, and this one knocks all the other aros and 2 or 3 burley blends from my rotation. A masterpiece!

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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (2400)
Mild to Medium Mild Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

The cube cut burleys are very nutty, toasty, oat-like, and molasses sweet with a bit of earth, and a hint of cocoa. The woody, dry, earthy white burley is a very minor player, but I get a bare hit of sharpness and a savory note from it here and there. The unsweetened black cavendish offers a litle brown sugar in the background. Has a faint trace of Cyprian latakia. The cocoa topping is mild, while the couramin style top note (a tonka bean substitute) is mildly herbal and vanilla-ish. The anise note is very light. The nic-hit and strength are a step past the mild level, while the taste threshold is a little closer to medium than it is to mild. No chance of bite or harshness. Burns clean, cool and a little slow; smooth with a very consistent taste from start to finish, and beyond as the after taste pleasantly lingers a mite. Leaves little moisture in the bowl, though it does require a few relights. Is an all day smoke that won't wear out its welcome.


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ruffinogold Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
ruffinogold (107)
Medium Mild Medium Very Pleasant

This is pure bliss ! The cut is incredible being similar to cube cut but softer and it kinda falls apart a bit like a Krumble cake type blend ... it's really incredible as it lights and stays lit brainlessly throughout out the bowl . The flavor is uncanny ! I don't think there is any Deer tongue in it because I have an anti Deer Tongue detector built into my genes which protects me from such horrid flavors like that and soap . That said , the flavor is burley [ not so much the woody but more nutty ] and a mild cocoa topnote which just works perfectly .. and I mean perfectly . The mouth feel is full and almost creamy but the blend isn't strong and burley bitterish by any means . Of the many blends I've tried in the past few years , this one stands out as a super classic , masterfully done blend . If I were to pick an all day " The One " tobacco .. it might come down to this blend . Thankfully , such a choice isn't reality .

Pipe Used: Quite a few

Age When Smoked: Not sure as it was a gift from a friend

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Young Piper Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Young Piper (303)
Medium Medium Full Very Pleasant

04/06/2015 - I am very surprised that DCC has not been reviewed more than it has. Usually cube cut, top shelf Burley blends prove to be very popular (or unpopular like Crooner). DCC has the unique character of being totally made in house, IE not a mix of bulk blends which is VERY rare. I mean really think about it, what other micro blender creates flakes? Real BEAUTIFUL flakes, not the half crumble cake, half broken flake that those without a 5 ton press put out. Hats off to Ernie for being a master blender. DCC has the most amazing Iced Oatmeal cookie aroma and Graham Cracker nutty taste even though its not a heavy aromatic, just a light vanilla topping on some Rolls Royce Cubed Burleys... Although I like DCC anytime, if you like your Burley straight up like Prince Albert with minimal topping, consider this blend for times when you are around mixed company and want a fantastic smelling blend with real tobacco taste and don't let the vanilla scare you, its not BCA or 1Q strong...

Oh my... This blend has me mouthwatering just thinking about it. The below description is right on, only thing I can really change is they do not use deer tongue anymore, now they use a special vanilla type curing method. The cut is between a cube cut and a ribbon which makes lighting and packing a breeze, scoop and thumb into the bowl, doesn't get any easier for a beginner. I have been looking for a replacement for Wilke's Nut Brown Burley which has been discontinued and while Uhle's #44 is still the best replacement this has an even better aroma and much sweeter taste for someone coming off aromatics or likes a sweet burley smoke. The taste is off the wall delicious for me, think the best Burley flavor you've had and add a little black Cavendish sweetness with a Iced Oatmeal Cookie aroma. Actually that's the best analogy for me , an Iced Oatmeal Cookie. These guys hand blend and nothing is bulk blends mixed together, a real old school pipe shop that delivers top shelf blends, a must try!

Pipe Used: Cobs, no name italian briar

Age When Smoked: 238 , blended in 1776

Purchased From: Watch City Cigar

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brashboy Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
brashboy (84)
Medium Mild to Medium Full Very Pleasant

This is so good, I hardly know where to start. If you are an aromatic smoker looking to step up to an aromatic blend that is a truly great tobacco, DCC is it. If you are an English smoker looking for a great aromatic to try, or just a great tobacco-y Burley, this is it.

The cocoa and coumarin flavorings are not heavy and I really note only the chocolate. I don't get the licorice at all, but I am not the best at picking up every flavor nuance. I think the JimInks review below really nails this blend, as JimInks so often does, as does the DK review. If I was on a desert island and could have only a few blends, this would be one of them. As a blender, Watch City Cigar owner Ernie Q yields to no one. He is to Burley what Greg Pease is to Latakia.

Four stars because that's all I can give it. It is so rare for a tobacco to have a wonderful aromatic flavoring that also presents a masterful tobacco taste, but Deluxe Crumb Cut delivers both.

Pipe Used: Cob, Vauen and Brebbia briars

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: Watch City Cigar

Similar Blends: Reminds me a lot of Butternut Burley, also a great blend..

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lasttango Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
lasttango (6)
Mild to Medium Mild Medium to Full Pleasant

This is a very pleasant tobacco to smoke. On one hand, it is a slightly sweet, tobacco forward blend that is so easy to smoke. It is delicious.

On the other hand, when smoked slow and consciously, you notice some very complementary components. While it has some noticeable sweetness, it also has a masculine side that reminds me of ancient grains, brown sugar, oak and truffles. It tastes rich, creamy and natural to me. I find the nicotine to be fairly medium to mild and could smoke this all day.

I do not recommend this tobacco for a quick smoke. One, it could burn your tongue if you smoke it to aggressively. Two, I think you need to treat this tobacco right in order for it to reveal its full potential.

I can't believe this isn't more widely appreciated. I think most of WCC's blends are terrific.

Pipe Used: Reverse Calabash, Lovat, Cob

Age When Smoked: Arrived in mail within the week

Purchased From: Watch City Cigar

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Emeritus Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Emeritus Account (28791)
Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Medium Pleasant

This one in the Crumb Cut Burley series by Watch City Cigars.

It is an unusual cut, in the pouch pouch it basically looks like grape nuts cereal. It also has flecks of green leaves in there which would be the deer tongue. Though this "grape nuts" consistency makes packing a breeze. Just scoop it up with the bowl of your pipe and and tap to settle.

Though so effort is required to light it and it did need

The pouch aroma is that of oatmeal cookies as so the room note.

The flavor is also similar to oatmeal cookies with the nuttiness of the burley and the hits of vanilla-y sweetness from the deer tongue. Not much flavor development through out the bowl save the nuttiness becoming more intense. Solid all day smoke for fans of burley.Great for those who want to branch away from aromatics.

Only drawback is the tobacco is prone to form a bit of tobacco dust, which can either clog the draft hole or cause you to end up with a mouth full of tobacco dust depending of the draw of the pipe.

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nkulk8r Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
nkulk8r (68)
Medium Mild Medium Very Pleasant

The universe is random.

It was by mere chance that I stumbled upon a review for a Watch City blend, which led me to read some more reviews, which led me to order 5 different samples, which utterly changed my life, which led me to procure a whole bunch more of the stuff.

It's all so simple: quantum chaos.

THIS Deluxe Crumb Cut is everything I thought an aromatic would be when I first picked up a pipe (the reason why I initially -- innocently -- went for aromatics when first starting with the pipe). Watch City Deluxe Crumb Cut is a preposterously incredible, delectable creation. Of course you’re going find something as exotic as tonquin bean in a modern haute blend like Deluxe Crumb Cut. How else could one explain a blend with such an exquisitely decadent tin note, so utterly resplendent with notes of cocoa, vanilla, caramel and dark honey? And the smoke -- “Oh my” indeed . . .

This is my fourth review of a Watch City blend, each one of which has been a monster (McCovey Cove) home run. I cannot believe, for example, that this Watch City blend—Deluxe Crumb Cut -- has been on TR for nearly 9 years, and it only has 7 reviews (each of those, a 4-star review). The addition of this 4-star review will leave Deluxe Crumb Cut batting 1000. And who wouldn’t want such a blend in their rotation?

Purchased From: Watch City Cigar & Pipe

Similar Blends: Crack Cocaine Crumble Cut.

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