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Probably the most traditional and well known Brazilian drugstore tobacco brand. The IRLANDEZ "family" used to has on its mixture a balanced blend of burley, golden and medium Brazilian Virginia and sometimes black cavendish tobaccos. This is the 'chocolate alpino' version, a variety of the famous tobacco mixture from this traditional house. Little bit more aromatic than similar blends from the same house, sometimes even unnoticeable and indistinguish differences. Similar to:

Notes: Produced since 1937, is one of the oldest Brazilian blends still available. The old "Tabacos Wilder Finamore" was replaced and now operates under the brand called "Tabacos Cisne Branco Finamore".

BrandTabacos Cisne Branco Finamore Ltda.
Blended ByTabacos Cisne Branco Finamore
Manufactured ByTabacos Cisne Branco Finamore
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBurley, Virginia
FlavoringAlcohol / Liquor, Cocoa / Chocolate, Floral Essences
Packaging50g Pouch. 200g Tin.
ProductionCurrently available
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