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Dreimaster: burley and Virginia mixture, 1st - 3rd quality, 100% grown in Switzerland. By adding a caramel flavoring and the casing of honey and molasses a bright, mellow mixture with subtle aroma is achieved.

Notes: From the website: Incredible but true. It is possible to make a spicy and palatable blend and that's produced solely from tobaccos that were grown in Switzerland! You'll notice the pleasure of burley and Virginia notes, without any distracting other aromas. Our tobaccos are offered in various cutting widths: Pure-Cut: ~1.5mm | Medium-Cut: ~3.5mm | Rough-Cut: ~9.0mm.

"Dreimaster" means a three masted ship.

BrandTabakfabrik Roth
Blended ByTabakfabrik Roth
Manufactured ByTabakfabrik Roth
Blend TypeVirginia/Burley
ContentsBurley, Virginia
FlavoringCaramel, Honey, Molasses
Packaging100 & 500 grams pouches, 1kg bulk pouches
ProductionCurrently available
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