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House blend from 2/3 of burley and 1/3 of Virginia tobaccos. 100% from Swiss crop, refined with peppermint and colts-foot tea leaves. A whiff of apricot aroma enhances the room note. Sauced with honey and brown molasses.

Notes: This is tobacco from leaves grown, harvested and processed in Switzerland! Real peppermint and coltsfoot are used.

From the website: Incredible but true. It is possible to make a spicy and palatable blend and that's produced solely from tobaccos that were grown in Switzerland! You'll notice the pleasure of burley and Virginia notes, without any distracting other aromas. Our tobaccos are offered in various cutting widths: Pure-Cut: ~1.5mm | Medium-Cut: ~3.5mm | Rough-Cut: ~9.0mm.

BrandTabakfabrik Roth
Blended ByTabakfabrik Roth
Manufactured ByTabakfabrik Roth
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBurley, Virginia
FlavoringApricot, Honey, Molasses
Packaging100-500 grams pouch, 1-5 kg bulk pouches
ProductionCurrently available
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Mild to Medium
Extremely Mild
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DenizBeck Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DenizBeck (323)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Medium Pleasant

Most interesting tobacco! 100% grown, harvested and processed in Switzerland! What I appreciate about Tabakfabrik (=tobacco fabric) Roth is that they are 100% transparent with any additives to their blends (look at the blend's description!).

This is my first blend of theirs, they primarily make Virginia/Burley blends, often enriched with herbs/floral leafs of some sort, and in this case slightly aromatized. The unburnt aroma is insanely attracting to me! You instantly get the whiff of apricot, interlaced with a mild peppermint note and a herbal quality from the coldsfoot. Very, very unique aroma, aptly named it reminds of grasslands in the Alps (Älplertabak = Alps-tobacco). It's available in 3 differen cuts: Fine-Cut/RYO-shag; medium-cut, broad-cut. Mine is medium cut.

This blend is unlike anything I've ever smoked so far! First puff has a slight sharpness to it, which quickly fades into a smooth, mellow smoke. You get the hint (really just a hint!) of apricot in every puff, it took a comfty seat in the background with its delicate and natural aroma. The peppermint and coldsfoot are synergetic and not only harmonize damn well with the apricot, but also with the tobaccos - which are the most prominent ingridients in the blend! Sweet, hay-ish and earthy Virginia, smooth on the palate, melting with a richly earthy and slightly nutty-tart Burley. You get some of the molasses used for casing, the blend has a smooth and unobtrusively mild sweetness to it. Every now and then you get a slight sharp edge from the Burley, which isn't obtrusive to me.

So you have 3 dimensions: The tobacco-y (Va/Burley), the herbal/minty (peppermint+coldsfoot) and the fruity sweet (apricot+molasses) and they harmonize pretty damn well with eachother! Well, this really is unique and I quite like it! Now I'm teased to try their other blends! Oh... and it's dirt cheap! 6,70CHF for 100g (which is about 5€).

Definetly 4-star worthy for what it is! Albeit the apricot flavoring this is a natural smoke, don't let that fool you! It's hearty and sweet, fruity and tart, but always with most natural tobacco aroma leading the way, closely followed by the herbs (peppermint+coldsfoot) and rounded off by the whiff of apricot. It gives me the feeling of smoking an "Good-Ol-Days-Smoke", with my hunting pipe in the alps, the dog romping about, the sun shining.... enjoying life, nature and a good tobacco!

|| Personal rating: 3,5-stars | Rated for what it is: 4-stars! ||

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