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From P&C's website: Captain Black Grape is the latest entry from the largest-selling brand of pipe tobacco in the US. Using the same blend of white burley, bright Virginia and black cavendish as Captain Black Regular, Captain Black Grape is finished with a lively, sweet note of grape for a room-pleasing aroma, but a subtly zesty flavor. We expect this blend to be one of their most popular yet. Give it a try today!

BrandLane Limited
Blended ByLane Limited
Manufactured ByScandinavian Tobacco Group
Blend TypeAromatic
ContentsBlack Cavendish, Burley, Virginia
FlavoringFruit / Citrus
Packaging12 ounces tin, 50 grams pouch
ProductionNo longer in production
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Mild to Medium, Medium, Medium to Strong, Extra Strong
Mild to Medium
Room Note
Very Pleasant
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Old6String Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Old6String (27)
Very Mild Mild to Medium Mild Very Pleasant

Great Smoke! What you'll get: , taste like a Grape Popsicle , awesome room note , easy light , consistent burn throughout bowl , compliments for smell , notice of light zesty flavor , no goopy after mess , thoughts that this shouldn't be this good but really is . I enjoyed this blend a lot. Peace and happy smokes to all my brothers and sisters of the briar; hope you enjoy the same results!

Pipe Used: Moonshine Pipe Co.

Age When Smoked: New Pouch

Purchased From: P&C

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Bbrown626 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Bbrown626 (150)
Mild Strong Medium Very Pleasant

I don't apologize for being a lover of aromatic tobacco. One of the great things about smoking a pipe is the wide range of choices. Does this smell like a grape Jolly Rancher - YES. Is it heavily cased - YES. Keeping that in mind, if those things don't bother you, then you should give this a try! The base tobacco is comparable to CB White, but the grape makes it a completely different experience. The moisture level was just right and it burned well. The grape was apparent to the bottom of the bowl. Like CB White, it needs to be sipped, nut puffed to avoid tongue burn. All around, it is a pleasant change from other CB offerings, but it is not for everyone.

Pipe Used: Kaywoodie Saxon

Age When Smoked: new

Purchased From:

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StevieB Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
StevieB (2076)
Mild to Medium Medium to Strong Mild to Medium Tolerable to Strong

Lane Limited - Captain Black Grape.

It's quite a coarse mixture, containing about an equal measure of each leaf, the moisture's good, and the aroma's odd: it's not at all congruent with the smoke. I once worked in a chemical factory and that was what sprung to mind when I took a sniff!

I'd imagined grape to transpire as a repulsive casing, but it isn't as bad as I thought. The tobacco's are well balanced with one another, so it isn't monopolized by the black Cavendish's stickiness like it's sibling Captain Black Dark, for example. The grape isn't as sharp a flavour as I'd anticipated, there's some 'zest', but it has more sweetness. Due to the white Burley the production of smoke is fairly heavy, and also cool. Low point? Tongue bite: tut, tut.

Nicotine: mild to medium. Room-note: A little heavy.

Captain Black Grape: Hmmmm, although the flavour isn't bad the bite ruins it. Two stars:

Somewhat recommended.

Pipe Used: Altinok Lee Van Cleef: Friday pipe

Age When Smoked: New

Purchased From: 4noggins

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W.B. Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
W.B. (13)
Medium Extra Strong Overwhelming Tolerable

Years ago Peretti's had a lightly grape flavored blend which they called Lexington. It was a pleasant diversion as I recall, sort of a Lakeland style with grape. They no longer offer the blend but I had vaguely fond memories of enjoying it at least a few times. While I don't ordinarily smoke Captain Black products I took a flyer and ordered the new grape edition. Half a bowl later I can only say that this is one of the vilest concoctions I have ever smoked. I smoke some English/oriental/Balkan blends and some aromatics. In the aromatic catergory I am especially fond of some of the Dan tobaccos, most notably Devil's Holiday. I mention this only to indicate that I am not anti-aromatic and, in fact, enjoy strongly cased aromatics. However, this tobacco is so strongly cased with a chemical agent and so oddly flavored that I actually became nauseous after half a bowl. It is enough really to put me off pipesmoking for at least a day or two. Smoke this at your own risk but please use a cob or some pipe that you really hate (I used a Dagner cob poker which I use for trying new tobaccos prior to using any of my good briars). It would really irritate me if I had ghosted one my better pipes with this criminally bad stuff

Pipe Used: Dagner poker

Age When Smoked: new

Purchased From: P&C

Similar Blends: hard to say....grape flavored upholstery.

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natibo Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
natibo (169)
Very Mild Strong Full Pleasant

I enjoy expensive tobaccos but I also enjoy the enitre line of Captain Black tobaccos. Haters are going to hate. I mixed this with some cube cut burley to give it body and strength. It delivers what is promised. A very grapey flavor. I would not want it all the time, but when in the mood for a purple nehi, go for this.

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HabaneroHardy Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
HabaneroHardy (395)
Mild Medium Medium Pleasant

It seems like I just started noticing this one in magazine ads recently though it looks like it has been out for at least 3 years if you go by the reviews. When I first saw this one my first thought was the grape blunts that people hollow out for their weed of choice. I was going to buy some but fate intervened and was given about 5 small pipe bowls a few weeks ago from a guy at the club. I found my worst corn cob and fired this blend up and noticed a strong artificial grape/chemical taste and smell. This is definitely ‘grape’ no mistaking that but it just tasted too much like cheap grape candy. I read that they expect this one to be of their most popular yet. Hardly, not even close. Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? Don’t get me wrong I like aromatics, English, Virginias but this Aro has a lot to be desired. I can only somewhat recommend this one. And by the way least you think I am prejudiced; I love Captain Black White.

Pipe Used: Corn Cob that I did not mind getting ghosted.

Age When Smoked: New

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PhantomWolf Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
PhantomWolf (41)
Mild Very Strong Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The tin note is the same as smelling grape Big League Chew bubble gum or grape Bubblicious. The room note is much the same.

Slight proof of Burley and Cavendish flavour present, but mostly you will taste the grape candy topping. The grape weakened a bit near the end of the smoke.

Perfect moisture in pouch. Packed well and smoked well with one tamp/relight over the entire smoking of the bowl.

If you are a fan of those cheap OTC grape cigarillos, this will be a treat for you. That flavouring those cigarillos have on the wrapper is throughout this blend from start to finish.

2 Stars. If someone craved a candy grape Aro, this would be my recommendation. Sure to be a polarizing smoke of sorts. haha This pouch will probably be my only one.

I would not recommend this blend to anyone without a love of sweet, candy-like aromatics or a good sense of humour.

Pipe Used: MM Cob

Age When Smoked: Fresh Pouch

Purchased From:

Similar Blends: Grape Big League Chew, Grape Bubblicious.

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dbl-bbl Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
dbl-bbl (45)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild Pleasant

I confess ... I like Aromatics ... and Va Flakes, VaPers, VaPerBurs, Balkans, and light English blends too. CB Royal has been a go to blend when the sweet tooth beckons. It's a good all day smoke that requires little fuss ... just light, tamp, puff, and go about your business. As of this writing, CB Grape is a relatively new blend, so I was skeptical that it could be an improvement upon my favored CB Royal ... other versions of CB have left me wanting. To my surprise, this behaves similarly to CB Royal in the pipe ... yet with an interesting & flavorful tart-grape taste & aroma. I've found that if I give it a good char light, take a few puffs, set the pipe down to let the embers die out & cool, then relight it ... I achieve the best flavorful smoke without to much tartness. I like it ok and will continue to use it occasionally. Is it better than CB Royal? Not necessarily so but it's ok for a change of pace. Ahhh but there are so many fine tobaccos available nowadays ... and so little time to smoke them all.

Pipe Used: Briars, Meerschaums & Cobs

Age When Smoked: Fresh

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Modestos Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Modestos (5)
Strong Medium Full Very Strong

I'm a beginner even though I've been smoking for the last 3 years. This is the best tobacco I've ever smoked. Very nice smell very nice taste. The grape is exceptional. The bad thing is that I can't find it in Cyprus. I ordered it from the US and waited. The tobacco dried a little but still great. It lasted for over a year and it was still smokeable.

Pipe Used: Savinelli, Deluxe

Age When Smoked: 21

Purchased From: Online from USA

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WorkingClassChap Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
WorkingClassChap (192)
Very Mild Extra Strong Overwhelming Very Pleasant

Smoking now:

Sample bag that when it came in the mail it made my mailbox smell like grape jolly ranchers. That’s not a joke. It literally smelled through the f*ing box.

I was really hoping this would be a hidden gem. A sweet Cavindish blend with a nice grape/wine flavor. It wasn’t. Had a burnt sugar flavor with a chemically acidic putrid flavor. Definitely sweet however the topping is artificial and off putting. An aftertaste that was unpleasant. Behaved well with few relights. Will never smoke again.

Room note smells like grape. Go figure. Mouth note is toilet bowl cleaner.

I’m far from a tobacco snob, but god damn this was rough.

Sacrificed a cob for the deed. The bowl after I dumped the tobacco out and scraped it clean smelled like grape. Will ghost your pipe.

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Badcompany Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Badcompany (1)
Mild to Medium Medium Medium to Full Very Pleasant

Very nice all day smoke. Nothing complicated just relax and smoke. I’ve been a Virginia smoker for 40yrs but still like a aromatic now and then. This a great aromatic. A must try tobacco.

Pipe Used: Savanelli

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Byron Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Byron (4)
Very Mild Medium to Strong Mild to Medium Very Pleasant

Imagine it's a gentle lazy summer morning, there is a tasty fragrance of toasted grape in the air. This is the impression one gets when this CAPTAIN BLACK GRAPE is explored. It doesn't bite. The aroma is very pleasant and satisfying to the taste-buds. I was never expecting this and to my surprise, ~ found this tobacco a refreshing break from my usual brand. Instead of the overwhelming tobacco aura, I found with most CAPTAIN BLACK products, this was more to my taste. One of the more delightful and pleasant surprises I have stumbled upon.

Pipe Used: Whitehall red dot

Age When Smoked: fresh

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

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paulw Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
paulw (76)
Medium Medium to Strong Medium Overwhelming

I love captain black tobacco‘s. I thought this was going to be a good idea. I opened the can or the pouch. The scent was great. I smoked the tobacco and tasted and smelled in the room note grape. I bought a 12 ounce can of this after I bought the one and a half ounce pouch. I will sell the grape tobacco in my store.My wife and my three daughters said the room note after I had smoked this was terrible.I I think some of my lady customers might like To try to smoke this because they do like blueberry pipe tobacco.

Pipe Used: Eaton corn cob Missouri meerschaum

Age When Smoked: New 1 1/2 ounce pouch

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wbradk Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
wbradk (16)
Mild Mild to Medium Mild to Medium Pleasant

A nice little aromatic that tastes like grape soda. Nothing complex, but a pleasant flavor that lasts throughout. Nice room note. Burns right to the bottom; not as moist as some. Makes a nice change of pace among the inventory for those who, like myself, prefer aromatics. The casing does overwhelm the tobacco, but that works out fine in this case. The price is reasonable. Available in pouch or can.

Pipe Used: various

Age When Smoked: new (pouch)

Purchased From: Pipes & Cigars

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DC MacBean Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
DC MacBean (32)
Mild Extra Strong Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The Grape smell is overpowering. I thought the first few bowls were good and then all of a sudden I reached my saturation point with it and never wanted to smell it again. Unfortunately, even when it's sealed in a Ball jar, that cloying GRAPE seeps into the room, infusing every item and everyone in the room with the Ghost of Grape Captain Black.

Pipe Used: A permanently ghosted Cob

Purchased From: Pipes&Cigars

Similar Blends: Grape Bubble Yum, Grape Nehi, Grape Motrin liquid..

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tbear79072 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
tbear79072 (18)
Mild Mild Mild Tolerable

If you like Super Bubble Grape Bubble Gum you'll love this. I bought one pouch to try. When I took it out of it's cellophane wrapper I was blasted by grape fragrance. People across the room could smell it. I laid it on my desk for several days. Every time you came in the room you could smell it. I tried this in a cob that I had gotten as a freebie when I ordered tobacco last year. Didn't want to risk ghosting a good pipe with this. Took it outside to try it. The moisture level in the pouch was good from the start. It packed evenly with no trouble. I gave it a char and 3-4 puffs to get it going. I tamped it then lit it one more time to really get it going. The burn was even and steady all the way to the bottom of the bowl. Just a quick tamp every now and then with one relight. When I was done all I had was a small amount of fine ash in the bottom of the bowl. No goop or moisture at all. My pipe cleaned easily with a few scrapes from a pipe nail. Can't say this about every tobacco I try. As for the flavor and aroma here's where it gets interesting. The pouch note that was so strong seemed to dissipate as soon as a match was touched to the tobacco. The tobacco was smooth and smoked well. I enjoyed that part of it more than CB Regular or Copper. The only thing that would give this a bad rating is the flavor and aroma. I could taste the grape the entire smoke. I expected that. The only thing was there was a perfume floral note that went along with it. This was not at all what I expected! It reminded me of potpourri it was so strong. I think Lane has a good blend of tobaccos here but needs to work on another flavor for it. This may go for a time as a novelty tobacco for everyone to try but I don't think it will make it long term. If they went with something like Sutliff's Fruit Tart or Strawberry Delight they might have something? I would like to try this blend minus the casing as it might be a decent non aromatic. As it is now I really can't see much use for this tobacco. You might be able to use very small amounts to blend with but in very limited quantities. I will eventually smoke up this pouch and will not order another. I had been wanting to try this and it was on sale so I gave it a shot. The only CB blend that I smoke regularly and keep a supply on hand is CB Gold. I love its taste and aroma in cobs, hardwoods, briars any pipe I have. I really enjoy it in my Peterson's. So this tobacco won't make that standard. The only place I have found this is at Pipes & Cigars either in the pouch or tin. If you have a woman in your life that smokes a pipe this might interest her as it is anything but a traditional codger blend? Try it and see what you think? You will either love it or hate it?

Pipe Used: Missouri Meerschaum Corncob

Age When Smoked: 1 Week

Purchased From: Pipes and Cigars

Similar Blends: This is not similar to anything else on the market that I am aware of..

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