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The Black Twist is made up of predominantly dark fired leaf with the addition of a small percentage of dark air cured Indian leaf. Black twist then undergoes a further process of cooking under pressure to turn it into black tobacco.

This cooking process in the Black Twist removes some of the stronger tar and nicotine elements, which produces a less intense smoke than the brown twist but is still has a strong harsh flavor and wouldn't be recommended for the beginner. The black twists are a versatile tobacco of medium thickness used by pipe smokers and chewers.

BrandSamuel Gawith
Blended BySamuel Gawith
Manufactured BySamuel Gawith
Blend TypeStraight Virginia
Packaging25 grams pouch, bulk
ProductionCurrently available
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Extremely Strong
None Detected
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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (3047)
Very Strong None Detected Full Strong

The bold Virginias offer a lot of smoke, wood, earth, floral vegetative grass, and fermented dark fruit. It also has a toasted, leathery quality as well as a little creaminess along with a touch of spice and nuts. Kind of has a little cigar hit, too. The nicotine level is high. No chance of bite, though there is a harsh, bitter spot here and there, especially if you’re a fast puffer. Needs some dry time after you slice it. Burns slow and has a very consistent, rich, full bodied sweet earthy flavor. Requires plenty of relights and leaves moisture in the bowl. The after taste will linger a little and the room note is pungent. Not an all day smoke.


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quantumboy Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
quantumboy (130)
Very Strong None Detected Full Tolerable

I really like ropes and twists, but I don't like to dry them out before smoking as some recommend. I think the moisture is necessary to get the rich and sometimes "oily" flavor qualities. Yes, it may require several relights during the smoke, but I think that's a small price to pay.

While Black XX has a lot of that "motor oil" quality, the Kendal Twist (very dark brown, but not black) has less, but the flavor is supplanted with a sharp, woodsy, strong flavor that is quite enjoyable. I found it necessary to sip this tobacco, making it even more difficult to keep lit, but it's worth the effort. Cigar lovers will really appreciate this twist with its unadulterated tobacco-in-your-face character.

Yes, the vitamin N is strong. I have a nice quarter-bent Cristiano billiard dedicated to ropes and twists, and a full bowl lasted an hour or so, and it was a good hour. Have some food in your stomach, a big glass of cold water at hand, and enjoy the sounds of the evening on the back porch (you won't earn points with your family if you smoke this indoors).

I only smoke strong baccies like this once every couple weeks or so but I always want some around when it's time to really unwind. The fourth star is lacking simply because of the monotone nature of the flavor. It's an excellent smoke and highly recommended for those who simply want a back-to-basics strong tobacco experience.

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Eulenburg Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Eulenburg (193)
Extremely Strong None Detected Medium Tolerable

As the note above states, there are two versions of this twisted tobacco, a BROWN-coloured twist, flavoured, and a BLACK-coloured twist, UNflavoured. I am not sure why they ought not constitute two separate entries in

This is a review of Kendal BLACK, the UNflavoured twist.

I purchased this bulk, from the Lexington Ave Barclay-Rex. In the 5X5 polyethylene bag in which it was conveyed to me, it looked exactly like a typical dog's turd. Almost-black brown, shiny and oily, with a leather-like smell. I cut two slices, nickel-like, [like an old shilling] with a sharp pocket knife, and undid them by rubbing lightly between my fingertips. I let them air out for a few minutes. It filled a meerschaum relatively loosely, needing several lights.

The first impression was cigar-like, dark and leathery, with a slight spiciness that tickled my throat. It settled down to a smooth sweetness that called freshly-baked pumpernickel bread to mind.

As an occasional cigar smoker?I love Hoyo de Monterrey corona maduros?I did not find this particularly overwhelming. But let us not overdo the cigar analogy: there IS a kind of bloated, smoldering intensity to this twist that is quite unlike any cigar I have smoked; the flavour may be smooth and velvety, but there is a hidden punch somewhere that you can suspect in the darkness. I was not caught by it because I smoked a moderate amount, VERY SLOWLY. But I suspect that if you hyperventilate with this baby, you could make yourself very, very nauseous. I put down my pipe just in time: I had the beginnings of an interesting buzz, but I didn't push my luck even by a hair. A note of warning to nervous puffers and/or lovers of huge pipes, filled to the rim.

I smoked this after a hearty supper, whilst sipping a glass of Irish whiskey, which I normally drink neat, chasing it, every-so-often, with water. Under such conditions, this twist seemed delicious and hugely different. It certainly complemented the whiskey beautifully. But I would call it the very opposite of an "all-day smoke"!

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Fusty the pipe Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Fusty the pipe (33)
Extremely Strong Very Strong Extra Full Very Strong

As Black as Newgate’s knocker this tobacco and, as I went on to discover, some formidable smoke to boot.

The pouch note is reminiscent of Revor Plug.

I sliced off what I thought was quite a small coin but it turned out to be rather a large amount when it was rubbed out. I left it to dry for ten minutes or so; it doesn’t seem overly moist so I thought, at room temperature, with the wood burner heating the room, that this would be sufficient.

First match: introduce the flame and release the most extraordinary smell, somewhere between liquorice, bbq and a bonfire.

Second match: a delicious peppery flavour floods the mouth and a few strands of tobacco rise up to great the flame.

Third match: more strands rise up to greet the flame, furious sucking, burnt finger and thumb.

Fourth match: give it a little tamp down and more of the tobacco rises up from the bowl, dancing with an orange glow and a smell that is difficult to describe, other than to say “industrial”.

It goes for a pull or two, then nothing.

Fifth match: further furious sucking, the insides of the cheeks begins to salivate uncontrollably, the peppery quality floods the mouth with a hint of spirit; scotch possibly?

Sixth match: the top of the tobacco is now a light layer of fine ash, pepper builds, the stomach gurgles and it is out again.

Seventh match: I am considering if this might be the Royal Marine of the tobacco world? Like a Hob-Nob impervious to moisture, this stuff seems to be flame retardant! A quick retro hale that has the flavour of almonds/marzipan! Where has that come from?

Eighth match: the room note starts to resemble burning tyres at a scrap yard, the mouth is swimming with an assortment of flavours: Bassets Liquorice All Sorts, marzipan and burning beef bones; the head is now swimming from nicotine. The pace of puffing has dropped from furious to meek. A hiatus is required.

This obviously needs more time to dry out before lighting and by crikey; if this is the little brother to brown twist then I need to get another 30 years of smoking under my belt before I risk it!

If this is your daily smoke then I doff my cap to thee sir - this is like dynamite!

People said that 1792 was strong and that cob plug was even stronger well, if 1792 is in the third division of strength and Cob Plug is mid table in the second division then this one is contending comfortably for a Champions League spot! Wow!

You get the smoked flavour of the leaf alright.

It tastes a bit like Revor Plug on steroids. My grandad used to talk about twist in hushed whispers so that the tobacco Gods wouldn’t hear him...I see why now.

Definitely not an all day smoke for me, I might finish off this sample somewhere around 2040, God willing and with a fine wind.

Go steady with this one. Streuth!

Pipe Used: Falcon coolway

Age When Smoked: New to me

Purchased From: Online

Similar Blends: Revor plug with rocket fuel.

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Jorge Soler Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Jorge Soler (203)
Medium to Strong None Detected Full Pleasant to Tolerable

Never mind the bad reviews, or the score, for they can be very misleading. Treat this tobacco as a straight Virginia and it will yield. I like brown ropes more than the jet black ones, but Finest Kendall Twist black is really good despite the fact it's been thoroughly cooked. This tobacco is packed with flavour. It has sort of smokey or barbecue note to it that is quite apparent. It is true that you will have to relight every now and then, but don't dry it out fresh from the tin. These ropes are meant to be smoked as moist. It can have a rough edge if you puff hard, but it won't bite. Also, this is a very good mixing tobacco in small quantities, but you need to know what to mix it with. As chewing tobacco I'd say it is spot on too. I understand these ropes are something of an acquired taste, so steer well clear from them if they are not your cup of tea. All and all I am fully satisfied with this tobacco, so a rating of 3 stars is appropriate.

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Scamp Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Scamp (20)
Strong Mild to Medium Full Tolerable

This stuff smells great when you smell it in the pouch. Almost smells like turkish delight. The best way I've found to smoke it, is to chop it into coins and then shred those, to get it as close to a shag-like cut as possible, (a little drying time wouldn't hurt as it is quite moist). Then pack it into a not too large bowled pipe; I found this to be quite a strong smoke for an aromatic, although it does taste nice, with some of the 'tin note' characteristics carrying through to the smoke. It smokes well and burns down to a fine ash. All in all, quite a pleasant smoke, I think I will be purchasing some more of this particular blend in the not too distant future. Not too sure if I'll venture for the Brown Bogie though, this one's quite strong enough for me.

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kg0mz Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
kg0mz (54)
Medium to Strong None Detected Medium to Full Tolerable

This came labeled SG #4 Finest Kendal Twist from It is wrapped in a gorgeous brown leaf with a darker core. The twist is soft and very pliable like the smaller Gawith Hoggarth Brown Bogie, not dense as with the GH large brown twists or the Samuel Gawith black twists. It is velvety and not overly moist. The aroma is pleasantly sweet and rich. It takes a match and burns cool and dry, as twists are known to do. This is unflavored and yet as sweet, but not as bold as the GH Rum Twist which is also brown. Tamer still than Brown Bogie. Maybe I detect an ever so fleeting hint of the grilled meat flavor of the SG Black XX or GH Black Irish Twist. Mild as ropes go, this tastes naturally sweet with a wee bit of sea salt as in the Bogie. The flavors are layered, and just when I think I have identified one or other it conjures up something new and mysterious. It is creamy-like as in Kendal Cream Deluxe without the added essence. Most twists are very sturdy and monolithic. This one is uncharacteristically complex. There is something like a burley nuttiness and a cavendish soft, soothing texture that makes this twist ever so docile. Then too, it has excellent burning characteristics that results in a dark gray ash. If you are wary of tobacco in this format having been told it can blow away the top of your noggin, then this serves as a pleasant entry into the world of the twist. A twist with anti-twist qualities. A modicum of nicotine. A kinder, gentler forgiving twist.

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Relapse Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Relapse (18)
Extremely Strong None Detected Full Strong

My 25 gram sample came in a polyethilene bag that a Mexico City tobacconist who is the importer for the Samuel Gawith line, gave to me (my guess is they couln't even give it away). I forgot it in my tobacco closet for three or four years.

Today I decided to try it and, on opening the bag, I wondered if it was really tobacco or something that one removes from the sidewalk while walking the dog.

Following a recommendation given here, I sliced it into thin coins and then rubbed it into very fine flakes.

After all these years it was fairly dry and it lighted easily. Still it doesn't keep alight on its own unless attended. It demands a calm smoke and a soothing beverage. Thinking of my tongue I chose a Lapsang Soochong tea instead of a single malt.

The taste is full and not completely unpleasant, although it's not something that I'll be smoking regularly. There are earthy and leather notes, among a bitter-lemon tang. The famed VA sweetnes is nowhere to be found. The after-taste is lingering and goes for the throat. Some tasty and soothing beverage is definetely a must.

Mrs. Nicco Tin comes on with a vengeance and left me with a vivid memory of my first cigarrette, stolen from my dad 55 years ago; nauseated and green. The jitters took half an hour to subside.

Definitely not recommended as anything else than an unforgettable experience!

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