New Tobaccos

Blend Added Blend Type Blended By
Ken Byron Ventures - Mr. Christian’s Sweet Muffin 2: Attack of the Scone Aromatic Ken Byron
Sutliff Tobacco Company - Match Windsor 805 Aromatic Carl McAllister
R.C. Owen Co. Gallatin. Tenn. - Silver Tip Fire Cured Twist Other
Cornell & Diehl - Sun Bear Mountain Flower (Small Batch) Aromatic Jeremy Reeves
W.O. Larsen - W. O. Larsen Edition 2022 (Limited Edition) Other W.Ø Larsen
Hill & Hill Tobacconists - Arcadia Aromatic Jim
The Country Squire Tobacconist - LeFleur's Bluff Virginia/Perique John David Cole
Vauen - Tradition No 2 (Tradition ) Virginia/Perique Kohlhase, Kopp & Co.
PCCA - Syrian Star English McClelland Tobacco Company
Ken Byron Ventures - Mr. Christian’s Flying Dutchman Flek Aromatic Ken Byron
Watch City Cigar - Waltham Broken Cake Aromatic Ernie Q.
Ogden - St. Bruno Virginia/Burley Ogden's of Liverpool
Wilke Pipe Tobacco - Back Bay Virginia/Perique John Brandt and JimInks
Ken Byron Ventures - Orange Thunder (Golf) Virginia Based Ken Byron
Barclay-Rex - Burley Light Brandy Blend Aromatic
Backwoods - Blue Virginia/Burley
Cornell & Diehl - Anthology 1992-2022 Virginia/Perique Jeremy Reeves
Magne Falkum - 20 (Tullagreme House) Magne Falkum
Chris Morgan - White Rabbit English Chris Morgan
Missouri Meerschaum - Independence Day 2022 Aromatic Sutliff Tobacco Company