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Here is a blend that combines the rich English flavors of Latakia and fire-cured Virginia, plus a Burley base for coolness. It's smooth and spicy with a slight sweet tang.

Blended ByL.J. Peretti
Manufactured ByL.J. Peretti
Blend TypeEnglish
ContentsBurley, Latakia, Virginia
ProductionCurrently available
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Mild to Medium
None Detected
Room Note
Pleasant to Tolerable

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JimInks Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
JimInks (1870)
Mild to Medium Very Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

The toasted, nutty, earthy, molasses sweet burley is the star component. The fire cured Virginia is lightly grassy and floral with a little earth and a bit of citrus as a supporting player. Playing in the background is the musty, smokey, woody sweet Cyprian latakia. The topping seems to be a very mild application of coumarin, anise, and something floral. Has a mild to medium nic-hit, Well blended, you’ll notice every nuance in every puff. Burns at a moderate rate, cool, clean, smooth with a slight creaminess and very consistent flavor from start to finish. Won’t bite or get harsh. Requires few relights and leaves virtually no moisture in the bowl. Has a pleasant after taste though the room note isn’t a real crowd pleaser. Closer to medium than it is to mild in strength and taste, it’s an all day American English.

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SteelCowboy Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
SteelCowboy (683)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

Peretti’s of Boston IMHO has some of America’s top Burley tobaccos and D-9575 is a Burley lover’s English Blend. D-9575 arrives looking typical of many Peretti blends with a chopped ribbon appearance, and a somewhat smoky, but Burley forward pouch scent. With age it smells sweet and musty. D-9575 burns slightly sweet and smoky too. But make no mistake; the Burley is the star of this show. D-9575 smooth’s out nicely with age and the Virginias pick up in sweetness a bit. I find it a little rough around the edges when new, but I am not a daily Burley smoker so your experience may be different. Personally for my taste, this is a two star blend, but it wouldn’t be fair to rate it that way. For its genre, D-9575 is one of those blends that is a really well-made that lovers of Burley, and/or Burley forward English blends will find far better than I do.

Age When Smoked: New & 4 years

Purchased From: L.J. Peretti

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oldmanpipe Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
oldmanpipe (62)
Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant

I was most surprised to discover that I had never reviewed this exceptional blend before now; I first smoked it more than six months ago.

This is just plain good! It is what an "American English" was in days of yore...only better for its current rarity. It had its competition, and perhaps its betters, once upon a time...but no longer. This reminds me of Peretti's Cuban Mixture, though milder and more attuned to today's tastes.

I am not one to dissect--or vivesect--a tobacco blend: I am perfectly content to accept the manufacturer's description of its ingredients. In this case, 9575 does not disappoint.

There is Burley, adding its nutty earthiness...and Virginia adding a bit of its sweetness...and Latakia's inimitable qualities. But none take-over the delicate balance of this blend from top to bottom. "Nuance" be damned! This is just a superior smoke from first to last puff.

No bite, no gurgle, no dottle. There were ONCE, perhaps, better "American English" blends...but no more.

This is "The Top" IMHO

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Darwin Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Darwin (101)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Tolerable

A lovely, traditional Americanized English. The ribbon cut burns exquisitely down to a dry ash. The latakia is not spicy, but smokey with depth. Its cool-burning, mild nature is perfect for mornings with tea or coffee, but is not drowned out by the Russian Imperial stout I'm enjoying now. Neither the burley nor the Virginias stand out here. A tobacco of times-gone-by when America was about conformity and anything too far from the norm would have been unacceptable to the palate of the day. If you like traditional American English blends you should like this one. A little too one-dimensional for an all day smoke for me.

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thedstnguishdgntlmn Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
thedstnguishdgntlmn (360)
Medium Extremely Mild Medium Tolerable

Personally, I think that D-7485 is a better tobacco in this vein. They are very similar. I think D-9575 has more Virginia in it. An enjoyable smoke.

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Backwoods Piper Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Backwoods Piper (70)
Mild to Medium None Detected Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

I knew nothing of the L. J. Peretti Company until I read the reviews of this fine tobacconist's blends on tobaccoreviews It has certainly been a pleasurable discovery.

Blend 9575 is as straight forward and honest as a pipe tobacco can get. It packs with ease and has a perfect moisture content. Blend 9575 burns nice and cool, you get a fair nicotine hit about mid bowl. The Va's and the Latikia give this blend a fair bit of body and charater but don't over power the smooth burleys. I will definitely add this to my morning baccy rotation. Can't wait to try the other five blends that came with this order!

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Alpedhuez55 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Alpedhuez55 (4)
Mild to Medium None Detected Medium Pleasant

I was in Peretti's buying a pound of British Blend and I sampled a bowl of this. I them walked out with four ounces. The burleys make a great base for this blend and it has fast become one of my favorites!!!

It burns nicely with little or no bite. The flavor is consistant through to the bottom of the bowl. It replaced British Blend as my favorite Peretti Blend.

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Mr. Dottle Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Mr. Dottle (162)
Mild to Medium Mild Mild to Medium Pleasant to Tolerable

This is a mild to medium American English blend that I found similar to Peretti?s D-7485. It burns cool and has a satisfying sweetness. The burley and VA hold a whip to the Latakia and keep it in the background. It is a solid and straightforward smoke from beginning to end. As I noted with blend D-7485, if you want more body and strength, this blend will not do it for you.

A cigarette is to be smoked. A cigar is to be enjoyed. A pipe is to be savored.

I rate this tobacco 8.6 out of 10.

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smokey Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
smokey (120)
Medium Very Mild Very Full Pleasant to Tolerable

What we have here is another outstanding burley blend from L.J. Peretti, a tobacconist famous for their burley blends. D-9575 reveals its' burley and Latakia ingredients in the pouch aroma, with some sweetness from the Virginia. It packs and lights very easily, due to its' cut. It did require a few relights, but part of that is my fault, I've never been a "one match" smoker.

This tobacco has a wonderful Virginia sweetness that never cloys. The burley provides a nutty fullness, and the Latakia adds a creamy background note. The burley becomes a bigger influence as the bowl is finished, with the characteristic nuttiness the dominating flavor. I'm a big burley fan, with half a dozen blends or more here at any time, and D-9575 is one of the very best.

Scoring for this delightful tobacco; flavor- 18 of 20; packing and lighting- 9 of 10; value- 8 of 10. D-9575 gets a score of 35 and a solid ** rating.

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Deleted Account Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
Deleted Account (1097)
Mild to Medium Very Mild Medium to Full Pleasant

My wife purchased a tin of this for me in honor of our anniversary. I had heard about this blend being a throwback to years ago when American burley tobaccos ruled the range here in the US. So, I was glad to be given the opportunity to try it.

The tin aroma speaks of some small amount of latakia, but the dominant tin aroma is of musty burleys, grassy virginia and possibly honey. The tobacco was easy to light and never has need anything in the way of relights. To fill the pipes I just gravity fed it into the bowl and tamped (a little on the firm side).

The flavor remains the same throughout the bowl and leaves no dottle, just fine grey/white ash. Outstanding smoke, lightly sweet, the taste of hazel nut (though there is no hazel nut in the blend) and slightly honey-like. I an understand why peretti sells a great deal of this blend. If this truly is a throw-back to the "old-style" US burlies, then I wish I had been a pipe smoker back in the 50's. Highest marks - a real achievement in blending.

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SopwithCamel Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
SopwithCamel (255)
Mild to Medium Extremely Mild Medium Tolerable

This blend is a classic. Smooth Burley, with hints of hay,green wood, and of course campfire smoke. A great outdoor smoke, this burns cool and evenly all the way to the end. This is not a complex blend. But it is satisfying, with a certain rustic charm. If you are fond of the American-English genre, this is a winner. Best in a large bore pipe.

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akaiser77 Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
akaiser77 (52)
Mild Mild Mild Pleasant

With the exception of House of Windsor's Country Doctor, Peretti's D-9575 is, in my estimation, the greatest of all American English blends.

There are several fine American Englishes on the market. Revelation, Barking Dog, and Morley's Best spring to mind as exemplars of this type of blend--cool smoking, full-bodied, rich in flavor, smooth and satisfying. What sets D-9575 apart is the intriguing melange of flavors, as the smokiness of the latakia merges and interacts with the stout burley and piquant Virginia. The flavor has a natural sweetness, and this tobacco burns mild, dry, and cool all the way to the bottom of the bowl. No bitterness will greet the pipe smoker as you approach the end of your smoke. The balance and finish of this tobacco are unassailable.

Robert Peretti knows his burley; only Bob Runowski among modern blenders rival this master. Do yourself a favor and give D-9575 a try: it's a classic.

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BostonPipe Reviewed By DateRating StrengthFlavoringTasteRoom Note
BostonPipe (83)
Medium None Detected Full Tolerable

Having started my pipe smoking career off by smoking my father's burley blends, (Half an Half, Heine's Blend, etc,.), and then switching over to English Blends, this is one of my favorites. This is a all-day blend with just the right amount of sweetness that does not become sickly.

Opening the tin, one finds a press-packaged, full natural tobacco scent that delights, and never overpowers. The color is brownish with black specks and blond overtones throughout.

The flavor is slightly sweet, with the Virginia and Burley carrying the main taste load. The Latakia is present, but in more of a condiment role than traditional English Blends.

It packs and lights easily, I seldom need a re-light. As you progress down the bowl, the taste maintains itself rather steadily, probably due in large part to the burley base.

I consider this blend a True American/English.

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